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  • "If Humanity only Knew..."

    Sometime in 1992 I had a dream (or a nightmare, depending on your point of view):

    I dreamt my brother Chucri and I were in an apartment building in New York City and that we were looking out the window and peering down the NYC urban fabric. It was during evening and the city lights where shining brightly and people were going about their business. Suddenly we saw humanoids appear, dressed in shiny chrome full body suits and they began to set check points and barricades. I felt a chill go down my spine because I realized that only my brother and I were able to see them, whereas the rest of the city dwellers were totally oblivious to them or their presence. They were in fact invisible. Then the phone rang (again, in the dream) and my brother answered and it was the Doctor on the other end. My brother Chucri began to frantically describe the scene unfolding in the streets below when the Doctor said to him:

    "If only humanity knew what awaits it..."

    My painting called "Final Harvest" (show below) marks that dream (or... nightmare... again, depending on your point of view).

    Disclaimer: Mario Henri Chakkour is not seer, nor claims to be a seer, nor does he play one on TV.
    Neither his father nor his mother were seers. Although, his maternal aunt claims to be one... But, we don't talk about her...

    Anyway, this information (although factual) is aimed at entertaining the masses or just to scare the living daylights out of them, which can also be entertaining—for Chakkour, that is!

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    I thought it would be nice to bump this painting up again and re-read the story of Mario's dream. I am also attaching a listing of excerpts that I have gleaned from various translations that are here in Daheshville. These are pieces that each time I read them, I find great inspiration, but also in the same read, a chill of explicit reality goes through me:

    And how happy and blessed his soul will be if he sacrificed a little bit during his life toward gaining his immortality in a world that knows not the meaning of suffering and sadness!

    And God also said to Noah:

    "The Human being (or Man) has a corrupt evil heart; that is why he must multiply on this Earth. And each good person will stand apart from the herd of these rotten humans, and will earn their great happiness when the last hour comes, the hour of reckoning and punishment."

    And blessings to whoever overcomes the tests and crushes them under his feet.

    And blessings to whoever gets rid of the temptations that will block his life's path.

    And blessings to whoever stabs with the spear of his faith his weak tendencies, and kills them while still in their sleep, before they gain power and overcome him with their treachery and betrayal.

    Let yourself not be overtaken by weakness.
    Resist the lowly temptations.
    Do not become tired or weary before the hour of regret comes along at which point it would be too late.
    However, and for now, the opportunity is before you.
    And let no one of you rejoice that they have known the TRUTH in this Message, and that he is immune from every thing.
    Numerous trial/tests still remain before you. I have already mentioned that you should resist them and destroy them.
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      While searching the 1968 (original) copies of "Lightning and Thunder" for an answer to Winged Paladin's question — pertaining to "Spiritism" — in the "About Daheshism —You ask and Doctor Dahesh responds" portion of the magazine, I stumbled upon two entries pertaining to "the last days."

      In volume #3, a reader asks (in part) "Is it true that Daheshism warns that the annihilation of the human specie is near?"

      And in volume #4 we read the following question "I gathered from your answer to one of the readers ... that you see the annihilation of humankind as being near. ... In each time period we see pessimistic people appear and warn that the end is near, and especially when natural disasters and wars take place. Still, no end in sight. What say you to that?"

      In the first instance, Doctor Dahesh writes that the answer lies with the atomic and hydrogen bombs that are ever increasing in numbers as the end-result of the nuclear race between the major powers, and "human insanity" that is gaining over wisdom on a daily basis.

      He mentions the increase in materialistic values and lowly tendencies... and describes what we all have seen or heard would happen if a thermonuclear war was to be unleashed... that humankind will be eradicated.

      Nothing new here... I mean, let's face it, Hollywood beat us to it already.

      Ah, but what really caught my eye, was the mention of John's Revelation. And the Doctor points to it and recommends reading it.

      In the second instance, and here I'll simply quote the two first sentences:

      "You are free to believe what you want, for your belief will not alter the course of events and the truth. And people's belief, in the past, that the flood would not occur did not prevent it from occurring."
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        One more...

        In volume #5 (boy, was that question ever a popular one!), yet another instance of that question. In this case, the reader asks if the outcome might not be avoided is Man changed his ways... because, and basically, if the outcome is inevitable, then freedom of choice does not exist. In other words, what might happen if all the countries destroyed their weapons?

        I'd give you the answer... but, I found something even better than that: someone has produced a small movie and placed it on YouTube and honored Doctor Dahesh's response. (No, we had NOTHING to do with this)

        Message of Hope and Peace for Mankind
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