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  • So much knowledge

    I would like to share this thread as an "hommage" to the knowledge GOD offered to Dr Dahesh , put aside the wisdom and the fact that he oppened just a little bit a lot of doors to his disciples ,i dont know a lot about his writtings , i still got so much to learn , but i thank God for letting me read ;see and imagine all the possibilities ; as a muslim like me, who had a few problems (the word is small lol) with some "ulémas" and "fatwas" and "haddith" etc ,the visions ,the knowledge from Dr Dahesh , is a miracle itself , to me the miracle can be physically seen (walking on water) or it can be unseen , the greatest miracle i cant see but that i consider as the highest thing existing on earth is the Quar'an. When i read some teachings and shared knowledge from the Dr Dahesh , it raises the faith by understanding more , if i can say ; So i wish i ll learn more , i wish God avoids me the wrong path and I wish he guides us all in the path of the righteous.