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    Thank you for forwarding me copies of those emails you've been sending to Ghazi Brax and his affiliates.

    I am not sure what the nature of your relationship with them is, nor is it my business to know that.

    Since you have been continually sending me these emails in an unsolicited manner (which I can solve by banning your email address, but I won't for the time-being) it is probably time for me to give you the big picture.

    So, it is important for you to (really) pay attention to what I am about to tell you:

    You can be whatever you want to be.
    You can believe in whatever you want to believe.

    That is not the issue. Besides, being a member of Daheshville does not require one to have the same sets of beliefs as its founders.

    But you have been banned. And banned you shall remain until...

    1) I see positive proof that you have removed all your posts regarding the Zahid Family, David Johnson, and myself.
    2) You turn off all (and I mean ALL) your (so-called) Daheshist web sites.
    3) You stop proselytizing. In other words, I don't even want to see you promote Daheshville.

    If you want something to do to help Doctor Dahesh, WE (the board of directors of Daheshville) can assign that for you.

    Anyway... Then and only then, will you regain your status of a member of Daheshville (subject to a mandatory probationary period. In other words, you will be a "Moderated Member" and your posts will be reviewed before submitting for offensive language).

    Until this happens, don't even waste your time thinking that I consider you anything other than a threat to Daheshism.


    Mario Henri Chakkour
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    "Fail, to succeed."

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    Message #2

    Darrick, in response to your (yet another) email this evening...

    Before I get to the main issue I'd like to address: You claim that Daheshville was "your" idea... In fact, and you can search this forum, the FIRST Daheshville was created in 2003. CHAD was a member then, as well as others. You can find excerpts from that original site (which still exists in the DAHESH.ORG archives (it is online, but requires password permission to access).

    Also, the name DAHESHVILLE was acquired close to 10 years ago...

    Sorry, but like your many "claims" (such as the one about me and David being... Gay lovers... and which you plastered all over the web).

    And since you asked me, in your email, if I was gay...

    Even though in polite society, one does not go around asking people "ARE YOU GAY?" (and, oddly enough, and except for your letter today, I don't remember you ever asking me that question )

    Typically, I wouldn't respond. But, in your case, I will make an exception — after all, you don't want to go to your grave believing you once felt brotherly love towards a homosexual.

    So, and just to put your mind at ease: NO, I AM NOT GAY. NEVER WAS. NEVER BEEN. (Neither is DAVID, by the way)

    That aside: Show me one instance anywhere where I defended "HOMOSEXUALITY"

    Heck, if you read closely my writings, you can see that I even condemn SEXUALITY — period. Not, to suggest I am saint! I was merely quoting what Doctor Dahesh wrote — that's it.

    Anyway, if anyone takes the time to actual read what I write, I specifically expressed that HOMOSEXUALITY was — in GOD's eyes, a sin.

    But so are many other things... And if you want government (as per your words) to intervene in a Homosexual's personal affairs, why stop there?

    The ONLY thing I DEFENDED was a Homosexual's RIGHT to CHOOSE whatever he or she wants to be!

    You, on the other hand, wrote that GOVERNMENTS must intervene and prevent Homosexuals from (and I paraphrase) turning other people into Homosexuals. I am not sure if you noticed that you were advocating the right of Governments to interfere in people's most private affairs... Like I said... why stop there...

    THAT was what the issue was about.

    You need to go and re-read everything about this issue.

    So, basically, three years ago, I was preaching TOLERANCE

    Now, as PROOF, I mentioned the fact that DOCTOR DAHESH HIMSELF was tolerant towards Gays when they kept their business private.
    In fact, that is the way he was with everyone. And, as proof, I cited the case of the housekeeper.

    He was GAY, he was LOVED by the family for whom he worked and who was the closest family to the Doctor. And let me tell you my friend: That hard-working and honest man was more trusted by the family than many men — who, by the way, would never have been able to get THAT close to them (they were mostly women) — as HE did.

    Some people have a genetic pre-disposition to being Gay. That's a fact. That is due to what happened in previous incarnations.
    Not all "GAYS" are promiscuous . Some are even celibate. I'll take a MONOGAMOUS GAY couple over a HETEROSEXUAL COUPLE filled with infidelity any day.

    Still, I must admit that — by DOCTRINE — The same-sex sexual act is lower on the spiritual scale.

    And, now, I am going to repost something you should have read a long time ago.
    This is an excerpt from a manuscript written by Ghazi Brax's CLOSEST collaborator.

    The AUTHOR HIMSELF gave me that Manuscript.

    The last couple of lines read:


    Here is more on this issue.

    Now, Darrick, there is a whole lot of things you said in your email that I will not address here.
    I will, however, post it on the Board of Directors section. If anyone else feels like addressing them... that would be up to them.

    Until then, Go with God, live long and prosper.
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      OK, so Darrick Troy Evenson wrote:

      "Very well, I APOLOGIZE for saying you and David were GAY! Tell me about your last girlfriends. First names only."

      Oh, and he also said that he cannot remove any of the messages he posted about the Zahids, David, and myself. Again, it's not that he does NOT want to do it, he CANNOT do — because it has to do with the way these forums work...

      I'll get to that a little later, but, first, a couple of bits of business:

      On the issue of the original Daheshville: DAHESH.ORG server (which went into service around 1999, and shortly after the demise of DAHESH.COM) still houses the "DAHESHVILLE" forum

      It was also referred to as "The Forum"

      That forum initially went active in 2003 and lasted for about a year. At the time, (again, in 2003) we (did) have a "Daheshville" link. In other words, and back then, had a whole different design, there was a "Daheshville" button.

      And, at some point, we had to split the forum and create another one within it, and hence created an "Archive" link.

      The forum (which was and still is) is password protected. It is located at It is still there on the server and the last post was probably around Sept 2003.

      Darrick, just because you didn't see it in 2006, it doesn't mean it never existed before hand.

      Of course you didn't see it in 2006. Why would you, since the forum link was removed when the new design went into service?

      And, Darrick that theory of yours that I allegedly attacked you first... because I was jealous of your connection with Brax...

      See, that doesn't add up, because, I POINTED YOU TO BRAX.

      If I am prone to being jealous of the fact that Brax would eventually give Darrick more attention than to me, why on Earth would I, in an email Dated September 26, 2005, write Darrick the following response to one of his many questions?

      Add to that the fact that I haven't seen nor spoken to Brax in YEARS — BY CHOICE.


      BRAX, on the Other Hand, HAS.

      (The letter is posted on Daheshville)


      And now, let's get to DARRICK and excerpts from an email exchange:


      > So, again, if the Daheshist Faith is organized, what shall be
      > permitted and what shall not be?

      For that, I strongly suggest you seek out and find one
      Dr. Ghazi Brax (Ph.D.) . He is a Daheshist Scholar who is (I believe) the editor in

      Chief of DAHESH VOICE.
      Let's see... So, instead of giving Darrick the impression that I am "in charge" and acting as a divider, I acted as a uniter.

      Next, Darrick claims that he NEVER said anything pertaining to Governments getting involved in peoples' private matters.

      He was emphatic about it!

      Well... Let's see...

      When we carefully study that page, we see that on the subject of Homosexuality, he wrote — totally unsolicited — the following words (and I am going to highlight the part that Darrick is claiming he never wrote:

      It happens from a perverted Sayyal (Spiritual Fluid). Homosexuals have to overcome their perversion at any price, for it is against God’s Will. Willfully, they corrupted their desires and tendencies in their current lifetime or in a previous incarnation, or they inherited the perversion. They are responsible for it. The governments have the duty to not leave them corrupt the straight people or revel in a false marriage.

      As the evidence shows, he, Darrick Troy Evenson, logged on, created a new thread and posted that comment.

      And being that Darrick wrote me (and I paraphrase) that he considers Brax to be the final authority as far as Daheshism is concerned, I therefore consider that anything that Darrick is posting on behalf of Brax to be as if Darrick himself is speaking.

      And, as the evidence shows, he — Darrick Troy Evenson — and before I was forced to intervene, suggested that Daheshism would want Governments to interfere in people's private affairs.

      Why stop there? Why not have Governments intervene and stop men from seducing women and vice versa?

      Darrick had since greatly harmed the image of Daheshism. I asked numerous time to correct many elements and he refused.

      That's when I considered him a threat.

      The first thing I did was to show his intentions. Hence, my posting of the letter to Brax where he talks about studying how certain organizations work in terms of recruiting...

      It's all here...

      He threatened me with bodily harm. And a police file is now open on him.

      He later began to post attacks on the Zahid Family. David and I intercepted his messages and posted appropriate remarks.

      He, in turn, retaliated by plastering all over the web that David and I were Gay Lovers...

      And, here are a couple of letters from Darrick to me...

      From: Darrick Evenson <[email protected]>
      Date: October 12, 2008 10:23:26 PM EDT
      To: mario
      Cc: Ghazi Brax, [email protected]
      Subject: Darrick


      Dr. Brax and many other Daheshists here in the U.S. (and one in Lebanon) have been informed that you are homosexual. I seriously DOUBT they're ever going to work with you again; any of them.

      This all came about because you were UPSET because Dr.Brax was writing to me, not you. You blamed me for that. I only showed you respect...until you started to attack me, without the slightest disrespect or provocation from me.

      Your website will come to nothing. I am removing all my links to Daheshville. It will eventually die from lack of interest, and you will again be left only to your own...attacking others. You really have an ego problem along with your sexual problem. I recommend you join the Sufi Order. They help people try to annihilate their egos. That would be a beginning.
      Take care.
      Darrick Evenson


      Begin forwarded message:

      From: Darrick Evenson <[email protected]>
      Date: October 14, 2008 9:37:22 PM EDT
      To: mario
      Subject: Darrick
      Reply-To: [email protected]


      You are a sick, sick, sick self-deluded pervert. I pray that you will repend of your disgusting sins, and get some mental help. I know that others at Daheshville do not, that you are several "personalities" at Daheshville; not just Mario and Administrator, but a number of others. You are talking to yourself much of the time. The "Dahesh Society of America" will come to nothing. Eventually, "Daheshville" will come to nothing. You brought this upon yourself. Dr. Brax were right about you. You are a NUT first class! You are a pervert, and a very sick one too.

      Interestingly enough, and as our investigation revealed, Darrick, who was accusing me of being a pervert, was heavily involved in the Porn industry, and not just as a driver and one who placed a couple of Craig list ads...

      How do we know that?


      In of his emails to Brax, he used a different email address.

      We linked that email address to many websites that recruit women for (as these sites claim) non sexual related work. In other words, a man contact Darrick, and he arranges for a female model to go meet with the customer in a motel room. Both man and woman can be naked. And the man can touch whatever he likes as long as he doesn't touch the model...

      I call that pimping.

      And when I see dozens of ads asking women and men to perform sexual acts on screen, posted by Darrick Evenson, I call that being engaged in the slave trade.

      In any case, since Darrick cannot remove the posts, I find myself FORCED to share with the world the OTHER email address he uses:

      [email protected]

      Tell me if that man has the right to call anyone a pervert!

      Please Google "[email protected]" and see for yourself. In fact, in once particular case, you'll see his name. He proudly organizes these "Non Sexual Messages" at a nudist camp,
      WHERE EVEN CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED. Of course, to be fair, while the parents are engaging in all that "No-Sexual" massage the Children can play in the children's pool area that is monitored by life-guards.(Beware, this link contains objectionable content!)

      Oh, and Darrick, don't even bother turning off some of the info you have on there... It has all been documented.


      Listen YOU SORRY EXCUSE FOR AN EXTORTIONIST, you haven't seen me get angry yet...


      So, until you remove all your SO CALLED DAHESHIST sites, all the messages of hate you posted about the Zahids, David, and Myself, the world will know the FORMULA FOR DISASTER

      "[email protected]"= DARRICK TROY EVENSON

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        Excellent Mario...

        And please, to all those reading this, note, again, that everything that we have presented here in Daheshville regarding DTE has been based on his own words and writings verbatim...

        The truth is stranger than fiction... especially coming from DTE's own written words.

        Dr. Brax at one point told DTE to stop writing about Daheshism until he knew more of what he was talking about...yet DTE feels that his "interpretations" of what he thinks he knows is accurate enough and can stand as the truth of what Daheshism is.

        Whereas in FACT, what he writes about under the guise of "Daheshism" is NOT, IN ANY WAY, Daheshism.

        The fact that DTE is heavily involved in the solicitation, transportation and procurement of people to engage in pornography and nudist massage parties firstly speaks to his character. These involvements secondly answer the question of why he intertwines such perversions with his "interpretations"... well, he wishes God and true spirituality had a place in the universe for his chosen perversions... well, they do not... and least not in the universe where he thinks they are... despite his best arguments to the contrary.

        For those growing tired of this entire issue, spend a little time reading what he is passing off as "Daheshism"...

        Until he takes down all his sites that promote HIS ideas and HIS "interpretations" calling them "Daheshism"... we will be here bringing attention to this gross disfigurement and calling for their removal in their entirety.


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          I ask, "Why would Derrick lash out at Mario and give such false remarks and accusations (which he himself likely believes to be true)?"

          A possible reason (and I have been through this):

          He does not feel accepted. He cannot experience peace within himself for the actions and words he has chosen. To minimize the pain and isolation from the lack of self-acceptance, self-love, and emptiness that he experiences, in the unwillingness to be honest with one's self and take self-responsibility, he must place the blame and the attention somewhere else. So, because there is already a discord in his life with Mario, Mario becomes the "chosen one" and therefore a mirror of himself. When he is speaking to Mario, he is speaking to himself about himself, whether he is conscious of it or not.

          Placing the blame on others is never fulfilling, however, and the emptiness becomes greater, so the cycle continues.

          What he has been involved in are all signs of attempts for self-medication. They are means of self-gratification and stimulus and it comes in many forms (television, video games, power and influence over others, drugs, porn, and other habits and addictions). Like most over the counter medicines, however, the numbing effects wear off and our condition is worse for having introduced foreign (and sometimes toxic) chemicals. These are suppressants and do not cure the root cause of the emotional/mental/spiritual/physical pain.

          I'm sure we have all experienced this or something similar to some degree, reacting to what we experience in a negative manner, rather than acting in love, and then try to self-medicate using some form of outside stimulus. I know I have.

          I am Mario. I am Derrick. I am David. I am Sandrine. I am me. What I do to one, I do to all and I do to myself.

          When the illusion of separation and individuality comes down, we shall see that we are all facets of the same source which is God and therefore inseparably connected.

          Irritation can be an valuable teacher. Irritation shows us where we are in our spiritual and emotional growth and depth of patience and love. (We aren't all perfected yet.) At work, I get tested everyday. I am finding out that how I choose to respond and act toward the irritation determines how the day goes. If I allow myself to get angry, frustrated, fearful and act out these feelings my day goes terribly and my head is just spinning at the end of the day, let alone how I affected those whom I worked with. How much prayer helps! I am finding every time I pray in the morning for a good day and for help, my day is usually calmer, more fulfilling, I am better able to cope with what life throws at me, and love even those who intentionally try to push my buttons. If I focus on radiating love, I become love, am able to radiate more love, etc. If we think of it this way, Derrick is providing a spiritual service for our learning and spiritual growth.

          Mario should defend himself and be confident in his own defense as he has done - especially when a false image of him is being portrayed publicly. This is educational to me and a demonstration of universal justice.

          God loves Derrick Troy Evenson. Jesus loves Derrick Troy Evenson. This is something Derrick should never doubt of nor fear of losing, God's ever sustaining love for him.
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            &quot;mario lies again&quot;

            Thank you Winged Paladin.

            If I may, I'd like to post this email I just got Darrick (by the way, the email was sent from Sacramento... Ironically, there are two hospitals in his vicinity... Mercer General and Sutter Memorial...good to know).

            Begin forwarded message:

            From: Darrick Evenson <[email protected]>
            Date: February 9, 2009 5:58:46 PM EST
            To: Mario Henri Chakkour, [email protected], [email protected], Ghazi Brax
            Subject: Mario lies again
            Reply-To: [email protected]

            Mario, in Daheshville today, you claim that I WROTE the following:

            It happens from a perverted Sayyal (Spiritual Fluid). Homosexuals have to overcome their perversion at any price, for it is against God’s Will. Willfully, they corrupted their desires and tendencies in their current lifetime or in a previous incarnation, or they inherited the perversion. They are responsible for it. The governments have the duty to not leave them corrupt the straight people or revel in a false marriage.

            I can assure you, I NEVER WROTE THAT!!! That is something "N" or Prof. Brax may have wrote (I don't know), but I never wrote that. That is NOT my words. Please stop telling people I wrote that, because I did not. Now, if THAT is something Dahesh wrote,then I must agree with it....IF he wrote it! But, I don't know that, yet. All I know is that I DID NOT WRITE IT.

            Mario, you have what is called NPD; Narcissitic Personality Disorder. I do NOT condemn you for that! We are all genetically defective in one way or another. You will remember that when I first read your writings I recognized that. You got mad, but we later became friends, of a sort. I hope that one day you will "come out" of the closet, admit to the world what you are, instead of hiding and attacking others.

            Darrick: Re-Read my post. I said that you posted it. I also said that you believe in everything that Ghazi tells you.

            If you didn't believe in what Brax wrote (or told his wife Najwa to write) then why did you flaunt it?

            Darrick: this is a "YES" or "NO" question.


            Are you claiming you never posted the (that thing you refer to as) "5th Epistle of Dr. Ghazi Brax to Darrick Evenson"

            Below is the THREAD YOU STARTED on 6/13/2006

            What is the difference is N or Ghazi wrote it?

            YOU POSTED IT.

            YOU BELIEVE IN IT.



            And, by the way, I never attacked you.

            I DEFENDED MYSELF.

            Shortly after that, you wrote that I WAS WITHOUT MERIT. Didn't you?

            I Don't care if it was Brax, Najwa, or YOU.

            By posting those words, and by virtue of the fact you worship the ground upon which Ghazi Brax walks, you ARE GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION.
            "Fail, to succeed."


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              From my Email Archives...

              I found the original emails from Darrick to (allegedly) Najwa Brax, thanking "her" for the 5th and 6th Epistle

              I still maintain that Ghazi was sending these emails and using Najwa as his "Front" ...


              Well, beside the fact I had a "witness" who confirmed that... there is NO way NAJWA would discuss SEXUALITY with a MAN!

              I dare any Daheshist who knows Najwa and how reserved she is to DARE me to the contrary.

              in any Case, DARRICK:

              YOU were given these Emails by "N" and YOU posted them here.

              You were acting as Ghazi's messenger. You are, therefore "IMPLICATED BY ASSOCIATION"
              And, here are these emails you sent me (with attachments) that PROVE you were given these documents that you later posted:

              Begin forwarded message:

              From: Darrick Evenson <[email protected]>
              Date: June 12, 2006 2:42:59 PM EDT
              To: "Ghazi Brax"
              Subject: Re: The 5th Letter

              Dear N,

              Thank you very much. I am very pleased with the letter and I will keep it and cherish it always. I will make the corrections on my website about Adam and Eve soon. Thank you, and please tell Dr. Brax may God bless him.

              "Ghazi Brax" wrote:

              Dear Darrick,

              Attached please find a letter from Dr. Brax.

              All the best to you,

              Dr. Brax Assistant
              N. Brax
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              Begin forwarded message:

              From: Darrick Evenson <[email protected]>
              Date: June 19, 2006 1:42:18 PM EDT
              To: "Ghazi Brax"
              Subject: Re: Homosexuality

              Dear Dr. Brax and N,

              Thank you for this 6th Epistle. I agree wholeheartedly that homosexuality is a perversion and not good in any way. I do not believe Dr. Dahesh was gay. I merely stated that some gays and lesbians will claim he was because he never married. Of course, not all those who do not marry are gay or lesbian. I never married (I wish I was), and I'm hetero. I have not married because I make about $18,000 a year as a driving instructor, and the women I meet do not like this. They believe that, as a man of 45, I should have my own house already and make a much better living. But I spent my time studying all the religions of the world instead of learning to become a doctor or lawyer or engineer.

              I would like to know if Dr. Dahesh outlined divine laws regarding sexuality. I know that Baha'u'llah did, and he was a divine guide. But did Dr. Dahesh? I realize that Dr. Brax is very busy, but if he could find the some time in the next 6 months to elaborate on this subject I would be most appreciative.

              Morality changes with time and culture. For example, in 19th century America it was not considered immoral for an older man to marry a girl 13 years old. Howevre, today it is considered perversion. In India, children of 13 marry each other, but not here in America.

              Baha'u'llah did outline the following:

              *ZINA (sex outside of heterosexual marriage) is forbidden.
              *Masturbation is discouraged
              *Men may have 2 wives but 1 is better.
              *LIWAT (homosexuality) is forbidden
              *Age of marriage is 15
              *Must have parental consent to marry

              Baha'u'llah did not specifically deal with pornography, which did not exist in his culture while he was alive.

              I would like to know if Dr. Dahesh specifically addressed these issues:

              *Sex outside of marriage
              *Age of marriage (how old one must be to get married)
              *Polyandry ("free love")

              Perhaps all of these things are elaborated on in The Book of Daheshism. I wish I could speak and read Arabic. By the time I could learn Arabic then probably the Book of Daheshism will be translated into English. I long for the day that I can read that book.

              I must wait patiently for the day when The Book of Daheshism is translated into English. May God grant me patience.

              I want to thank you and Dr. Brax for this 6th Epistle. I will cherish it and share it with all the Daheshists I know. Thank you again and may God bless you.

              "Ghazi Brax" wrote:
              Dear Darrick,

              Attached, please find a letter from Dr. Brax.

              May God bless you,

              Dr. Brax Assistant
              N. Brax
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              Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail Beta.


              Now, recently, Darrick sent Ghazi a new letter in which he asked him to comment on just about every type of Sexual Behavior...

              I'll spare everyone that one...
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              "Fail, to succeed."


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                In Defense of Najwa Brax

                I have to say something about this lady...

                My cousin's daughter heard her, and saw her TRY TO CONVINCE her Husband, Ghazi Brax to NOT GET INVOLVED WITH DARRICK EVENSON.

                But, no. He wouldn't hear of it.

                As far as Ghazi was concerned, Darrick was the HOPE that Daheshism was waiting for...

                And Darrick: I may be MANY things, but I don't LIE. Even the Doctor, when he once had to inquire about a situation, said "I know" when I said (in my defense) "Doctor, I don't lie"

                Even one of the trustees, WHO DESPISES me (and who is married to my Brother...) said, in front of me... "Mario may be crazy, but he DOES NOT LIE"

                So, Darrick, even those who DESPISE me have to admit that I DON'T LIE.

                It's time for you to get with the program.
                "Fail, to succeed."


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                  Originally posted by WingedPaladin View Post
                  I ask, "Why would Derrick lash out at Mario and give such false remarks and accusations (which he himself likely believes to be true)?"
                  I would have to say that all this is provoked by whatever we might have experienced in other reincarnations.

                  I obviously merit that he exists in my life, and vice versa. The trick is this: which one of us is able to rise over the feelings that pushes one to react irrationally and go all over the map, versus address the issues.

                  To me, Darrick has LONG become FACELESS THREAT that must be MANAGED like any other potential threat ... with cold-blood and without letting one's emotions run amok.

                  It's a test, that's for sure. And, over the years (this is like a chronic disease I suppose) I have taught myself certain techniques to deal with the stress. And, off all people, I should be able to do that...

                  You see, Darrick was a Marine. But he was never subjected to a real war.

                  I, on the other hand, survived a real war. My first real contact with it came with I narrowly escaped death when a rocket propelled grenade exploded outside the balcony. Had I been sitting ten feet closer to it, I would have been dead... I lived in forced exile for years. I tasted the meaning of "losing everything." And, I started very young. I was 14.

                  What was Darrick doing at 14? I don't know. But I am willing to bet you he was not huddled in a corner of the second-floor of the apartment he grew up in for 13 days, with no electricity and rotting food, while the BATTLE OF THE HOTELS was RAGING, wondering if he would survive another deluge of Katyusha Rockets or mortar shells that never really announced their arrival... Or... even better, if the soldiers using his building as a shield were ever going to go upstairs and kill everyone within sight...

                  And the reason I don't talk too much about all this is because — believe it or not — I consider myself so fortunate when compared to others, that I am embarrassed to bring it up. But maybe I SHOULD be telling the story... I mean, HOW MANY survivors ARE there from that Notorious Battle that Darrick probably WATCHED on TV in 1975?

                  In Feb of 1975, I was destined to perish in the mountains of Lebanon during a school trip. I was spared. I was 14

                  In the fall of 1975, I lived to tell about THE BATTLE of the HOTELS.

                  In 1981 I was spared a horrific accident that would have crippled me and shattered my rib cage...

                  It takes more than a Darrick Troy Evenson to rattle me.
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                  "Fail, to succeed."


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                    Mario may be many things, but he is not a liar.

                    Darrick Evenson's entire motive, within whatever "spiritual" movement he "invents" is to find justifications for his chosen lifestyle. Period.

                    Darrick Evenson wants to engage in the business of pornography? transport and solicit for pornography? Fine, that is his right... But he also wants to find twists and "interpretations" in what Daheshism truly is to justify it? Sorry...they don't exist... or they only exist in his ignorance of the subject and his own blinded desire to create what he does not know or understand to justify those desires.

                    Darrick has been left out adrift as his own island and has created a world around him that he only hopes actually exists... but that world is NOT Daheshism. It appears that while Ghazi Brax provided him with basic information for a period of time about Daheshism, Darrick started distorting and embellishing the information he was getting and then leapt in to world of his own making that gave him answers that justified and allowed for his own world of personal demons to roam free and feel, well, "justified".

                    Whether or not Dr. Brax currently stands behind Darrick's words and actions is completely his business... we here however DO NOT stand behind what Darrick has done. That is our right. And it is our right to point out that what Darrick presents on his websites is NOT DAHESHISM. It is Darrick's attempt to justify his own particular "tastes" in a lifestyle.


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                      And to Winged...

                      Well, yes, I am sure God and Jesus love pornographers like Darrick Evenson. I am sure God and Jesus love people that threaten bodily injury to another, “should they ever meet” just like Darrick Evenson threatened Mario.

                      Yes, we love Darrick Evenson as much as anybody… but I don’t want anyone to misconstrue and seemingly judge our actions and rightful place to do what we have done here. All we have done, is rightfully defend one of our own who has been openly called out and verbally attacked and lied about by one Darrick Evenson.

                      When someone threatens bodily harm to someone… should we remind him that God loves him? Yes, of course, we can do that…(God loves you Darrick, by the way… although, within our belief system, we can’t really speak to the mind of God, nor to the relationship that He (God) has with you… that is really a private matter between the two of you… but for the sake of argument...)

                      Within our Democratic right here in these the United States, and in a balanced, civilized society … we have every right to file a police complaint and develop an investigative police file on those citizens that threaten us bodily harm… this is part of the due process that our constitution allows us to protect ourselves and “under God” keep the peace. This is part and parcel part of the LAW. And it is a FACT that Darrick in an email... threatened bodily harm to Mario.

                      We also have the right hire professionals, in an investigative capacity, to find out information and activities of those that threaten us with bodily harm…this again, is well within the confines of the LAW.

                      We have not spread lies, rumor or hearsay about Darrick Evenson. Ever. Every piece of writing and evidence we have presented has been documented for its source and time and date. The piece that Mario just posted that Darrick presented is VERBATIM... I remember the very day I read it right after Darrick posted it here on Daheshville. Now, as is Darrick's way... he denies ever writing it... or can't remember writing it, or can't remember who actually wrote it... whatever... and is now accusing Mario of lying and having various mental conditions. While I cannot speak to any of our particular "mental conditions", Mario does not lie. Period.

                      We have the facts... hard, cold and without interpretation. Concrete, indisputable facts in any court of law take precedent over someone just yelling "liar, liar!"
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                        And (hopfully) finally...

                        Does anyone just remember what this whole thing was about in the first place?

                        Dr. Dahesh left us his message of Daheshism. Daheshville is a place where discourse about Dr. Dahesh's life, writings and legacy can be discussed. It is a place where people can discuss their experiences and pay tribute.

                        Now when someone comes along and starts touting "interpretations" and justifying lifestyle choices to suit there own particular "interests"... well, that on the surface is all fine and good... but what are we as Daheshists to do when that person claims that those "interpretations" and "interests" are "Daheshism"?

                        Well, we stand up, start writing, present THE FACTS, and say that those things are NOT Daheshism. That is what we have done.

                        We have no particular interest in the person Darrick Evenson... none whatsoever... however, we do have the right to take a stand and speak out about what we believe Daheshism IS and what it IS NOT.

                        In the midst of our doing this... we have defended (which is our right) the written threats Darrick has issued against Mario in Mario's defense of his belief in Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism.

                        We have defended the Zahid family's TOTAL and COMPLETE right to privacy when Darrick calls them out all over the internet.

                        We have withstood Darrick's abject lies about our personal lives and again, modestly, and appropriately defended ourselves.

                        Darrick has repeatedly told us that we seem to have an unnatural obsession with him... the fact of the matter could not be more of the opposite. We actually have no care in the world about him in the least... we only care about the only matter at hand that has ever mattered to us... that of presenting and preserving the truth of Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism for what we truly believe it to be, to the very best of our abilities.



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                          Thank you, Johnson, for your clarifications.


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                            Proof that Darrick did NOT EVEN SUGGEST WE HAVE A FORUM!

                            OK, when Darrick wrote that he "has the emails" proving that HE was the one who suggested we create the Forum, I KNEW he was dreaming.

                            So I went fishing for the information...

                            And, lo and behold, I WAS RIGHT.

                            Here is the summary:

                            After Darrick received a letter from Najwa telling him to (basically) cool it as far as organizing Daheshism, he wrote me trying to get me to join him. He wrote me I think WE should do it.

                            My first gut feeling was to tell him "No way!" (Again, he was talking about ORGANIZING THE DAHESHIST FAITH)

                            But, by then, he had already posted a Web Site filled with distortions and he had ALREADY had a Run-In with another Daheshist, who accused him of "Hijacking Daheshism" (I've posted that exchange somewhere else on Daheshville).

                            Now, those of you who were following that particular saga, know that Darrick told that Daheshist "I will write whatever I want and there is nothing you can do about it" (Letter #1) and he followed it with (letter #2) "I am banning your email address "

                            On that (miserable) night in 2005, there were two other people Cc'd on this disastrous exchange.

                            Brax, a lawyer, and myself (unsolicited).

                            At the time, we all thought that the Daheshist who pushed Darrick over the edge was out of line. But, he, that Daheshist never accepted our comments. In my case, that Daheshist would call me one evening (in a huff) and the only thing he says (no hello, no how are you) is this :

                            "I have one question and this is a yes or no answer, was I out of line with Darrick?"

                            I answered "Yes."

                            He said "Thanks" and then hung up.

                            I might also add that the night this Daheshist did that, I didn't sleep... which did wonders for my (then) medical condition...

                            Darrick, and months later (I'd have to check) would re-contact me. And, the first thing I did was to apologize on behalf of that other Daheshist.

                            Nevertheless, I did remind him that he still published things he ought not have. He promised he would work with me... and he never really did.

                            That's when I pointed him to Brax. I figured, maybe if we worked as a team, it would be better.

                            In any case, I HUMORED HIM. And I said "Let me discuss the matter with a couple of people and see what we can do."

                            That's when Sandrine and I decided — and for the benefit of Daheshism — to RE-create Daheshville (now that we had the technical team we had) in an effort to corral Darrick. As the saying goes "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" — not to infer that Darrick (at the time) was considered an enemy... Let's say, he was worrisome.

                            The rest is history. The minute Daheshville opened, Darrick started acting as Brax's messenger. And you know the rest.

                            Here, Darrick on May 12, 2006 replies to my suggestion of creating a forum...

                            From: Darrick Evenson <[email protected]>
                            Date: May 12, 2006 2:32:54 PM EDT
                            To: "Mario"
                            Subject: Re: Answer to your email sent on 5/7/06

                            Excellent idea.

                            "Mario Henri Chakkour, AIA" <Mario> wrote:
                            Hi Darrick,

                            Let me discuss this matter with a couple of people and we'll see what
                            we can do. I think, off the bat, we could have an online forum
                            (accessible only via password) as a virtual meeting place. I'll set it
                            up. What do you think?
                            I have to apologize in advance because I am facing an important
                            deadline (need the cash flow) but I will tend to this matter ASAP.




                            On May 11, 2006, at 5:12 PM, Darrick Evenson wrote:

                            > Mario,
                            > Â
                            > Â How are you doing? I don't think Dr. Brax will organize the Daheshist
                            > Faith during his lifetime. I think WE should do it. The only thing
                            > that awaits I think is the publication, in Arabic, of THE BOOK OF THE
                            > DIVINE GUIDE; a translation of the Revelation of Dr. Dahesh. You can
                            > read Arabic. I cannot. This may take some time for you to translate,
                            > but every religion needs a Holy Text.
                            > What do you think?
                            > Darrick
                            > "Ghazi Brax" wrote:
                            >> Mr. Evenson,
                            >> I am sorry that you have not received answers from Dr. Brax as you
                            >> said. Probably, the reason is that you e-mailed your letters to
                            >> Dahesh Heritage which is a separate institution and receives hundreds
                            >> of emails each day. Please send your messages to the following email
                            >> address:
                            >> I am Dr. Brax's assistant. Although Dr. Brax's health is not
                            >> helping him, he still supervises the editing of Dahesh Voice, and
                            >> travels each year to Europe and the Middle East where thousands of
                            >> Daheshists are eager to know more about the new heavenly Message. His
                            >> continued preoccupation with the current Daheshist matters prevents
                            >> him from answering most of the hundreds of letters or calls sent to
                            >> him each week. That's why he assigned to me and to a number of my
                            >> colleagues the job to answer on his behalf the incoming letters.
                            >> As of your two emails sent on 5/7/2006, I can give you the following
                            >> answers in the light of Dr. Brax's guidance:
                            >> 1. The establishment of an organized religion will probably be
                            >> delayed as long as the dangers of the extremists are overwhelming in
                            >> the Middle East where the majority of the Daheshists still live. When
                            >> Daheshism will be organized, it will probably take the form which
                            >> early Christianity had taken. Of course without the papacy,
                            >> sainthood, the Catholic and the spiritual authority
                            >> given to the priests.
                            >> 2. The Book of Daheshism (about 3600 pages in 6 volumes) by Dr. Brax
                            >> as well as The Divine Guide (which encompasses the most important
                            >> Revelations to the Founder of Daheshism) are not translated yet into
                            >> English. A summary of the first book has been serially published in
                            >> the Arabic Section of Dahesh Voice (in about 44 issues until now).
                            >> Besides the lectures of Dr. Brax, which are published in English,
                            >> there are three books translated into English by Dr. Dahesh
                            >> "Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth", "Memoirs of a Dinar" and "The Song of
                            >> Songs". The first book is a Revelation. The second includes a lot of
                            >> information about the spiritual views of Dr. Dahesh. There is also,
                            >> in English, "Born again With Dr. Dahesh" by Salim Onbargi in which he
                            >> relates his personal experience and several miracles he witnessed.
                            >> Probably soon, another book will be published in English with the
                            >> title of "The Man of Mysteries". It expounds on the teachings and the
                            >> miracles of Dr. Dahesh as related by eminent witnesses.
                            >> All the books mentioned above can be purchased from Dahesh Heritage.
                            >> All the best to you,
                            >> N. Brax

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                            "Fail, to succeed."