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  • Letter to J J Dewey

    The following message was posted on the following Yahoo group,
    in response to the post on this web page (owned by J J Dewey) which also features a transcript from a communication with an individual who claims to be a "Daheshist."

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: "chakkour"
    Date: August 16, 2010 8:31:23 PM EDT
    To: Keysters
    Subject: [Keysters] Re: FW: Response on Daheshism
    Reply-To: Keysters


    My name is Mario Henri Chakkour and I knew Dr. Dahesh personally.

    Before I go on, I would like to apologize in advance if any of what I am posting is redundant, thus thank you in advance for your patience and here goes:

    I recently found the following web page and as such, I would like to set the record strait:

    From personal experience, it would seem that the information featured on the aforementioned web page was (either directly or indirectly) provided by an individual who has caused Daheshism, as well as the image and good name of Doctor Dahesh — and Daheshists — great harm.

    To put it mildly: he distorted Daheshism in the worst possible way and must have published over 100 web pages — all of which, incidentally, have been removed by LYCOS.

    Furthermore, and personally, I can tell you that this individual (who, based upon his writing style and tone, I suspect communicated with you — and showered you with his signatures epithets...) has harassed and "google-bombed" me for years.

    On OCTOBER 14, 2009, Lycos/Angelfire, and in response to a series of complaints filed by the Dahesh Society of America, informed us that the last of the "so-called" Daheshist Web sites created by this individual has been removed.

    Leading to that, and on SEPTEMBER 30, 2009, the Sacramento State University Police — and after conducting their investigation — completed their report and submitted a warrant request for violation of California Penal Code section 653(m) to the Sacramento County District Attorney.

    So far so good... However, the effects of his activities in the name of Daheshism still resonate and I still see web sites using his (mis)information as the source.

    Now, and in regard to the web site on I wish we can turn the clock backwards, somehow, and start from scratch.

    Personally? In the absence of providing the source(s) of the information, I would rather would remove the pages and not even discuss Daheshism: "Any publicity is good publicity" does not apply here, I am afraid. Also, any (so-called) Daheshist who does not reveal his or her real name is not to be trusted. That is why I recommend you totally scrape the pages and start from scratch.

    I am available for any questions regarding Doctor Dahesh, here or on

    Best Regards,

    Mario Henri Chakkour

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