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Letter to J J Dewey #3

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  • Letter to J J Dewey #3

    Below are the responses to JJ Dewey's questions :

    You are welcome JJ, and thank you for your kind words and generous hospitality.

    I would like to shed some light on the issue of his being "raised from the dead":

    In 1944, Doctor Dahesh was jailed, tortured, illegally stripped of his nationality, and forcibly exiled from Lebanon — all without due process.
    In 1947, the newspapers in Lebanon as well as the Arab world published the news (and pictures) of his execution in Azerbaijan — where he was buried.

    Meanwhile, Doctor Dahesh was alive and well in Beirut, where he had clandestinely returned before the end of 1944, the same year he was exiled.

    Therefore, it was not the "real" Doctor Dahesh who was caught without any identification papers whatsoever and deemed to be spy and subsequently executed. Rather, it was a Spiritual Personality of Doctor Dahesh that manifested itself and allowed itself to be caught, killed by a firing squad, and buried.

    Chances are, if people were to exhume the remains of the body that was buried in 1947, they would find an empty coffin...

    That fantastic tale (which I believe is true) is important on many levels. I'll highlight one of it's most important implications:

    The Muslims believe in Jesus. However, in the Koran, we are told that it was not the actual Jesus (son of Mary) who died on the cross and that — instead — a "copy" took his place.

    Of course, to a devout Christian, that is potentially blasphemous and that particular notion is perhaps why the Christians are told by their catechism teachers (as I have been) that Muhammad is not a true prophet.

    What Daheshism teaches is that Jesus is not God and that all the great prophets — including Jesus — are (essentially) one entity with a multitude of Spiritual Fluids.

    Hence, each prophet is a Spiritual Fluid emanating from one entity (or core). And who is this *one* entity?

    It is The Lord Christ, who according to the Daheshists, "landed" on Earth many times and under several names... And, one of his Fluids was in Gandhi.

    I can tell you that Jesus *was* supposed to be crucified — himself. However, that never took place (for reasons I will, for now, not reveal) and one of Jesus' Spiritual Personalities took his place.

    What I *can* tell you is that Jesus carried within him the 20th Spiritual Fluid, and that is that Spiritual Fluid (Fluid #20) that had to remain on Earth for no less that 20 centuries, until Salim Moussa Achi (his legal name) would be born and the whole "cycle" would be repeated.

    Salim would become "Dahesh" and would find himself having to (practically) endure (once again) everything that the 20th Fluid had to go through 20 centuries (almost) before. Herodia (who ordered the beheading of John the Baptist) would return as the wife of the Lebanese president, and Pilate (who ordered Jesus' crucifixion, as the president of Lebanon: Bechara El Khoury) .

    Dahesh would then call for the "unity of religions" between Christians and Muslims...

    (In response to question #2)

    I will say than he never wrote fiction and that everything he wrote had a special meaning.

    For example, when he writes about the "Six Goddesses" he is really writing about his 6 Spiritual Personalities.

    And when he launched his 4-part series called "Strange Tales and Wondrous Legends" (circa 1979) he wrote the following: "The stories in which I have mentioned incidences of reincarnation are not imaginary."

    And, for your reading pleasure, here is a story from part II, called "Journey of a Musk Rose," which we translated in both English and French (without permission, I might add — a risk we were willing to take, until, one day, the world can have access to the mountain of knowledge he left us:

    (In response to question #3)

    I will confirm that the Doctor Dahesh I knew worked tireless to get his works published. And historically, he published his first book even when he was hiding in Beirut, practically right next door to his arch enemy "Pilate," (AKA, President Bechara El Khoury) he kept churning out material. I couldn't visit him in the late 1970's without someone potentially volunteering me for "proof-review" duty. His books were always featured in book shows, even after his death. As a matter of fact, the Daheshist Publishing Company launched "Song of Songs" and "Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth" (although, I personally would have titled it "Memoirs of Jesus the Nazarene...") in English, as well as a host of other books in German, French, and Spanish.

    So-to-speak, Doctor Dahesh's books were — at one point or another — published in just about every language (short of Klingon) EXCEPT English.

    He was very active, even when riddled with serious physical ailments that not only caused him great chronic pain, but limited his mobility.

    He would wake up, and we would have breakfast. Then, off to his desk and, one by one, he would read the stack of newspapers (he would read 12-13 per day). He would circle in red ball point pen the articles in each paper (and magazine), give it a title and category and set it aside (the Daheshist library is FILLED with volumes upon volumes of those large-format leather-bound books filled with newspaper clippings, all neatly broken down into categories. Also, his private library had well over half a million books. You see, he loved books. He wrote his love for books is akin to a drunkard's love for his wine — except that the more he read, the more lucid he became.

    And, he also paid attention to the small things: we would go out shopping for fruits and vegetables and he would carefully select the items on the basis of their Spiritual Fluids.

    Arguably, nothing was random.

    Now, we come to the business of "art collecting."

    Firstly, he began to feel the urge to record in writing what he felt as early as the age of 16. By 1945, he authored over 100 books. And he clearly developed a passion for paintings and sculpture (etc.) at an even younger age.

    As it turned out, in Daheshism, we believe that there are worlds (dimensions) from which the lofty Spiritual Fluids of Art and Music emanate: there are worlds onto themselves where art or music thrive. Therefore, the arts are an important player in our spiritual development.

    Not all art forms, or schools of art, I must say. You'd never catch Doctor Dahesh honoring cubism... On the other hand, his collection did feature less sophisticated pieces of work (when compared to what might be considered the flagships of the collection). My point being — and the way I saw it — while he had a very trained artistic eye, he was no "art snob." I think that if the art had a special Spiritual Fluid, he would move to acquire it:

    Many of the paintings, sculptures, and objects he collected contained Spriritual Fluids important to (if I am not mistaken) the Daheshists and Daheshism.

    In my view: he was reassembling or "harvesting" certain "Spiritual Fluids." (If memory serves me, I was even told he went to Canada to adopt a cat...)

    And this is where we come to another important belief in Daheshism: We believe that animals, vegetable, and (here goes) even inert objects have "souls" and "intelligence."

    Doctor Dahesh tells the story of a tree that had an evil Spiritual Fluid and which wanted to kill a man. It caused one of its branches to fall right when the man was within reach. The man's son-in law tried to push him out of harm's way. The blow from the fallen branch ultimately killed the father in law, but the tree now wanted to punish the son-in-law for having had the temerity to interfere...

    One day (and now we're in Doctor Dahesh's house) a big piece of plywood (I've seen it) fell on a child. Doctor Dahesh — who witnessed the horrific event rushed to the child's aid. Miraculously, the child came out from under the plywood smiling.

    We later learned that this child was the reincarnation of the son-in-law... And the father-in-law was a Daheshist as well, but much older. Both adult and child were very close. As for the sheet of plywood, it was set aside for a later time, when it would be pulverized to smithereens ... Last I saw it was circa 1984, in the USA.

    Plus, it is important to remember that in 1975 a little thing called "The Lebanese Civil War" took place. Doctor Dahesh's house was situated right in middle of the epicenter of the War and he and the Daheshists lived through the height of the war, during which his "old enemies" would try to destroy his building by aiming their bullets, rockets, and mortar shells upon it... And, somehow, and through it all, he and the Daheshists were able to pack everything up and send it to the U.S.A.

    (In Response to question #4)
    Doctor Dahesh had reasons — perhaps rooted in prior reincarnations — to assign certain responsibilities to certain people. I can tell you from personal experience that this family (as I knew it) was dedicated to fulfilling Doctor Dahesh's will and vision to a fault.

    And I believe he knew what the future held for him and for Daheshism, just as Jesus knew exactly what the future held in store. And there must be reasons for his choosing not to interfere beyond a certain point.

    In 1968, the Lebanese magazine called "Lighthing and Thunder" published a section called "You ask and Doctor Dahesh replies." One reader asked: "Since God is capable of everything, why doesn't He illuminate people's minds...?"

    In reading Dr. Dahesh's response, we understand that (and I am paraphrasing), yes, while God can certainly do *that,* He chooses to give us the ability to decide for ourselves by giving us free will.

    And here is something interesting: "temptation" (for example) is nothing more than our *own* Spiritual Fluids — that reside in the lower worlds — trying to lure us into sin so that we sustain them by sending energy their way.

    Misery, apparently, *does* love company!

    So, with every thought we have and act we commit, we are either feeding the lower or higher Spiritual Fluids that are connected to us and which exist throughout these levels. I am simplifying the model, of course.

    In any case, he did tell me, in no uncertain terms, "Do you know, 'sir,' that one day we shall have a temple?"
    Hence, I have faith as I am also filled with a sense of awe at the idea (according to Daheshist scripture) that :

    "this Earth will disintegrate,

    and the planets will fall,

    and the light of the stars will be extinguished.

    At which point new Earths will begin

    and new skies will appear"

    (From the letter by Father Noah)

    When that might be? God only knows. But, for sure, it shall happen "sooner than we think."

    Doctor Dahesh certainly recommended reading John's Vision in response to another letter he received through "Lightning and Thunder" (1968) and which asked if it was true that Daheshism warns of humankind's impending annihilation ...

    And on that front, the date is not set in stone because it does fluctuate due to our collective and personal behavior. But it's coming... and from what I understood, what will matter in the end is whether or not each being did his or her best to improve one's Spiritual Fluids, even if "a little bit."

    In fact, in the Spiritual Letter that appeared to the Daheshists and which was signed by "Father Noah," we read:

    "And how happy and blessed [man's] soul will be if he sacrificed a little bit during his life toward gaining his immortality in a world that knows not the meaning of suffering and sadness!

    He said "A little bit"... again, "baby steps"... provided the intention is honest.

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