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  • Dahesh Museum & Syracuse University Partnership


    I was reading the New York Times this morning and stumbled upon this article that mentions the Dahesh Museum :


    More than a year ago the Dahesh Museum of Art moved out of its three floors at 580 Madison Avenue, at 57th Street, now occupied by Bonhams, the British auction house.

    While the museum is homeless and seeking a new space in Manhattan, it has formed a partnership with Syracuse University to organize several exhibitions a year from its collection of 19th-century art and from the university’s diverse collection of more than 45,000 artworks and objects dating from around the 15th through the 20th centuries. The institutions will present shows at the Syracuse University Art Galleries on campus and at the university’s Palitz Gallery/Lubin House, at 11 East 61st Street in Manhattan.

    “It’s mutually beneficial,” said Domenic Iacono, director of the Syracuse University Art Galleries. “It helps us expand our programming.”

    The arrangement, which is initially for two years, begins on March 24 when “In Pursuit of the Exotic: Artists Abroad in 19th-Century Egypt and the Holy Land” opens at Lubin House (remaining on view through April 30). In Syracuse the Dahesh will present “Napoleon on the Nile: Soldiers, Artists and the Rediscovery of Egypt,” from Jan. 29 through March 29.

    “It’s a trial marriage,” said Flora E. S. Kaplan, director of the Dahesh, who added that when she was looking for space before leaving Madison Avenue she happened on a $20 million garage where “you would be nervous about leaving your car.” But she is continuing to search for a new home, she said, hoping that now there will be more affordable options available. “We need to take a breath,” she said. “Now we don’t have to rush into anything.”

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    I still "love" the fact that Flora Kaplan, the person who acted as the key spokesperson for the trustees — when they openly disavowed all connection with the notion that Doctor Dahesh was a prophet and that the Daheshists were telling the truth — is still its director.

    I am sure she is is a very capable director. But Museums that focus only on the art and bend backwards to create myths where there are none and smother the real truth behind their genesis, and rewrite history to such a degree are — in my view, and considering who Doctor Dahesh is believed to have been — cursed.

    As for this "trial marriage," I wouldn't be surprised if, one day in the near future, Syracuse would also announce itself as an "institution that is now also devoted to collecting, exhibiting, and interpreting works by Europe's academically trained artists of the 19th and early 20th centuries" which has always been the Dahesh Museum's only real unique positioning statement.

    When that happens, and it will happen, then what?

    Today, when I logged on to the Dahesh Museum website, I could have sworn I had logged onto a Jewelery store.

    Whereas, and on a recent visit to the Louvre Museum, and despite all the shops that quite literally assault you as you make your way to the inverted pyramid, you still knew that you were inside the Louvre.

    It's not the art. It's never about the art.

    It's the history behind the art.

    That's why some certified junk can be "priceless."
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    "Fail, to succeed."