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Water Therapy - simple yet powerful

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  • Water Therapy - simple yet powerful

    A co-worker of mine introduced me to water therapy. It's simple. Just as the outside of the body only gets cleaner with a lot of water given all at once, likewise for the insides.

    So you drink the water continuously - 1.5 liters of it - all at once if possible. The best link I have found covering the theory of this is here:

    water is one of the 5 element - I'm sure that the Dahesh followers are big into fluids so this theory will interest them.

    But anyway, my first day on this was very dramatic but scare to me. So I only had 1/4 of a 1.5 liter bottle this morning until my confidence increases. After all, this realm is not real and the physical body will drop anyway.

    Please read through that entire site before embarking - water is one of 5 elements and it is best to have a clear context on what and why.

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    The reference to "Fluids" (or, more aptly) "Spiritual Fluids" in Daheshism is not about "liquids" per se. I am sure if Daheshism was revealed "today" we might have used "Sub Quanta" ... who knows...

    You might remember that "in the old days" physicists believed in the existence of the "Ether" (that invisible, oderless substance that filled space), a necessary "medium" through (or upon ) which light (which was not thought of as a particle, but a wave) travelled. My point being that "Spiritual Fluids" (or "Fluids") in Daheshist parlance is (technically-speaking) outdated — that is, if one were to use the argument that Daheshism, back when, used the only combination of words (Spiritual Fluids) available to it at the time in order to aid in the visualization of its most fundamental of concepts : the one about the "most-elemental-bit-of-anything-that-exists-may-it-be-tangible-as-well-as-intangible-being-ACTUALLY-conscious!"

    OK, now, now try expressing what I just said in 2 words or less... you can't (I think...). So, the rather "poetic" reference known as "Spiritual Fluid" is (in my opinion) ... "Solid" (Oh, that pun was SO intended!)

    And, who knows... Maybe the Ether does exist and maybe that's the reason why the revelation spoke in terms of Spiritual Fluids...

    Another point I would like to raise is this: whenever we take anthing that in of itself is "whole" and try to break it apart in order to study its parts, we loose something in the translation.

    In Daheshism, and especially that we are discussing the issue of this or that diet, this means the following:

    You can ingest the cleanest food and liquids, according to "scientifically proven" schedules (please humor me...) and you can still develop every known disease known to Man.

    On the other hand, you might eat read meat every day, drink a ton of alcohool, smoke like a chimney and... live to be one hundred.

    Let's assume that these are the exceptions. In other words let us say that if most people ate well their bodies will function better and "decay" at the "usual" rate.

    Also, let us say that if most people used their seat belts they would escape great injury.

    Does that mean that we should "sell" or "preach" the belief or promise that if one follows certain practices, the result is highly predictable?

    How about prayer? How about rituals? If people pray everyday... would that ensure them a better life?

    Should it be prayer with good diet? Or, prayer alone. Or diet alone with rituals...

    Following this linear method may lead to (for example) confusion and superstition.

    "But I do all the right things. I pray, I eat the right things, I even sponsored a child in some third world country!"

    Let me tell you... Supposedly, it is God's gift to us that we do not remember what we did in other reincarnations... There is no way anyone can predict anything.

    We might in fact stumble on a "miracle diet" or "treatment"... and I SURE there are some that work for SOME people who have MERITED them.

    Take me, for example, I took acupucture years ago. Many (including the MD a the HMO who was trying to pump me with meds) thought I was crazy. But, it WORKED for me. I don't know HOW it works, but I do know that for ME it did. The same goes for sardines...When I travel to Europe, I bring back cans of Sardines. I love sardines... I love tasing all sorts of sardines...To some people, that's utterly disgusting.

    Add a dollup of peanut butter and I'm commiting a vile act!

    I know once the Doctor thought it was amusing that I made (and ate) some frog legs in the NYC apartment.

    Would he eat frog legs? Noooo way!

    Does that mean I shouldn't? No.

    But, guess what, he is the one who introduced me to canned sardines... and eating LUNCH at... BREAKFAST!

    And, please check the thread that Sonic started about Pork Meat. I'll give you the Cliff Notes: The Doctor said (and I heard him) that one should eat everything (and the "in moderation" was implied).

    Last but not least, in Daheshism, the golden rule is that should do our duty (as well as due diligence) to the best of our abilities and leave the rest to God. You see, the Doctor was often asked by this or that person "should I do this, should I do that?"

    Sometimes, I got the feeling that some people were TOO afraid to take risks.

    Well, 99% of the time, I heard the Doctor say to them "Do as you see fit."

    In other words (and I am HIGHLY paraphrasing) "It's YOUR rite of Passage and NOT mine."

    Rarely, RARELY, would he interfere and give someone he KNEW would listen to him a directive.

    Anyway, the point of all this is: hey, if water therapy works for you, then great. Thank you for sharing the link.

    However, as far as Doctor Dahesh was concerned, I've never heard anything pertaining to that.

    In fact, he rarely drank water (make that "almost never") Instead, I only saw him drink the occasional hot drink (or juice) I would make for him (this is based on my having had the incredible honor of living alone with him for days on end, on several occasions, once even for three weeks straight). Oh, and he didn't even shower. Read that again... He sweated a lot... rarely drank any "liquids" and never showered (I hear it was once every 6 years) and ALWAYS smelled like a rose. After all, he WAS ... unique as an entity.

    Let me tell you... It was SOME the CLOSEST people around him that messed me up... He, in turn, deprogrammed me.

    So, word to the wise... "Let's be careful out there" ...
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    "Fail, to succeed."