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    Hi all

    Could someone please clarify if DR DAHESH will be reborn in the 21st century, and, i am still seekindg a copy of the 72 Q and A.

    Kind regards

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    Originally posted by sael1 View Post
    Hi all

    Could someone please clarify if DR DAHESH will be reborn in the 21st century, and, i am still seekindg a copy of the 72 Q and A.

    Kind regards
    Are you the same "Sael" who started this thread? If so, welcome back.

    If you don't mind me asking: Were you able to get information from the Daheshist Publishing Company?

    In terms of your question... Personally, I do not believe that Doctor Dahesh will be "reborn" in the 21st Century — as a prophet. Perhaps certain lofty spiritual fluids belonging to Christ (from which Jesus and Dahesh, to name a few, emanated) will revisit the planet. But in terms of returning — as he had in the 20th Century and before that — I don't think so. I may be mistaken. But, from what I heard: He told one Daheshist that he would see him in several hundred years (in the future...) in NYC.

    One Daheshist woman told me that (supposedly) he told her that he would return with her — in a "space ship" — in order to inspect "the destruction"...

    God only knows...
    "Fail, to succeed."


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      Hi Mario

      Thank you for your quick reply.
      I am the same "sael", i never really left, i always keep on visiting this website and read thru, but i could not remenber my password, so i started "sael1".

      i have tried the publishing company but with no success, surely somebody in the daheshist community will have even aphoto copy or something.
      i would seriously appreciate and consider myself priviliged if i can obtain a copy.
      I will be happy to purchase a book that may contain the 72 Q and A.

      I read on one website, "i take it with a dash of salt" that DR DAHESH will be back in the 2st, 22nd, 23rd and the 24th century, i am not sure of the authenticity of this claim, that's why i am asking "you" the people who were around him in his lifetime.
      however i thought it would amazing to meet him.



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        My pleasure Sael. And too bad no one assisted you...

        And, yes... I think I am familiar with the site you speak of.

        If we're talking about "Darrick Troy Evenson" ... then, I can tell you right off the bat: do not trust anything you read that has been published by this individual.

        If there is another person making these preposterous claims, kindly let us know.

        As for the rest:

        Remember that this life is temporary and everything is a test.

        God willing, you will meet up with him (in the flesh) in your next incarnation. And who knows, maybe you did meet him in early 20th Century...

        Besides, it is no coincidence that you feel drawn to him.

        That "feeling" you have within you... that is a very special Spiritual Fluid.

        Nurture it and, God willing, it will eventually lead you to him — wherever, whenever that may be...

        All I can say is this: The feeling is mutual...


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        "Fail, to succeed."