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"You ask and Doctor Dahesh Responds"

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  • "You ask and Doctor Dahesh Responds"

    I found this historic document: Issue 2, of Year One of the Magazine "Thunder and Lightning" (Boorook wa Roo'ood), 1968.

    This is work in progress... First, I'll post the Arabic version, and then (I promise) to get the English translation going. In particular, we will be reading the Doctor's responses to some key questions. He will be explaining spiritual fluids, the spirit/soul, etc. And, these historical documents will show, beyond a shadow a doubt that—not only did Doctor Dahesh speak openly about miracles, but referred to himself as a prophet as well. I know the evidence I provided in the Members Only section is irrefutable ... already. This goes even further, and pulverizes the claims of the Dahesh Museum:

    In a six page article titled "The Riddle of Doctor Dahesh" published in the December 1996 issue of ArtNews magazine, we found the following official statement on behalf of the Dahesh Museum board of directors:

    Kaplan goes even further. Speaking on behalf of the board, she denies that Dr. Dahesh founded the spiritual movement. "He didn't establish it," Kaplan says. "The fact is, these people (Daheshists), that's what they say. He never proclaimed himself anything, not a prophet, not a reincarnation. He never claimed anything that people are claiming for him. He was born a Christian, and he must have been very charismatic.".

    Again, we already saw in the Member's Only section that the Doctor wrote about a dream he in which Christ was addressing all this spiritual fluids and describing how Fluid # 20 had to return in the 20th Century ...

    Anyway, those of you who already speak Arabic, you're in luck!

    Again, the English translation will follow and I promise you it will answer many of your specific questions! Thank you for your patience!

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    "Fail, to succeed."

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    Christal clear

    Dear Mario,

    After reading this essai,the scientist,the philosopher,the writer,the artist,or any human being trying to search for the truth would never find a truth so clear and expressed in exact specific terms,judged by any standards,as it was adequately put by The Son of Heaven,The Beloved Guiding Prophet.

    The open declaration of prophecy shows clear, stated in no mistery terms joined with the proofs from the Holy books misunderstood by all human interpretation for all human judgements and analysis are directly imprisonned by their mental capacities and balance.

    The meer truth cannot be understood unless the reader declares his or her imperfection and level and put aside all prejudgemental behavior.A complete new initiation of mental elaboration.Nothing would be contradicting if explained by the Daheshist standards.Maybe it will be very hard for the new born mind to let go of all materialistic concept and deliver his whole to spirituality for we we're brought up on the belief in materialism inside families,in schools,even universities.In short terms,you have to disgard most of the humain analysis and create your own.This will take a well functionning human brain 20 years so if you're interested,please try to start before you hit the 4 decades barrier.

    "Comprehension is not a requisit to Obediance".
    Feeling that all the scientific versus spiritual,in old terms and i say scientific hand in hand with spiritual,is too complicated,the miracles will render all clear for they are an unquestioned proof that can assure to anyone,human or not,seen or unseen,the correctness of the guide lines in Daheshisme which were given to be executed not certified,for again i would say,it needs no human concent.

    The correct act of prayer that will deliver all humans from their materialistic simulations drawn using their simple minds and senses,does not require a highly evolved brain but a clear soul.For the correct prayer is a positive action not a lovely verse.I don't mean to imply that written or spoken prayers doesn't help,instead i would say without action their will be no reaction so all will be passive but joined with action will purify the soul from past and present life sins.Then,written or spoken prayer will fly your soul to spiritual rhealms to find a piece of heaven while bounded with materialism on earth.

    I tend to believe that these moment will come eventually the harder we try,in this life or after.

    Dear Mario,

    Thank you for giving me these precious moments reading posted Guidance.