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Ominous July 20, 1993, Dream

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  • Ominous July 20, 1993, Dream

    The following dream was originally (and briefly) mentioned by Mario in his post from 2007 (please see Back then, the original notes describing this dream, which had occurred well over a decade earlier, had gone missing.

    On August 31, 2012, after years of it being thought to have been lost, Mario would find the original and full manuscript of Dream #17. (To-date, the "Book of Dreams” contains over 267 dreams involving Doctor Dahesh).


    (July 20, 1993) Note: We have replaced the names of the principal actors with “The Matriarch” and “The Matriarch’s Oldest Daughter."
    This ominous dream opens up with a scary scene:

    I saw the Doctor’s body, laid to rest in an open metallic casket that was filled with water. Therefore, water covered the Doctor. The casket was located in the “Building,” in [location redacted], where other Daheshists had been working.

    My brothers were there, as well as Beth. I made the comment that his face had shriveled up more than usual. I was told that, back in the building, "The Matriarch" was using the Doctor’s body as an instrument of fear, to subjugate, and control the Daheshists. She dominated them through fear, and guilt. They were incarcerated inside that prison she had built around them, using the Doctor’s body.

    At that point, a miracle took place and the Doctor came back to life! We were all in amazement. I watched him rise from the casket. He started (miraculously) grabbing olives out of this air. He did that a couple of times, displaying his trademark wit, and playfulness.

    Then I reached into his mouth, and I grabbed one of those olives — that he had put in his mouth after making them appear out of thin air — and ate it. I asked for forgiveness.

    At that point, we were still in the building, but I was now part of the group belonging to the Doctor.

    There was a lot of commotion.

    We were working frantically, moving boxes, while the Doctor sat in our midst.

    He was quiet and pensive.

    Suddenly, he moved and we all stopped what we were doing, and paid attention to what he was about to say.

    That’s when he slapped his knee, and said, “Let’s put them out of their misery.”

    And a Kalashnikov materialized in the air, in front of him.

    He said that we needed to go and “raid the group,” and save a couple of people, mainly the “Brain of The Matriarch’s Oldest Daughter.”

    Basically, in the dream, Doctor Dahesh felt that The Matriarch, and what she was doing needed to be stopped.

    In the meantime, I was fumbling with technicalities. “But, Doctor, in that piece that you wrote… what’s it called… you said that we will not see you again.” And I turned to my bother Joseph, and asked him, “What was it [called] again?”

    Then, as I was about to tell the Doctor about my [Innocent in Chains] paintings, I looked across the room and saw Beth, who had witnessed the whole thing, but did not know what to make of it. She was clearly shocked. The Doctor did not interfere with her; on the contrary, he greeted when he bumped into her in the room.

    That’s when it dawned on me to introduce Beth to the Beloved Guiding Prophet, all the while wondering how I would go about springing the news on him.

    But then, Beth ran away, and I ran after her. As she was running away, she was crying out that our life would never be the same. She was in shock from what had happened, and for a brief moment, I felt that the test might have been too much for her.

    (Following that dream, and based on reliable first-hand witness report, and in real life, The Matriarch’s Oldest Daughter would slip and suffer a concussion while ice-skating. That witness had visited New York and had gone to meet with her, and her mother at the publishing house corporate office. Apparently, she had been suffering from the aftereffects of the concussion, and couldn’t remain standing for too long…)

    In the December 1996 issue of ARTnews magazine would publish the following statement on behalf of the The Dahesh Museum Board of Directors:

    On page six of a six-page feature article called “The Riddle of Doctor Dahesh” written by award-winning author and journalist Ferdinand Protzman, we read, “Kaplan goes even further. Speaking on behalf of the board, she denies that Dr. Dahesh founded the spiritual movement. ‘He didn't establish it,’ Kaplan says. ‘The fact is, these people (Daheshists), that's what they say. He never proclaimed himself anything, not a prophet, not a reincarnation. He never claimed anything that people are claiming for him. He was born a Christian, and he must have been very charismatic.’ ”
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