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  • Daheshist Symbol Update!

    Greetings everyone and we hope that this letter finds you well.

    We have a couple of announcements regarding the Daheshist Symbol Movie series:
    Number One: We have created a NEW and separate LINK allowing you to view the complete series inside of Daheshville. Please make sure that you ONLY click on the Play/Pause/Stop buttons and NOT on any other portion of the movie. Otherwise, your browser will be redirected to where the movies are actually housed. However, while this option is great for viewing the movie series in a streamlined fashion, it does not allow you to post comments about that particular movie. Hence...

    Number Two: We are keeping the original forum. However, please note that we cannot embed the movies, and therefore, clicking on any movie link inside that forum will automatically take you to

    Number Three:
    To access the newly refurbished Daheshist Movie series section, please proceed to the "TEMPLE" and enter the "Prayer Hall."
    While we greatly appreciate we must also remember that all too often, there is advertisement and content whose nature often clashes with the spirit of the Daheshist Symbol Movies. It got so bad that we even considered removing the movies from YouTube altogether. However, we are keeping them on there for the time being.

    Anyone concerned about this issue and wonders why certain decisions have been taken, please do not hesitate to contact us or to post a message.

    Thank you for reading.
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