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Dahesh's comment on Marijuana

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  • Dahesh's comment on Marijuana

    I heard it from his own mouth, while in the NYC apartment: "It's bad for the brain."
    "Fail, to succeed."

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    What about smoking and drinking alcohol

    i have been told that dr. dahesh criticized smoking and told one of the brothers (who eventually smokes) that this is a 'baal zaboulean' habit (one of the devil's name, means devilish habit) but he didn't prevent smoking, well i smoke occasionally but i have a little crush in the arkili (the hubli bubli) do you think it's a dangerous habit that requires some effort from me to stop it or just leave this lovely bad habit,

    Second thing, ok i know that drinking heavily is not permitted in daheshism but light drinking is ok , what types of drinks that are not preferred (i know that dr. dahesh kept some bottles of Jin and Wine with him , i heard that he didn't advice whiskey


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      As a starting point, please refer to this thread (For your convenience, the word "Cigarette" is highlighted in red)