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Daheshville is being hacked by saudi kids

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  • Daheshville is being hacked by saudi kids

    Dear all,
    i am trying to log into daheshville but i am always confrunting hackers, the only way way to enter is from yahoo messages i get about daheshville,
    this is what i am getting, please someone fix this:

    This Site Hacked By

    kid يرحب بكم ويقدم كل يوم اختراق جديد لكم تابعونا في الزون اتش

    سوف ندمر ولن نتوقف الموت او سجن

    اخي صاحب الموقع اعلم ان تصريح 777 يؤدي الى الهـلاكـ

    ..HaCkeD By

    المدني بالحبال والجندي بالرصاص والتهكير للعباقرهـ

    وسبب الأختراق والله مـزاّج كذا بس أبغى أشوف الإخترقات

    والاختراق لعيون محبين kid وكل من يحب إختراقه

    حبيت اوصل لكـم أن الحماية لم تخلق الا لتخترق

    ويـأ ليت الاستقبـال يكـون بكـل روح ريأضيـة

    وتحياتي للمهايطيه اللي يتابعون اعمـال الفـريق

    هذا انا اخترق واطقـع ما اشوف انتــــم

    ^_^ عرب وش براسك ^_^

    [ ...Don't Try With Me Again ... ]

    ! I K S A I !

    [ ...Don't Try With Me Again ... ]

    البقاء للأقوياء والقانون يحمل المغفليـــن

    تذكروا بأن kid وضع بصمته هنا وليكون صاحب الموقع

    عبرهـ لكل من فكر في التحدي والمحاربة بطرق ملتوية وليعلم أننا قادرون على الدعس باذن اللة واليوم يومك يابطل


    [email protected]


    king وهذا لعيوووونك

    KiNg 14

    [email protected]

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    Thank you Boxfox

    Dear BoxFox

    Thank you.

    We've taken immediate measures to keep the site open. The ISP is aware of the situation.

    Daheshville is, so far, working as it should. We still need to fix things in the background. But that should not affect the functioning or the safety of Daheshville.


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      We're back to normal!

      Thank YOU BOXFOX!

      If it hadn't been for you we might not have detected the hackers.

      And, to anyone out there who might have let out a silent scream of jubilation, thinking to him or herself: "Yessss, finally, FINALLY, Daheshville is GONE!" ...



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        it's ok now

        now i can log in normally
        thank you

        by the way these hackers say at the end this is only a joke and the reason is only to see hacked sites, man how much empty life can get to some people


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          How's this for a "coincidence" ...

          A year ago on the dot, I received this message... Some of you know the rest of the story and the drama that unfolded...

          "Fail, to succeed."