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  • New Registration Rules in Effect

    Due to a recent increase in user registrations intended to spam the forum, we've taken the following necessary extra step (or leap):

    Until further notice, all new users will need to (#1) activate their registration (once they receive the automated registration activation email from the system—which also makes sure that their email is not a fake one) AND (#2) (this is the new part—please pay attention) once activated, they will be placed in a MODERATION QUEUE.

    In other words, they will need to be "cleared" before being able to become a "Citizen" of Daheshville with all the privileges and responsibilities that this entails.

    Once they are "cleared," they will then be able to post UNMODERATED messages in real time and access the "Registered Members Only" section.

    Now, you might be wondering, just how do we determine who is allowed or is not allowed to post?

    In the event our crystal ball or glow-in-the-dark Ouija board breaks down, we will rely on common sense with a dash of technology:

    For starters, if we find your Username and/or Avatar offensive, we might delete your account or give you a chance to clean up your act—but not before changing your name and/or Avatar. In Daheshville, we believe everyone deserves a second chance—and that includes morons.

    Secondly: if your email and IP address shows up on a blacklist somewhere (and there are so many of them out there... and interestingly enough, we DO check them!) we might still give you an opportunity to participate, since you might be here to truly learn about Daheshism and be part of our community.

    Then again, we might decide that you are a risk to this community and (unfortunately) delete you and ban your IP as well as your email address.

    Of course,you always have the right to appeal the Administrator's decision:

    That being said, and you feel you were unjustly banned for reasons that were beyond your control, and if you truly want to be a member of Daheshville, then please write a letter to the Administrator.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
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