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A wonderful dream

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  • A wonderful dream

    Hi brothers and sisters, just want to share this wonderful dream and I will write as much as I can recall because I saw it many years ago.

    I saw Dr. Dahesh in my dream. I saw him visiting my house, he wanted to live with my family but in a small abandoned section of the house.

    I told him: what a great honor for me to receive you in my house.

    He thanked me calling me his friend, then produced from his shirt pockets a deck of playing cards to show me a miracle, then asked me to choose one. As I was choosing I woke up, and that was it. His words gave me power to stay firm in Daheshism. Thanks God for this heavenly dream, and I ask God to see the Dr. Always and to help me do God's will. Amen

    God bless you all.