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    I just happened upon the hot off the press article in the New Yory Times:

    For your enjoyment.

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    Thanks for the link Ron; yes, this article was originally from August 9, 2000.

    It illuminates what has been at the heart of the matter of this discussion of the Museum distancing itself from the spiritual mission of Dr. Dahesh.

    ''We are here to promote nothing but art,'' she said, adding, ''Why can't we just accept the museum for what it is?''

    I understand that the trustees have full well invested an extraordinary amount of time, money and effort in getting the museum up off the ground in various incarnations around New York City. This no do doubt is a monumental amount of work... more than anyone will ever know or appreciate.

    What it boils down to, to use the modern parlance... is PR (Public Relations)... or even to use the term Mario likes to use... Branding...

    but even at a more elemental and honest level...

    Dr. Dahesh selected each and every piece in his collection for a very specific SPIRITUAL reason... this is the reason this collection exists. It is not just for reasons that the columnist sites as being because they were "cheap" or throwaway.

    But these tangential avenues have always been allowed to form and fester because no apparent careful plan of how to deal with these questions was put in place.

    Anything would have been better than just avoiding or skirting around the issue of who Dr. Dahesh really was.

    Dr. Dahesh's name and legacy does not exist in a vacuum. As such, it is public information that there are "followers" out there... for the Museum to deny or distance themselves from this fact is what creates these weird and sarcastic press pieces... and a weird public image.

    Hence the allusion in other articles to Daheshism being a cult... they know SOMETHING exists, but a museum bearing his name and a large endowment, kind of dances coyly around the issue, or just blatantly states... there is no spiritual mission of Dr. Dahesh... he was just very "charismatic"...

    This is how problems are created.

    Note the tone of the author of this particular piece in the Times... she is smug and condescending about the little bits and pieces of information she has about Dr. Dahesh. Now this person may be just a smug and condescending person in general... true... but she also references the obvious discordance between what appears to her to be the facts about Dr. Dahesh out there in the real world, versus the Museum's take on that reality.
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      What Mounir Murad said!

      From a link that Samer El Haddad has provided us via email and via the forum:
      Here is an excerpt from the article:

      "Mounir Murad, a Daheshist who lives in Virginia...said many followers believe that when he entrusted his belongings and the publishing rights to his books to the Zahids, Dr. Dahesh also willed them leadership of the spiritual movement. Mr. Murad feels the family has betrayed that mission by downplaying Dr. Dahesh, who followed his art collection into exile and died in a suburban New York hospital in 1984."
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