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  • Darrick's Address

    Darrick appears to be trying to enlist people into his own version of Daheshism

    the guy is in serious need of professional medical attention before he actually hurts someone, he is a Mark Hofmann waiting to go off.

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    Dear Baha'i,

    Welcome to Daheshville and thank you very much for bringing this matter to our attention. We are doing everything we can, within the confines of the law, to address this and other issues.


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      Site Removed and Help Needed

      We are happy to report that, thanks to the combined efforts of the dedicated members of the Dahesh Society of America, the above site has been temporarily removed by Anglefire.

      However, let us remember that this site could resurface.

      And in order for us to make sure this and other web sites like it remain off the air, we need the support of those whose names and photographs are used without their permission.

      While we were successful in removing (albeit temporarily) many web sites created by this "author," a couple remain. In particular, this one:

      Angelfire on Lycos, established in 1995, is one of the leading personal publishing communities on the Web. Angelfire makes it easy for members to create their own blogs, web sites, get a web address (domain) and start publishing online.

      The above page features stolen material and photographs of many Daheshists who are still living and may not want to be associated with this site, considering the exploits of one who calls himself the "Secretary of Dahesh Mission USA" — all of which have been documented.
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        Site Removed

        Never mind. Earlier today, we got confirmation from that our complaints have been reviewed and that the sites have been removed.


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          An additional Note

          This nation's largest federal agency has restricted access to Darrick's site. Probably due to its' pornographic nature.
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            Originally posted by ronschaum View Post
            This countries largest federal agency has restricted access to Darrick's site. Probably due to its' pornographic nature.
            That's very telling. Thank you for the update.

            Ironically, and this will probably have some significance to Daheshists in terms of the dates:

            On September 6, 2009, he posts this public message, in an attempt to seek revenge against the Zahid Family.

            On September 20, the police, and thanks to a tip from us, located him and had a face-to-face "discussion" with him.

            On September 24, all of his "Daheshist" web sites are removed from the internet thanks to our combined efforts — including, the web site he set up to willfully attack the Zahid Family.