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"Secrets of Doctor Dahesh, the Inspired Writer"

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  • "Secrets of Doctor Dahesh, the Inspired Writer"

    Doctor Dahesh gave me a rather thick book he published in 1980, titled "Evaluation of the Literary works of Doctor Dahesh — penned by authors, poets, writers, and journalists in the Arab Countries."

    On page 11, we find a reprint of a an article that appeared in "THE SUN" newspaper, on December 11, 1945 (19-9-4 Daheshist) (called "Secrets of Doctor Dahesh, the Inspired Writer" )

    I will summarize the key elements in the article:

    Firstly, we learn that "Dahesh" began writing at the age of 16 and that, by the time this article was published, he had already authored 100 books.

    And on that note, the next chapter in the book features a reader's response by Father Haleem Dammoos, published in the newspaper called "FREEDOM" on May 6, 1946 (4-2-5 Daheshist).

    The question was: "Does Daheshism have a Holy Book?!"

    And to summarize that particular entry, Father Haleem basically explains that in The Daheshist Message, there are series of letters that came in sequential fashion, and that due to what happened to Doctor Dahesh, these letters have stopped...

    But then, he adds that there exist highly precious collections that will be issued to the public and they comprise of more than 90 books, half of which Father Haleem had personally transcribed. He also adds that half of them had already been published...

    Lastly, he remarks: "If you ask me to choose the most important, then there are two collections...The first collection being 'Memoirs of Jesus The Nazarene' and the second collection being: 'BOOK of "THE GUIDE" '. "

    (Yes, I know, the current book's tile is "Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth" which is grammatically incorrect. First of all, please "Google," "Jesus the Nazarene," and secondly, the repetition of "of" kills the fluidity inherent in the original Arabic title which translates literally to "Memoirs (of) Jesus (the) Nazarene" .)
    And incidentally, I've heard that Memoirs of Jesus the Nazarene Part 2 was eventually cloaked (in other words, a Spiritual Fluid was placed in it so that would disappear from view) because the Daheshists no longer merited to have it... rumor? myth?

    I don't know... and perhaps it subsequently reappeared... again, that information is not available to me.

    I will say this, however, something tells me that the "GENESIS" piece I talk about somewhere else on Daheshville, came from that manuscript. And I might have mentioned why I thought that somewhere in that other entry. So, good hunting!

    Anyway, and back to our regularly scheduled program, summarizing the piece called "Secrets of Doctor Dahesh, the Inspired Writer," we learn that he authored his first piece on October 16, 1927 (24-7- [-15] Daheshist) and it was featured in the Book "Lyre of the Gods" and it carries the title "To my Beautiful Idol" (Actually, I need to explain that, in Arabic, adjectives can be masculine and feminine. In this case, "Idol" is feminine — hence, a woman. Hold that thought, please)

    The article goes on to explain that when this piece was published in some of the magazines, it incited the admiration of the authors, poets, and writers in Palestine and Egypt.

    And when the men of the clergy got hold of this piece, some of them thought it was a romantic piece (romantic, as in "romance" ) and use it as an opportunity to attack the reputation of Dahesh by saying: " Anyone who flirts like that women cannot speak about matters of religion."

    But (and I paraphrase the article) Dahesh was serenading his idol: "Truth" and "Wisdom" and "Spirituality" and other qualities emanating from GOD... and those who plunge in ... the filth of life think he is celebrating what they celebrate, that he worships what they worship...

    And then the article explains that "all of this" was a fulfillment of the what was said about Him and His Spiritual Message by the Prophets

    (Then the article quotes a passage from the Holy Scriptures (and I will place the elements that were omitted in ( ) parentheses) :

    And he shall be for a sanctuary;
    but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offense
    (to both the houses of Israel),
    for a gin and for a snare
    (to the inhabitants of Jerusalem).

    And many among them shall stumble, and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken.

    Isaiah 8:14-15
    (Another translation...)
    He will be a sanctuary;
    but (for the two houses of Israel),
    He will be a stone to stumble over
    and a rock to trip over,
    and a trap and a snare (to the inhabitants of Jerusalem).

    Many will stumble over these;
    they will fall and be broken;
    they will be snared and captured.
    Isaiah 8:14-15
    "Fail, to succeed."

  • #2
    An important article that mentions, in a way, the situation our guiding beloved prophet underwent, for persecutors never left him; by despising him and his blessed words.

    Indeed he is the light of the world.

    Thanks dear brother Mario for this informative article.