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Urgent Notice Regarding Darrick Troy Evenson!

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  • Urgent Notice Regarding Darrick Troy Evenson!

    Today, the board of directors of Daheshville held an emergency (online) meeting and unanimously voted to actively search, identify, and intercept any Daheshism-related message posted by the individual known as "Darrick Troy Evenson" and where possible, to post the following notice:

    To whom it may concern, the individual known as Darrick Troy Evenson is not associated with, nor recognized in any way by members of the Daheshist faith.

    Furthermore, he has been banned from

    Signed: The governing members of the Dahesh Society of America.

    Daheshists worldwide are strongly encouraged to copy and republish the above notice (shown in red) anywhere they find a Daheshism-related post by Darrick Troy Evenson.