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How WE solved a problem like "MARIA" !

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  • How WE solved a problem like "MARIA" !

    Last night, we noticed that the member "MARIA" logged on for the first time since (he/she) first registered in 2007.

    And we observed what that member was reading... for hours on end.

    Then something told us to trace the IP address, and that led us to a location in New Hampshire...

    Good old New Hampshire... where — as it turned out — was located a repeat offender when it came to removing any mention of Doctor Dahesh's miracles — as well as Daheshville's link — from Wikepidia's page.

    Now, we don't necessarily agree with everything that is written there, but, this is supposed to be an objective source of information. As such, anyone studying what the Daheshists themselves are saying about Doctor Dahesh (some claim he is a philosopher, for example) then — and viewed from that light — it is fair.

    But, when a MEMBER of DAHESHVILLE, who also lives in the State of New Hampshire (we won't give the address nor the IP number of course) logs on, and spends hours accessing specific thread, shortly before or after ERASING the mention of Miracles AND the Daheshville Link, we know we caught the culprit. All we did is COMPARE the IP addresses.

    Yes, as it turned out, Wikepidia keeps tracks of every IP address connected with each edit. Isn't technology amazing?

    So, without further ado, "MARIA" has been banned and that member's IP Address has been blocked.

    If anyone knows this person, please inform them.

    Also, all IP addresses registered on Wikepidia as belonging to those who have committed similar "offenses" have been blocked as well. One such IP address points, oddly enough, to an " office" in Midtown Manhattan.

    Now, we don't know who this "MARIA" person is. But let us compare their Wikepidia version with the current one...

    MARIA's version.

    The restored version.

    Anyone carefully studying all the information that was left (including the Lutfi Radwan book link, which clearly mentions "Miracles" in the title) can only wonder why THAT link was not removed. Or, how come the Museum and Bookstore links were left...

    Some people give "Guilty until proven Innocent" a good name!

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    Good ol' New Hampshire... the "Live Free or Die" state...

    Nice catch~!


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        Originally posted by Daheshville View Post
        Too funny...


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          MARIA Vandalized the Wikipedia Pages again

          Tonight, MARIA — who has been banned and who still resides in NASHUA NEW HAMPSHIRE — showed up again, hours after vandalizing the Daheshism page on Wikipedia.
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            Here's the Interesting Element...

            Back in the day, "MARIA" (when "she" committed "her" first offense) spent a lot of time accessing the MUSIC links on Daheshville.

            Just imagine, someone coming to Daheshville, enjoying the music, then erasing its link from Wikipedia.

            And this time around, that person didn't just erase the Daheshville link. No, she erased ALL the links on there, may it be,, etc.

            And what's even more interesting, is that we noticed someone from the United Arab Emirates reading particular articles ... And we know that this "MARIA" might have something to do with the legal profession... (based on one message "She" posted, back in the day, on a legal forum)

            But, aside from all that... tonight, and before attempting to log on using her username (and a different IP address, which we recorded and cross-referenced with her activities on Wikipedia) she listened to a couple of soundtracks ( and
            And viewed these pages...

            Of course, when she attempted to log in, the system prevented her from doing so.

            Plus, we're not going to ban her IP, yet, to give her an opportunity to see this (here) particular thread!

            Anyway, what's the deal with wanting to listen to our music tracks while, at the same time, showing disdain towards us? Isn't it that borderline pathological?
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              Any idea why she's behaving this way? Seems to be she really digs your tunes. I know I do.
              "Call me late, just don't call me late for dinner."-Checker Flag Bubba


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                Originally posted by zionic View Post
                Any idea why she's behaving this way? Seems to be she really digs your tunes. I know I do.
                If I had to bet the farm, I would say that MARIA is an individual who is tied to a group of Daheshists (who shall remain unnamed) bent on making sure that the Dahesh Museum is not associated with a Doctor Dahesh who is a Prophet.
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                "Fail, to succeed."


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                  Oh and ...

                  Originally posted by zionic View Post
                  Seems to be she really digs your tunes. I know I do.
                  ... thank you!
                  "Fail, to succeed."