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  • Letter to J J Dewey #2

    (As a follow-up to this first post)


    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address these issues you raise and I stand corrected in regard to the issue of providing a public forum.

    In the interest of full disclosure, and to frame the debate within its proper context, I will say that — to date — no official Daheshist organization exists.

    And by that I mean the following: we do not have a temple, anywhere, nor a place where we can meet, nor a legal entity (such as a non-profit organization) to manage the affairs of Daheshism.

    True, there currently exists two entities owned by those who inherited Doctor Dahesh's legacy: The Dahesh Museum and the Daheshist Publishing Company.

    Sadly, in a six page article titled "The Riddle of Doctor Dahesh" published in the December 1996 issue of ArtNews magazine, we finund the following official statement on behalf of the Dahesh Museum board of directors:

    (Direct Quote from ArtNews Magazine)

    Kaplan goes even further. Speaking on behalf of the board, she denies that Dr. Dahesh founded the spiritual movement. "He didn't establish it," Kaplan says. "The fact is, these people (Daheshists), that's what they say. He never proclaimed himself anything, not a prophet, not a reincarnation. He never claimed anything that people are claiming for him. He was born a Christian, and he must have been very charismatic.".

    (End of Quote)

    This statement is yet to be retracted.

    Hence, and to put it simply, the Daheshists are not organized.

    In fact, what occurred between the Daheshists following the untimely (I feel) departure of Doctor Dahesh, was tantamount (in my opinion) to a war, where many spirits were broken...

    I know that this is potentially painting Daheshists (myself included) and Daheshism in a dark light.

    But I would rather it would be the case than people blaming Dahesh instead.

    In addition, history is filled with examples of similar internal strife (Israelites, Christians, and Muslims).

    But, perhaps in a strange reversal of fortune, this might be one of the best indicators that the Daheshist community consisted of sincere individuals who came in contact with a phenomenon so unlike anything they would have typically experienced in real, every day life, that (dare I say) the outcome was inevitable: competition that crippled any furthering of a true Divine Message.

    Meanwhile, there is a mountain of information that Doctor Dahesh wrote himself (in Arabic) that has not yet been translated and is hidden from view.

    In terms of my own involvement in "all of this" and my own credentials:

    As a matter of record, and if one was able to read Arabic and have access to certain books, one would see my name mentioned in a few passages that Doctor Dahesh wrote. And I cannot truly summarize my history with him in these pages, but to give you an example of how blessed I was: In one instance, he and I stayed together for 21 days. Furthermore, and between 1980 and right up to the point he passed away, I was a point of contact for him in the U.S.A. for many Daheshists.

    I have witnessed well over 100 Miracles or "Spiritual Manifestations"

    In terms of my (let's call it) "assignment" : When I was 19 years old, a Spiritual Letter appeared to me and instructed me (among other things) to "Defend Daheshism."

    Now, in terms of your first question:


    JJ Writes:

    (1) To become a Daheshist one must "to live by The Book of Daheshism," and also
    to promote it. I understand this book has not even been translated into English
    (and it is still not available on Amazon) so how is it possible that you are
    even a Daheshist if you cannot fulfill the promise?


    Excellent point.

    Let us assume that is the case, then all the Daheshists that predated this "Book of Daheshism" are no Daheshists at all.

    I cannot and will not accept that premise.

    Furthermore, and to further prove my point: I heard (with my own ears) Doctor Dahesh, himself, refer to *me* as being a Daheshist.

    And I can assure you I've never read that book.

    In my view, one is either born with the "Spiritual Fluid" that will inexplicably and eventually push them to seek out Daheshism (and usher the first step in a lifelong journey of learning), or acquire it at any point during their life and "just get it."

    It all depends on the individual.

    Furthermore, one can be a model Daheshist one day. then act in such a manner as to lose that Spiritual Fluid and with it any true connection to Daheshism.

    Lastly, one does not need to be a Daheshist in order to benefit from whatever Daheshism can bring to their lives.

    Case in point: many of Doctor Dahesh's friends were not Daheshists.

    And he, himself, wrote that a Daheshist must respect other people's faiths, even if that people worships the stone as its deity.... In other words, practices such as proselytizing and forced conversions are strictly forbidden.

    All that being said, what is, and who authorized the creation of, "The Daheshist Society of America?":

    In the absence of order, and to undo the damage caused by some, a small group of us decided in the Spring of 2006 that it was time to extend into an infrastructure that we would gladly hand over when we see proof positive that Doctor Dahesh's will (pertaining to Daheshists organizing and coming together) has been fulfilled.

    That's when was founded.

    This attracted several seekers (all born in the U.S.A.) who then played an important role in forming "The Dahesh Society of America." (DSA)

    So far, we have been effective in wiping out over 100 rogue web sites that were making horrible claims in the name of Doctor Dahesh.

    And that's where I come to your second question:

    "Is the Ramz ritual available for all to learned or do you have to be
    involved in some inner circle? Have you used it yourself and what has been your

    Before I continue, I must say that Doctor Dahesh was adamant about respecting languages. That is why, on and Daheshville, we stress the use of "Symbol" and "Spriritual Fluid" instead of "RAMZ" or "SAYALS" — in English, "RAMZ" sounds way off and means nothing... And "SAYALS" or "SAYYALS" is a grammatical mutilation of "SAYYAALAAT" which is the plural of "SAYYAL"... which, means "FLUID." I suppose some think it is "hip" to do that. I maintain that it is wrong. Case in point, when we read all the translations published while Dr. Dahesh was alive, may they be in French or English, and even the documents published by the Daheshist Publishing Company circa 1986, we always see "Spiritual Fluids" and "Symbol" or "Daheshist Spiritual Symbol."

    Secondly, Doctor Dahesh never said that learning the Daheshist Spiritual Symbol — which is nothing more than a solemn prayer we write, fold, and burn — would eventually allow his followers to perform Miracles. Anyone who claims that is lying.

    Might there have been instances where a Daheshist was instructed to write, fold, and burn a prayer in order of a Miracle to occur. Absolutely. However, these were unique and isolated special cases which occurred by Spiritual mandate (1) and when Doctor Dahesh was still with us in body (2).

    I'll give you an example: in one case, Doctor Dahesh succumbed to a sunstroke and was practically on his death bead. The Spirit appeared through Him and instructed Salim Ombargi (who I knew very well) to burn a Symbol so that the Doctor would be granted a much needed Spiritual assistance.

    Some people read that passage in Salim's book and jumped to the conclusion that the Symbol has (for a lack of a better term) "magical" powers.

    In terms of "is the Ramz available"

    Absolutely. the (DSA) sponsored a video series that teaches the Daheshist Spiritual Symbol and which is available (for free) to the world on Youtube. It's a three hours long and took about 1.5 years to complete and is broken down into 30 episodes (where I teach the viewer the minimum Arabic necessary to learn this important prayer).

    Here is the portal on

    Here is the finale:

    Thank you for providing me with this opportunity to communicate my experience and knowledge.


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    J J Dewey

    I think we may be off to a fair start. I felt the need to register an opinion on that forum. It is as follows:

    I would like to register an opinion. It appears that most people here are seeking a better understanding of God. And, how we might better pursue enhancing our spiritual life.

    I spent a lot of time reading the sources of information about Dr Dahesh. I was sucked into that infamous individual's web-site who posted some absurd information about Dr Dahesh. I am speaking about the individual whose comments got this thread started.

    I am certain his motives were self-serving and was more concerned about his own image and notoriety than he was concerned about promoting any of the light brought to spiritual understanding by the ideas and concepts espoused by Dr Dahesh.

    Initially, I was skeptical about what I read. In fact, I do find it difficult to accept some of the reports that are still available. My approach has been slow, methodical, and cautious. As I have sorted through the information, I have selected those things that are consistent with what I have learned over a lifetime. There are some things that each of us comes to believe through other than purely logical means. I know of no other way to believe in God except in an intuitive way. I have never been able to touch God with my hand. I have never been able to see a physical entity called God with my eyes. There is no scent experienced that I would identify with God. I have never tasted God. There is no sound that…, no let me rethink what I am about to say. I once had an audible experience. I am still uncertain about that.

    Oh yes, there is the Bible, the existence of Jesus attested to by people in the New Testament and some of those books not yet accepted by this or that church. There are religious scholars who have participated in studying everything and anything in an attempt to prove or disprove the existence of God. But, it comes down to developing an intuitive understanding of God.

    I can only allow myself to believe that some people have had an experience that would enable them to say, they have seen physical proof that there is a power that can defy the laws of physics and science. What Dr Dahesh postulated is that there is a reason for this. What this amounts to, in my mind, is that as creatures who are earthbound, we lack the sense or the ability to interface directly with God. Without some other interface than our limited brain and body, we cannot control or experience anything that does not comply with laws of science that bind us.

    For myself, I would prefer to consider the possibilities. I have had some unusual experiences in my life that encourage me to believe there are complex laws that function outside the plain in which I live. Before any of us scoff at the legacy of Dr Dahesh, let us give it some time to evolve. There may be things rumored about Dr Dahesh that are not true. But, if only a few of these things are true, than possibly we have missed a wonderful opportunity.

    Let us wait to see what comes of this current discussion. Unfortunately, I had a few typos in my posting and I hope it isn't received too poorly.
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