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  • Introduction - Terrence Brannon

    Hello everyone, I was seeking a sound file of the Holy World in alt.religion.eckanckar, when I noticed Darrick Evans off-topic post about Dr. Dahesh.

    I see that Darrick is a rather controversial figure. But on the other hand, I now see how even the bad things have some good. For example, I would have never heard of Dahesh had it not been for his off-topic posting!

    I consider myself open-minded. However, I am still not fully recovered from my dealings with the cult known as Scientology. As a a result, I do not drop my ability to think rationally even though I am only rational during my waking state --- I'm sure I would be horrified if I saw how wild I behaved during my sleep state.

    Anyway, I have had quite a bit of travels in various spiritual systems:

    and many experiments in diet (which are also listed in that resume).

    I would like to know the best way to
    (a) verify the miracles of Dr. Dahesh -- why are none on video even though he lived into the 20th century when we have video technology?
    (b) verify the existence of other worlds?
    (c) verify that Dahesh is a valid religion and that I should follow it.

    Thank you for your time. And I would like to know what diet is required of Daheshists.

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    Greetings Terrence,

    I'm afraid I am going to have to keep my response short as I am traveling outside the U.S.A. at the moment and that I am (practically) in the middle of nowhere.

    I did briefly study your diary. Very impressive.

    All I can tell you is that there are no way to "verify" anything pertaining to miracles etc. And, by "verify" I assume we are referring to a process that involves logical, scientific methodology.

    Even when Doctor Dahesh was still physically with us, many of those who had the opportunity to witness the miracles did not feel (one bit) that the latter proved or verified the existence of the Spirit or GOD for that matter (let alone the existence of other worlds etc.) In my case, I was instrumental in introducing our high school French teacher (a very educated man) to the Doctor... Result? Nothing... absolutely nothing.

    I won't even go into how many "best friends" I hope would believe me... Yes, when I was younger, I felt it was my duty to "save the world."

    Please hold that thought...

    Back to this issue of verification: many arethose who have never met the Doctor and believe in him.

    I've written extensively on the issue of "proof" and I recommend you take your time and (dare I be so presumptuous) read my essays on the subject.

    Regarding the diet issue : Somewhere else on Daheshville, I wrote what the Doctor said before me regarding one's dietary habits. I recommend you find that story as well.

    We've also seen that Doctor Dahesh never, not once, said that anyone HAS to become a Daheshist.

    I challenge any Daheshist to show me proof to the contrary. Oh, that "proof" has to be in the form of anything printed prior to his death-- at least we know that he authorized the printing.

    He DID write about the duties and responsibilities of Daheshists. In other words, if and when a person decides to become a Daheshist, then certain things are expected of them. However, there is nothing that Doctor Dahesh himself wrote that says (and I paraphrase) "Foresake your religion and come join me."

    That being said, and as I indicated above, there is no way to verify anything... If Daheshism is attracting you, then you will feel it. I know you might argue that the other religions attracted you as well... Perhaps it would help you to know that no one, here in Daheshville, wants, needs, nor expects anything from you... except that you find inner peace ... even if a few fleeting moments a day... And, lastly, I assure you that believing in Doctor Dahesh MIGHT not in of itself be a cure for any problem you might have. Instead, it MIGHT merely be the beginning of the longest and hardest journey of one's life... In other words, just when one's might feel that life's tests have been made slightly easier, an avalanche of events might remind one that ... "it ain't over."

    After this short introduction by (to date) the only senior ranking WITNESS in Daheshville—who actually SAW and TOUCHED miracles—(followed only by Sandrine and then Astrid), one of two things should happen:

    1) You are either incredibly disappointed because my answers were not satisfactory

    2) You breathe a big sigh of relief basking in the belief that this was merely the first in perhaps many, many more interactions to come. That being the case, allow me to say "Welcome to the Institute of Higher Unlearning!"

    Alas, I must hit the road again! We'll hopefully chat some more in a few days.

    All the best,

    Mario Henri Chakkour
    "Fail, to succeed."