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  • has recently undergone a facelift and includes the testimonials of various Daheshists.

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    Thank you for pointing us to Mr. Mounir Murad's web site.

    It certainly looks elegant. Let's hope that Darrick Evenson does not copy that also. For example, the first iteration of "" had moving type (which Darrick copied) and headline-style writing "Christ Returns" ...

    So, it is a good thing to see all that toned down quite a bit.

    But, there is still one troubling matter.

    For some reason — and perhaps worthy of further investigation — when we Googled "Dahesh" we could not see "" in the top 100?!

    Whereas, Darrick Evenson's web site was in the top 5?!

    The problem is (or may be) that the uninitiated might associate Darrick Evenson's website with that of Mounir Murad, especially that they use similar images and content.

    We dare not post the links...

    But, notice the testimonies and pictures... He even included the photo of Prof. Gibran Majdalani from Columbia University... We wonder if he knows...

    Of course, we (here) know who "borrowed" from whom...

    On the other hand, this might give the impression that both web sites are collaborating.

    Then again... maybe not, since it would seem Mr. Darrick Evenson removed (to the best of our research) all links to (which, in the past, he had on there.)

    So, in a way, that's good. On the other hand, being in the Top 5, and publishing borrowed work... there is certainly the risk of the public mistaking these as being "official" sites.