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  • Ron Schaum

    My name is Ron Schaum. I am 62. I consider myself a spiritual person. I was raised as a Lutheran and converted to Catholcism. However, I am skeptical of most organized religions. I believe that over time most are manipulated to suit the wishes of men and loose sight of the goals of the founders who I believe in most cases are special people capable of significant insight.

    Despite my religious training, reincarnation had always had significant logical appeal to me. Based upon the fact that "man" was made in the image of God, which I always interpreted loosely, it made sense to me that mankind was meant to provide campanionship to God. If "man" were to become a companion to God, it would take a very long time to educate and train him bring him anywhere near God's intellect.

    I have only recently become aware of Dr Dahesh.

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    Dear Ron,

    Welcome to Daheshville and beautifully said!

    Best Regards,

    Mario Henri Chakkour (a.k.a. "The Kid" ... having recently attained the ripe old age of 46! )
    "Fail, to succeed."


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      Hi Ron... Welcome to Daheshville. I hope you find kindred spirits here as you share and learn. As you read through the site you will find there is a wealth of information about Dr. Dahesh as well very open discourse and attitudes about working to understand the many inner and outer struggles and questions we all deal with.

      I agree with your comments regarding 'organized' religions and frankly that applies to probably most groups that claim to be 'organized'! Here in Daheshville, open and honest and fair discussion is the extent of our 'organization'.

      I myself was raised Baptist (1st Baptist, not the conservative Bible Baptist). The church I grew up in was quite open and welcoming to asking questions in order to better understand the nuances and meanings of the Bible.

      Reincarnation always made sense to me as well. It never is really touched upon that much in Christianity... I hope as you read through this site you will find the stories and the history and ideas inspiring. Feel free to browse and of course if you have questions....please ask!