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Any muslim and daheshist?

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  • Any muslim and daheshist?

    Re hello everyone if there is any muslim and daheshist ( ibenn told its possible) i d like to talk with him or her .
    I have still so much to learn Thanks

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    Of Daheshist-Mulisms and Unicorns...

    Originally posted by JZamel View Post
    ( ibenn told its possible)
    I'm afraid you've been misled.

    The Doctor wrote in his June 1, 1980 address.. "It is an obscenity for the believer in the lofty faith to put his hand upon the plow and then to let go of it."

    Daheshism can certainly help one become a better Muslim, Christian, or Buddhist for that matter.

    But once you declare yourself a Daheshist, you can't say "I'm both a Daheshist and a Muslim," especially if it is to make your SPOUSE happy.

    Let me tell you a little story: Years ago, a Daheshist man and woman wanted to get married.

    The problem was that the father of the bride, a Muslim, refused to give his blessing to marriage until the Daheshist, who was formerly a Christian, would convert to Islam. And what was really at stake here was the inheritance.

    The Daheshist went before a mufti (and the whole nine yards) and was declared a Muslim.

    That really affect the Doctor. It was a low point... And I speak as someone who has been around the Doctor during that time.
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      Hi dear Mario , i hope you're good sir , i ve read and i understood your point , and i understand why was the Dr Dahesh was move, for myself i never chose a spiritual way to gain one human s favor or look or marriage,there is a haddith, which is still "understandable" by us ,inbrief if one choses islam for the great of God and his prophet his conversion would be for God and his prophet and the one that choses islam for a wife and/or material things his conversion would be for wife and/or materail things, i m a bit sad actually because i actually agree with all the teachings i saw from the Dr , my only will when i came was and is still a seek of truth for the sake of my soul by increasing my faith. Anyway i still want to learn from him , so i ll keep asking questions and commenting if i dont bother you. As you may know as a converted muslim (, i was born daheshist according to "traditions")
      it would be an abomination to me to let go my hand from the plow , i love to laugh lol sorry especially in serious moments


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        Thank you for your honesty and candor. Whatever we can assist you with, just let us know.
        "Fail, to succeed."


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          Thank you very much i apreciate