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"And the prize for the worst Description of Daheshism goes to..."

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  • "And the prize for the worst Description of Daheshism goes to..."

    Kindly Note: Since the original publication of the post by Mario, the information on Wikipedia was drastically changed. All reference to Papacy or to anyone being a de-facto apostle has been removed. We're leaving this thread for history's sake)


    I am sure the anonymous author meant well. But is is SO flawed, and SO wrong in MANY places, down to the correct spelling of Dahesh's actual name (the veridity of which I will soon confirm by showing copies scans of cancelled checks I've given him)

    ANYONE who thinks we are an UNDERGROUND organization is greatly misinformed. We may not be organized (and I hold the Trustees of the Museum and Publishing house directly responsible for that) but we are PROUD and OPEN about who we are.

    (Incidentally, in the WIKEPEDIA page the comment towards the end was mine).

    And to the best of my knowlege, the (educated) Daheshist (meaning, those who where close to Dahesh) do not (with all due respect) consider Brax as "the 'Apostle Paul' of Daheshism." True, "he has written more on Daheshism than anyone alive; by far." But to say "Even though Daheshism has no 'Pope', Dr. Brax is the de-facto 'Apostle' of Doctor Dahesh." is a wee bit much! (I already have letters of protest!)

    True, he is the "senior editor of the Daheshist Publishing Company in New York City," and it is also true that he works for an organization who has openly denied the existance of Daheshism. In fact, allow me to quote what Flora Kaplan (now Director of the Dahesh Museum, which is also owned by the Daheshist Publishing Company" has said on behalf of the Trustees (Brax's bosses):


    In a six page article titled "The Riddle of Doctor Dahesh" published in the December 1996 issue of Art News Magazine we found the following official statement on behalf of the Dahesh Museum board of directors:

    Kaplan goes even further. Speaking on behalf of the board, she denies that Dr. Dahesh founded the spiritual movement. "He didn't establish it," Kaplan says. "The fact is, these people (Daheshists), that's what they say. He never proclaimed himself anything, not a prophet, not a reincarnation. He never claimed anything that people are claiming for him. He was born a Christian, and he must have been very charismatic.".

    The fact of the matter is that on March 23, 1942, SALIM MOUSSA ACHI (Doctor Dahesh) proclaimed the birth of Daheshism.

    As for the matter of him "never claiming anything that people are claiming for him" that is another mistake because anyone reading his book of stories Part 3, would see that he clearly refers to himself as a prophet. In fact, as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

    But, what is strange is that those statements came from Daheshists, and that, until this day, the esteemed (apostle) never went on record denying that untruth.

    And, to the best of my knowlege, the following statement "he travels often to the Middle East to meet with Daheshists there" is not factual.

    But that's just a few of the many, many, distortions of the truth that I was appalled to see.

    What do other Daheshists think?

    Incidentally, I am not accusing Brax of publishing this information on Wikipedia ( nor should we hold him responsible. I am sure it must be flattering to him to read that (supposedly) so many Daheshists hold him in such high esteem—and good for him!

    The only this is that, this Daheshist, respectfully and with total conviction, rejects those claims. ... Or at the very least the implied notion that anyone is (almost) our Pope.

    How about we mention such heroes as Marie Haddad?

    I've known one Daheshist who had a spiritual fluid from the Prophet Elijah (Eleyyia) and was in fact the Doctor's son in another life. In this cycle, he behaved so badly the Doctor banned him from Daheshism.

    Whether anyone has a Spiritual Fluid from Paul... John... George... or Ringo... it doesn't matter (I am happy for him and for anybody who has been told he had certain spiritual Fluids from key historical people.

    What matters is this: what is HE (or THEY) doing in THIS cycle.

    I knew one guy who used to always tell me "I was a lion in another life!" and boast about his bravery and physical strength... where is he now? Purring away in his master's shadow, a master who publicly denyied the existance of Daheshism... yeah... more like a " COWARDLY LION " I'd say!
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    That was my description. Hey...I did the best I could with the little information I had.


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      You certainly have done MORE than anyone else has done and I've said that openly.

      But you've also, and if I may be candid, you've chosen not to take certain remarks I made on certain issues. For example, I was really hurt that you continued to show that Muslim star... but, I remembered what you said to that other Daheshist when he accused you of Hijacking the Mission... So I backed off.

      We should work as a team. If you are willing to work with us, here, and change a few things, then I will act as if none of that ever happened. But, until then, I have to say what I am saying. Otherwise, and for example, reporters will print your version.

      I'll leave it up to you. We'll gladly all pitch in. I am sure between us all, we can post something, albeit not complete, but accurate.

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