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"Break an Onion!"

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  • "Break an Onion!"

    In show biz (especially the theater) there is a common saying meant as "good luck" to the person hearing it:

    "Break a leg!"

    In Daheshism, there is a group of people who believes that breaking an onion (a common practice) actually wards off bad fluids.

    I say this without malice because I used to be among that group.

    Again, I am not saying that breaking (or actually smash or squash) an onion is a practice not to be followed. The Doctor himself used to do it. In fact, he told me one time that he tried it at a restaurant and the onion flew from his table to the adjacent one and landed in a lady's soup bowl...

    But I digress...

    No, what I am referring to is the belief that some of the people around him had that smashing the onion repelled bad spirits.

    Whatever side you take, the fact of the matter is, anytime something "bad" is about to happen, many onions are smashed... Hence, the depletion of the onion reserves in the world... With demand going up, so will the prices.

    Proving that the Doctor DID refer to himself as a prophet will spell trouble to (at least) a few people ... especially those who publicly said that he never did such a thing...

    So, my advice is the following: stock up on onions!

    And, as they say in show biz "That's entertainment!"
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