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someone is trying to steal the spiritual fluid ideology

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  • someone is trying to steal the spiritual fluid ideology

    good evening all,

    let me bring to to everyone attention here what i stumbled upon on one of the forums, yes someone is claiming to be the author of a book called 'the spirits book' that is a coppy of the daheshist teachings and here is his post :
    Universal Cosmic Fluid
    Spiritual healing discussion.

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    Universal Cosmic Fluid
    by Elsa Rossi on Thu Apr 17, 2008 3:32 pm

    Examining the general elements of the Universe, Allan Kardec received precious information from the Superior Spirits, as we can read in “The Spirits’ Book” (Part I, Chapter 2).

    The Spirits explained that there are three elements in the Universe: God, Spirit and Matter. God is the Supreme Intelligence-First Cause of all things. It is the cosmic force and the cause of everything that has been created. It also established Laws that regulate the equilibrium of the Universe. The spirit is the intelligent principle of the Universe. It is the psyche that is elaborated throughout its evolution by internships in the different Kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, animal, humanoid, and later, angelical. Matter is the bow that enchains the Spirit. It is also the instrument that the Spirit uses and on which it exerts its action. However, matter is not a simple element. It can present itself in different levels and states.

    Thinking about this, Allan Kardec asks to the superior Spirits in question 30 of “The Spirits’ Book: “Is matter formed by one or many elements?” The spiritual entities answered: “Of one only primitive element. The bodies that you consider simple are not true elements. They are transformations of the primitive matter.” Therefore, there is a material primitive element, source of everything we know as matter and its transformations.

    The Codifier, Allan Kardec, called it the primitive element of the Universal Cosmic Fluid. That matter (Universal Cosmic Fluid) is the origin of all the material states, flavours, odours, colours, sound, qualities, of all the transformations that matter undergoes. The poison and the remedy are originated from exactly the same principle. The difference between one and another substance is in the dispositions and transformations of its molecules. The Spirit - intelligent agent of the Universe - can act upon matter modifying its molecules.

    That is what occurs in the magnetization process. By using the will power, the magnetizers modify one substance, giving flavour, and colour to it. It can also give active qualities of other substances.

    Because of thought, the Spirit can radiate healthy or deleterious fluids. These fluids, even the most quintessenced ones, are transformations of the Universal Cosmic Fluid. Through thinking, the Spirits can act on the spiritual fluids, manipulating them. This is what occurs in the pass. The pass is a Fluidic transmission. This practice came from Jesus and the primitive Christians, when they raised their hands and radiated healthy vibrations that healed people. At the moment of the pass (healing) , the pass-giver can also give out energy (magnetic fluid), at the same time the Spirits use the pass-giver to pour spiritual fluids on the patient.

    The pass (healing) acts directly in the perispirit. The benefits are physical, emotional and spiritual. From the physical point of view, the perispirit will transmit the irradiations, received in the pass, to the body, providing a renovation of healthy cells. On the emotional view, the patient will feel more tranquil; he/she will experience more clarity in his/her ideas, and a psychic freedom to organize the thoughts. On the spiritual view, the pass is essential, because it will help the patient to easily attune with the good Spirits; and, if, for any reason, the patient is suffering from an “obsession”, the pass will help to loose
    the link established between the patient and the spirit. This process is normally a reciprocal mental disturbance. Finally, the pass (healing) is a spiritual therapy of Love, applied in the Spiritist Institution, as a reinforcement of one’s moral transformation which provides a reestablishment of the integral health.
    - Get to know of it!


    this is not the first time this happens, i heard once a guy tried to refer a daheshist book to his name on a french tv , i don't know the exact details of that story , but anyway i just wanted to bring this up here in a hope that someone interfere and stop this thief. i know that in future the daheshisme will spread and that i should not worry about this, but when i know about how much the doctor was swift and quick in interefering to protect his books and ideas from being stolen, i think that something must be done in this case like a law suit or a warning.

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    Spiritual Fluids are not an "ideology" of Daheshism. Spiritual fluids are one integral piece of Daheshism that are part and parcel of the greater whole of the teachings of Dr. Dahesh. No "thief" can ever hijack a spiritually mandated mission such as Daheshism... though for their own purposes, they may try to "copy" and "own" pieces of it.


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      Originally posted by Johnson View Post
      Spiritual Fluids are not an "ideology" of Daheshism. Spiritual fluids are one integral piece of Daheshism that are part and parcel of the greater whole of the teachings of Dr. Dahesh. No "thief" can ever hijack a spiritually mandated mission such as Daheshism... though for their own purposes, they may try to "copy" and "own" pieces of it.
      Well said. Ironically, I recently wrote a piece in which I rejected the tendency of those —who insist on using "Sayals"— to use "Ideology" when discussing Daheshist DOCTRINE.

      There is no ideology in Daheshism. Sure, when someone takes the Daheshist Doctrine and converts it to fit a particular class, group, people, culture, etc. yes, then you have an Ideology. An ideology is created by people to serve society. Daheshism is not. Now, while Daheshists should understand that what they believe in is in fact a Divinely Mandated Doctrine, when interacting with the public, it is perfectly acceptable to speak in terms of theories. In other words, it is OK to say to the public "As far as Reincarnation, our THEORY about that is..."

      I am not making this up. That is exactly what Doctor Dahesh (remember him? I ask because some seem to forget he's the boss) writes in his introduction to "Strange Tales and Wondrous Legends" Part 2.

      Personally, I have an educated guess as far as why the Doctor used the term "Theory." Simply stated: Without Miracles, there is no proof. And without Proof, there cannot be "Truths". Only "Theories".

      Einstein's "Theory" of Relativity remained a "Theory" until technical advancements were such that his Theory was proven.

      Here, unfortunately, and until the age of the Miracles returns (God only knows when) we can choose to believe or not believe... That's why they call it faith.

      And here is one irony worthy of mentioning: that Alan Kardec guy uses "Spiritual Fluids," instead of "Sayals," doesn't that tell us something?

      What does it say about Daheshists when they, themselves, are too ashamed to say "Spiritual Fluids" and the rest of the world does?

      All that aside:

      There is NOTHING that anyone can do at this point.

      The people who own the COPYRIGHT to the works of Doctor Dahesh should mount a lawsuit. Unless they do, our hands are tied.

      We'll be more than happy to assist them in any way we can. In fact, the fact that people post these links is a good start.

      But, and as far as the legal process is concerned, our hands are tied.

      I just want every Daheshist who was ever held back by an elder because "it wasn't the right time" to think about what is going on...
      "Fail, to succeed."


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        That’s how much Daheshville is important thanks boxfox for the information. At least there is a space we can say what’s going on, Else people would have not only do that but maybe even translate all the Doctor books and say they wrote them !!!
        The main concern is who can stop them ? and the question will they and when and why they haven’t already started to action anything
        I hope someone reading these forums would do something about it…


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          Thank you Chad.

          The people in question have enough material published already that contains enough evidence to mount a campaign.

          Now, and if anyone from their side says "We don't have the money and we've already suffered and worked so hard!"

          Again, I say if ...

          So, if anyone from that side complains, tell them "That's your problem!"
          And the reason I say that will remain — for the time being — classified.

          We've got a serious crisis on our hands people. And most of the Daheshists who would now be prompted to show self-righteous indignation are — in fact — accessories, accomplices, enablers... whatever you want to call it. I call it GUILTY!

          Can a mother who left her baby to fend for itself come back later and try to claim it?

          Here is my prediction — call it an educated guess :

          Daheshism has already been hijacked because — and for years — Doctor Dahesh was openly DISAVOWED. And I want all those who came here and told me "And how do you know there isn't a good reason for doing so?" to reassess their words.

          Just exactly what do you think was going to happen?

          If I have said it once, I've said it a million times: Others are going to steal the concepts and re-package them and (what's even more horrific) make money in the process.

          And, at this point, no one can do anything about it!

          You know why? No one believes that The Daheshists HAVE it within them to DO anything.

          You don't believe me? Fine.

          Then why is it, that — still today — we can read Darrick Troy Evenson's vile attacks on a certain family? See for yourselves!

          Answer me that question!

          And we think that we can sue someone for (according to us) stealing that which we (the Daheshists) refused to acknowledge in the FIRST PLACE ?!

          Oh Boxfox is right. Daheshism will spread. But like I alluded to on more than one occasion, it won't be at the hands of those who were initially chosen to do so.

          Soon enough, we are going to see hoards of charlatans (perhaps on OPRAH!) talk about SPIRITUAL FLUIDS and ... who knows... even receive awards for it!

          Oh, but that's OK because the "people in charge" know what they are doing and all of you who followed them blindly made the right choice, and the world will never come to an end, and those who turned their backs on their prophet (under the guise of "we had no choice") are certainly never going to be forced to reincarnate as Daheshists-of-the-future, and would certainly never, ever, dare to join the fight against the return of the Prophet they have forsaken in this lifetime!

          So, don't worry, go back to your normal everyday activities!

          And think of the Martyr Madga while you're at it and what she would have done had she been in your shoes.
          "Fail, to succeed."


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            Originally posted by boxfox View Post
            someone is claiming to be the author of a book called 'the spirits book' that is a coppy of the daheshist teachings
            Whoa there... before jumping to conclusions:

            Innocent until proven guilty...

            What work of Doctor Dahesh specifically is this man, Allan Kardec, violating the copyright of?

            How sure are we that Allan Kardec is copying a Daheshist work rather than writing about information he said he received directly from "superior Spirits" who happened to use the term "Universal Cosmic Fluid"? (Truth is truth isn't it?)

            Is the term "Spiritual Fluid" itself, or "fluid" for that matter, copyrighted or trademarked by Doctor Dahesh?

            Did Doctor Dahesh teach how to heal using spiritual fluids?


            Further investigation:

            Allan Kardec lived from October 3, 1804 - March 31, 1869. His death predates Doctor Dahesh's birth (1909) by 40 years, rendering the copying of Doctor Dahesh's teachings impossible unless he had access to a time machine.
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              And the Plot Thickens!

              Originally posted by WingedPaladin View Post
              Whoa there... before jumping to conclusions:

              Innocent until proven guilty...

              I would have to agree with Winged Paladin.

              But, the plot thickens...

              As soon as I read your post, I remembered that Zionic had once posted a message about someone having used "Spiritual Fluids" (not "Cosmic" Fluids, but "Spiritual" Fluids). As it turned out, he posted it in my Member Profile.

              Here is a excerpt from the web link (provided herein)

              The BACKYARD PROFESSOR
              March 29, 2008
              Electricity as Spiritual Fluid

              Years and years ago as I was making my way through the “Journal of Discourses,” I found a most remarkable essay by Parley P. Pratt, “Spiritual Communication,” (April 7, 1853) wherein he noted that the dead are not really dead as if they have ceased to exist, but are rather “organized intelligences” made of element we call “Spirit.” (JD Vol. 2:8). Electricity he calls a “subtle fluid or spiritual element is endowed with the powers of locomotion in a far greater degree than the more gross or solid elements of nature.”

              (The Backyard Professor)

              Now, if you notice, Parley P. Pratt's essay was dated "April 7, 1853"

              The question is therefore, whose came first? Pratt's or Kardec.

              But one thing for sure, Doctor Dahesh spoke of "Spiritual" Fluids. This is what he describes to Loutfi Radwan:

              "The Spiritual Fluids are radiating, living, capable, and invisible forces that are extensions of the The Spirit into the Material realms.

              (And referring to a Miracle)
              "This force that is writing, from a distance, upon the white sheet of paper that you have placed inside your hand is a capable Spiritual Fluid.

              And this force that transports the pencil or the table or the rock from one place to another — whether near of far — is a capable Spiritual Fluid.

              And this force that transforms the porcelain dish to gold or wood or anything else, or brings a watch to your house, or something that was lost ... is a capable Spiritual Fluid.

              And know that all the fluids are endowed with consciousness, will, and tendencies, however according to variant degrees.

              And these psychological characteristics are not in Man only, but also in The Animal and The Plant and all that is called 'Matter'.

              And the fluids that exist in people vary in number, characteristics, and degrees from one person to another, which explains the difference between the [individual] physical and mental abilities, and the difference between their tendencies and psychological foundation each individual has.

              In addition to that, their [state of] harmony and loftiness within Man dispatch peace and equilibrium within Him, whereas being in [a state of] contradiction and lowliness cause perturbation and disequilibrium".

              Then Doctor Dahesh continues and explains that these differences in Spiritual Fluids between individuals and even groups people is what results in attraction and mutual affection, versus repulsion and mutual hatred.

              Then he explains that when something is destroyed—such as when a sheet of paper is burnt — it is not really destroyed. Rather, its relative tangible (perceivable) outward appearance (or facade) is switched. However, nothing can touch the true essence of that sheet of paper.

              And, as a side note, here I should mention that I have personally seen at least 3 instances where this was the case: These cases involved Daheshists Spiritual Symbols being brought back to their exact original state after I had burnt them.
              Then the Doctor explains to Radwan that the Miracles are performed by a HIGHER SPIRITUAL FLUID. Then he asserts that every action, desire, thought, has a duplicate or an image or a recording, all of which are Spiritually preserved in specialized Worlds acting as witnesses to the lives of each being and his actions and behavior. Then the Doctor cites three Koran passages that seem to back the Daheshist beliefs.

              Interestingly enough, the Doctor then tells Loutfi Radwan

              "And if you refer to what was discussed by some of the Daheshists, those who happen to be intellectuals and philosophers, and those who have a higher education ... " as confirmation of what he was saying.

              And Loutfi Radwan then writes that it it appeared to him that Doctor Dahesh purposely didn't want to add any more to what he had given him (in terms of information) and wanted to give the opportunity (or the floor) to some of the College Professors — that way, they can clarify matters.

              Doctor Dahesh, it would appear, did NOT refer him to only ONE person...

              Hmmm... So, according to this book — which Doctor Dahesh himself gave me — we clearly see that this is supposed to be a group effort, versus one person trying to impose, imply, etc. "Knowledge Dominion" over the others.
              "Fail, to succeed."


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                Although use of the term "spiritual fluid" is probably not so unique to Dr. Dahesh I think that the most telling sign of his knowledge of them coming from divine inspiration is the way that he emphasizes the degrees of their 'capability.' He used the world 'capable' several times in what appears to be short explanation concerning the nature of spiritual fluids. In the Mormon scheme of things there are grades of intelligences, some more intelligent, or capable if you will, of "acting for themselves rather than being acted upon." And where there is one intelligence you will find an intelligence who is more intelligent and consequently more free to act. Hence the ability of a higher intelligence to perform 'miracles' that others are not free enough yet to perform.

                Other nineteenth century references to spiritual fluid that I have seen associate it with the 'ether'...and such usage doesn't seem to square well with Dr. Dahesh's conception. Pratt's conception seems to come closest.
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                  Re: The Ether

                  Originally posted by zionic View Post
                  Other nineteenth century references to spiritual fluid that I have seen associate it with the 'ether'...and such usage doesn't seem to square well with Dr. Dahesh's conception. Pratt's conception seems to come closest.
                  What a "coincidence"... I had always wondered if the usage of "Fluid" had anything to do with the Ether (also "aether") and mostly because I had heard (when I was still "blessed enough" to be as close as one can be to "those in charge") that (if I am not mistaken) Yousef El Hajj — The First Daheshist — had written an explanation of the Fluids and compared them to "Vapor".

                  Now, this is a wild guess: It might have to do something with the Spiritual Letter sent by Gibran Kahlil Gibran (from his world) entitled "THE FOG"

                  In any case, story has it that the Doctor was not too keen on that presentation.

                  What's also interesting is that — and after the lecture in Belgium — the Head of the Trustees asked to write a book (or, rather, said "Mario, you are an MIT student, and you're good with science, why don't you write us a book that explains Fluids?" or something to that effect.

                  What I ended up writing was too complex and too "Quantum Physics" based. And, oddly enough, I called it (it was a short thesis) "DAHESHVILLE" (Of course, I never invented the name, since I've heard it at the Trustee's house... In essence, that if once we had a City, it would be called "Daheshville." I believe the Doctor was alive then.
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                    Originally posted by zionic View Post
                    In the Mormon scheme of things there are grades of intelligences, some more intelligent, or capable if you will, of "acting for themselves rather than being acted upon."
                    I think I already mentioned this somewhere else, and I'll have to translate the passage for you, but here goes:

                    Remember that "Chapter" where I initially discovered these "revelations" pertaining to the Crucifixion and the Virgin Birth?

                    If you remember, he was describing a dream he had. Along the way to reaching the realm of "The Prophets," he was taken to a summit where he was able to witness a revelation the spiritual fluids — and I will summarize it here:

                    Everything that happens to us is the result of what our own S.F. make us (or not) do.

                    Those that we caused to fall resent us and will do whatever it takes to punish us for having "sent" them "down there."

                    Hence, we cannot even say that it is "GOD" who punishes us.

                    Well, technically speaking, yes, since "GOD" is the "CREATOR" of the whole "SYSTEM."

                    This, (in my opinion) reinforces the Mormon view.

                    That aside, I am thrilled that others have used "Spiritual Fluids" . Gee, I wonder why they didn't use Arabic instead ... I has to be depressing for some Daheshists — who never believed us — to find out that they are (really) not bringing anything NEW to the table. Sure, a couple of minor adjustments... And, yes, all the revelations about who was what and did what to whom... and HOW do these "lessons-to-be-learnt" thelp the average man on the street IF THE DAHESHISTS THEMSELVES do not even DARE show themselves?!

                    The only thing they are bringing is THEMSELVES. And by that I mean: To act as Witnesses for the Return of Jesus Christ and to act as true emotional and spiritual guides for those who feel attracted to this incredibly rare opportunity that only comes one every several thousands of years. Sure, there are the Spiritual Guides in between. But, how many times does a Leading Spiritual Fluid from THE CHRIST materialize?


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                      That is a beautiful discourse of Spiritual Fluids by Dr. Dahesh to Loutfi Radwan.

                      Originally posted by Mario View Post
                      Now, if you notice, Parley P. Pratt's essay was dated "April 7, 1853"

                      The question is therefore, whose came first? Pratt's or Kardec.
                      I asked myself the same question. Pratt was in America and Kardec was in France. There was a significant immigration of believers in Joseph Smith that sailed from England to North America as a result of early missionary efforts. I wonder if some of those immigrants were aware of Kardec's work. Kardec himself was a school teacher and researcher of those who claimed divine inspiration.

                      I remembered that modern calculus is credited mainly to two inventors: Sir Issac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

                      The text under a painting of Gottfried reads, "Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was originally accused of plagiarizing Sir Isaac Newton's unpublished work, but is now regarded as an independent inventor of and contributor to calculus."

                      When I first learned of this in my calculus class, I thought how interesting it is that two people should invent the same thing at around the same time, and pondered the possibility of divine inspiration which happened to touch the minds of both of these individuals. The question arises whether these two individuals shared a common spiritual fluid and thereby both were focused upon the same conceptualizations.

                      The early 1800's was described by some to be a time of religious fervor and spiritual awakenings for many individuals and groups, so a general thinning of the veil over the Earth could account for groups separated by oceans gaining the same spiritual insights.

                      What did Jerusalem and Lebanon have before the coming of Doctor Dahesh? What greater understanding he did bring for those ready to receive it! This greater light proved to be a sifter which turned "ordinary" men and women into heros and heroines. He turned the hearts of men and women from the blindness of materialism, dogmas, and doubt, to the reality of God and the life and consciousness that exists all around them not only by his words and extensive writings, but by his works. Daheshists have much to rejoice in to have been acquainted with him.

                      Originally posted by zionic
                      "acting for themselves rather than being acted upon."
                      I had heard this before, but hadn't given it much thought. Mario brings great insight and perspective into the meaning of this passage. My interpretation after reading it today was that some go through life just allowing whatever happens happens, while others realize they have the power and ability, therefore "intelligence", to make things happen... Actually, I think this is the same thing Mario said, but Mario introduced the concept of the of the quality/level of the spiritual fluids as well as accountability/responsibility of those spiritual fluids being the driving force behind the decision making of individuals and groups.
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                        Originally posted by WingedPaladin View Post
                        That is a beautiful discourse of Spiritual Fluids by Dr. Dahesh to Loutfi Radwan.
                        Thank you. Here is a recent post providing the sequel to what Radwan wrote.


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                          Originally posted by WingedPaladin View Post
                          What did Jerusalem and Lebanon have before the coming of Doctor Dahesh?
                          Perhaps the best kept secret: Kahlil Gibran.

                          In Daheshism, we believe that Kahlil Gibran had a Spiritual Fluid from Doctor Dahesh and that he was the forerunner of the Daheshist Message.

                          He work was maligned by the clergy in Lebanon and — ironically — it was America who honored his name and work. Of course, eventually, Lebanon would later openly declare that Gibran was its own!

                          (Incidentally, his real name is "Khalil," but due to a typo by the person who — I believe— registered his name (when passing through customs the first time he entered the USA, he was forever known as "Kahlil")
                          "Fail, to succeed."


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                            A Light Turns On

                            Originally posted by Mario View Post
                            Perhaps the best kept secret: Kahlil Gibran.
                            Oh yes! I remember reading a little about him. Little did I realize how much he produced through his genius and inspiration.

                            The complete works of Lebanese-American author Kahlil Gibran. Pictures of his museum and hometown in Lebanon.

                            Latest news coverage, email, free stock quotes, live scores and video are just the beginning. Discover more every day at Yahoo!

                            Made this for the same College English class for a friend. Two days on this was Using my new editor, Ulead.

                            Wow, there is quite a bit of information out there about him and his works.


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                              "Allan Kardec did not steal from Dahesh"

                              From: Darrick Evenson <[email protected]>
                              Date: February 21, 2009 6:53:50 PM EST
                              To: Mario Henri Chakkour
                              Subject: Allan Kardec did not steal from Dahesh
                              Reply-To: [email protected]


                              Allan Kardec did not steal the idea of "spiritual fluids" from Dr. Dahesh. Kardec died in 1868. He is the "codifier" of Spiritism---an international movement similar to Spiritualism. They believe in reincarnation and "spiritual fluids". They have 3 million members in Brazil, and 10,000 in the U.S.

                              "Fail, to succeed."