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    Over and over the wolf is referenced as a sign of evil, a thing to be feared, etc, etc. Wolves should less feared than man. It is my understanding that in North America, there are only four documented cases in which a wolf or wolves attacked man. In the bible, the wolf is presented as a symbol of evil. I sure most have heard the phrase, "a wolf in sheep's clothing".

    The truth is, that wolves are less dangerous than man. They are a social animal, that run in a pack, made up mostly of family. As a pack they share the task of caring for the young, Few other animals cover as much territory as a wolf. The pack is usually lead by the alpha male and female. Hierarchy is strong in the pack. Wolves mate for life.

    True, wolves are a predator, but what is man? Man hunts for food just as a wolf. Wolves do not slaughter needlessly, but man does. Wolves are not greedy. Wolves do not steal. Actually, I should qualify that, they may insist on sharing your kill if they are hungry.

    Occasionally, a young wolf leaves the pack in search of a mate, and thus, becomes a lone wolf. When the mate is found they start a new pack. Sometimes a wolf does not accept the usual hierarchy of the pack and again they might leave the pack in search of opportunity to start their own.

    I see wolves as noble animals, with an easily understood set of ethics. They are predictable, courageous in defense of their territory and in protection of there pack. They are only a threat to those who trespass into their territory or those that are an essential meal.

    I chose the wolf as my avatar because, to me, they look noble, strong, capable of being independent, and they are ready to cover vast territory in a search to satisfy their needs.

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    very interesting, I agree with your vision of the wolves.

    but why did you chose "seul loup" ?

    I assume you meant "Lone Wolf" but the correct translation for Lone Wolf would be "Loup solitaire", whereas "Seul loup" translates as "only wolf"

    But it's no problem. I think everybody understands what you meant


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      Ziyad, thanks for your critique. Maybe I will change the label. Maybe I should change it to Lonely Wolf. I jest. Maybe I should just stick to English. My French is a little pathetic. Actually, the first translation I found was "single wolf".
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        After Thought

        One of the traits of a wolf is to hunt for the next meal. It is what wolves must do to survive. I am on a search in order to survive. I am struggling to find meaning for life. I don't think I am alone here. I think we are all searching. Finding a little friendship along the way is a good thing.


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          Oh, it wasn't a critique. I was just curious.

          Seul loup is OK, particularly if you meant single wolf.


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            Friendly, positive criticism or an inquiry is a good thing. I am not a person easily offended.