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Blog post : The avatar of Dr Wonder

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  • Blog post : The avatar of Dr Wonder

    I also found this blog post about Dr dahesh. It is dated July 1. I am not sure who wrote it

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    Thank you Ziyad. This turned out to be an embedded page whose source is:

    As a piece of satire, and judged purely on its narrative style, it's actually pretty good. I mean, let's face it, in America (where even the Lunar Landing itself is being brought into question by the conspiracy theorists) someone is bound to poke fun at Daheshism — for fun's sake.

    And if we "can't stand the heat" we'd "better get out of the kitchen."

    One positive aspect in that article is that Daheshism is not referred to as a "cult." Rather, a "modern mystical sect." I suppose that is an improvement an it basically says (and I parapharase) "these people really believe in this stuff... " versus ... "this is concocted and carefully planned organization designed to extort money from the masses."

    After all, and as we have seen, there is no organization in Daheshism and ... just look at sources of information that article is using. The majority (if not all) of the links posted on there feature narratives written by that lunatic whose name I'm not going to mention.

    And as Astrid said in her article: "so and so" could have easily stayed in the background and placed any or many an individual who Doctor Dahesh trusted to be in charge of interfacing with the public. But no, they had to be in the spotlight... suddenly, and after ... never having done that... ever... and thus being forced to openly disavow Dr. Dahesh and ... well... you know the rest...

    Anyway, and back to the article, and in terms of its presentation, fluidity, consistency, and humor... etc. all I have to say is this: If you're going to poke fun at Daheshism, that's the way to do it. If anything, this article will (or might) prompt people to dig for more information.

    However, and I still need to issue this friendly advice to anyone who is tempted to follow in the footsteps of such websites and engage in gratuitous sarcasm :

    What if the essence of what we're claiming was true? In other words, not every claim about Doctor Dahesh was true. Could he have left his head at the barber's? Sure. Did he? No. Well... then again... anything is possible. But what you (the "critics") need to ponder is the bigger picture:

    There is a Creator. There is a Justice. Nothing happens without a reason.
    And ... every action ... has a reaction.

    Oh yes... and for those Daheshists who choose to remain silent...

    Every INACTION has an even bigger reaction. See, as Daheshists, you probably already know that the Divine Justice System works on a scale and that every Spiritual Fluid will be judged based on (for starters) its degree of knowledge...
    "Fail, to succeed."