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    Here, so far, the list of posts the Darrick has placed on the Mormon Discussions.

    He operates under the name DAHESHIST

    As if...

    Anyway, it is undoubtedly clear that he is attempting to bring about a war between the LDS Church and Daheshism.

    Thankfully, the good people of Mormon Discussions are on to him.

    Be warned. Some of these posts are very graphic — as Mormon Discussions has 4 levels, one Unrated, one Rated R, one Rated PG-13 and one Rated G.

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    Darrick is using Mario Henri Chakkour's photograph...

    Now Darrick is using a photo of Mario Henri Chakkour as his own, and referring to Mario as "Mario Chakkour the Pedophile"

    Something must have happened for him to launch such an all out attack. The administrator of Mormon Discussions already removed the photo and issued a warning to him. But, he put it back up again... He also wrote to someone (he thinks is Mario) that he is going to escalate his defamation campaign against Mario.

    Well, if that keeps him busy and away from talking about Daheshism, Yippee!