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    I was rummaging through the "old" and "original" "Daheshville" that we had created on, in 2003. So, that was ... 5 years ago.

    And I found this interesting exchange... I thought I'd share it with you.

    I removed the name of the person with whom I was conversing in order to protect his identity.

    Posted by Mario on February 22, 2003 at 08:56:09:
    Tonight I dreamt I was in "V"'s house, and that I was cleaning the dishes at the sink. Then I say both "V" and Antoinette walking towards me on their way to going to a sitting arear. So I got out of the way to make room for them.Then, as Antoinette was passing in front of me, I thought to myself: "I wonder if she remembers me" and at that point she turned her head, said "Oh, hello, how are you?" and reached out with her hand ever so gently and grabbed mine for an instant while she kept walking to the sitting area with "V"
    That is, I believe, the first and only time I've dreamt of her.

    Salam Brother and Sister
    Mabrouk Dear Mario for the nice "DREAM",
    But it is not a dream it is the reality to see ANTOINETTE in the birth day of "ZENA" the 22-2-1922. Do you remember that and I heard that The Dr said to ZEINA it was a spirtual date.
    Another think to add that the Dr. is with us while we are in right way.
    Other stranger think to say that in the same date: night of 22 I say "V" in dream also,and she is talking to us by phone and was not so happy becz no body ask about her (This was in the dream)...


    Hi M..........
    I didn't know about the Feb 22. Thanks for sharing. Well, I suppose I should tell you of the dream I had on Feb 21--and, let me just say one thing: I really am praying that it is ONLY a dream...
    In the dream, I was driving to work, and in the parking lot I saw six identical people. I realized they were the *personalities* and I immediately know what that meant... then I saw myself transported into space, travelling through the planets.
    Then (still in dream-state) the Doctor (who was not too happy) asked me to send him a report...It was if he was saying "what is going down there, send me news!"
    You know what I think? Those prayers we burn are JUST like email. That's why they need to be burnt at certain times a day, and not on a metal dish, etc... It's almost as if if we don't pray, the "news" doesn't travel to those we rely on to assist us...


    Salam Mario
    It is so nice to share our ideas and dreams, specialy when they are about our missin and about Al-Habib. I'd like to tell you something else about the subject I do not if you know that?
    Brother Salim K. also had a dream like your's. He say the Doctor was also no happy and he asked Salim what you are waiting for to do something about the mmission, and he asked him to do something.
    This was about 2 or 3 monthes ago.



    Wow...No, I had no knowledge of this. In fact, since 1991 I've have practically had no news about or from anyone. Obviously the Doctor would not have "spoken" to him if he didn't feel he COULD do something.
    Personally? I think he should join us here and simply add his voice. Then others will follow.
    In the long run, logic says that for ANYTHING to exist publicly, as a recognized entity, there has to be some sort of organization with a clear mission statement and an image which is equal to its identity. In case you're wondering, and if I may place my Marketing hat on (our IDENTITY is who we think we are while our IMAGE is HOW the public views us. That's were we get into the issue of BRANDING--my area of expertise). We would create a board of directors. Someone out there must KNOW some specifics about this issue. In particular, the letter to Edward Noon.
    As a starting poing, we already have the domain name "" which is a typical URL for a non-profit organization. This web site would have to be totally revamped, so that it ceases to be a reflection of MARIO and rather, an expression of a GROUP. I am presently involved in AIA Northern VA board as a director and Marketing Committee Chairperson, and I am learning a lot about the parliamentary process.
    There is a president, vice president, treasurer etc...Directors, committees...People get things done, meet, argue, in real life but, they are here to SERVE the MEMBERS of the chapter.
    I think we should aim towards this direction. And, it may well be that our "meetings" will have to be ONLINE. I know it sounds crazy. But, think about it: it colleges and universities can conduct classes online, using a forum like THIS (maybe a litte more sophisticated graphically, but the concept/process is exactly the same: an asynchronous classroom environment) we can have a Virtual Board of Directors as well.
    Now, every now and then, I hear through the grape vine that this person met with that person and began discussing how to create this "organization." My opinion? It's never going to work UNLESS they discuss it in public. Otherwise, it's nothing more than another "secret" project aimed at fulfilling their own ambition--whatever that is.
    "Fail, to succeed."

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    Originally posted by Mario View Post
    You know what I think? Those prayers we burn are JUST like email. That's why they need to be burnt at certain times a day, and not on a metal dish, etc... It's almost as if if we don't pray, the "news" doesn't travel to those we rely on to assist us...
    This is one of your many beautiful and insightful observations, Mario.

    The imagery of what you are suggesting draws a real and palpable bridge between what we perceive here on earth to be real, and what our faith prods us on to believe what is beyond ourselves.

    The dream of the Dr. asking for an "update" and expressing displeasure for the state of the Mission that He travelled so far and suffered so much for... there is so much here to make us ever more mindful of. Our daily lives and endeavors here are not unaccounted for and the spiritual vibrational energies of the state of the Mission (or lack thereof) here on earth are ringing out and being monitored "somewhere".