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Doctor Dahesh's correct BIRTH name IS...

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  • Doctor Dahesh's correct BIRTH name IS...

    ...spelt SALIM ACHI. The full name is Salim Moussa Achi. In the Middle East, the middle name is that of the father's first name. For example, Salim Achi's father was named Moussa Achi.

    It may be pronounced "Saleem Ash-shee" ( actually, the "A" in "Ash-shee" has a sound that has no phonetic equivalent in English) but it is written SALIM ACHI... and Not anything else.

    Now, I know what you are saying: "Mario, why should we believe you?"

    Well, for starters, log on to the web site of the Dahesh museum ( then go to the "Collection and Research Link." Once there (and using a magnifying glass) locate the "Search" link and enter "Salim". If all goes well, you'll retrieve several links that refer to Doctor Dahesh as "Salim Moussa Achi" ... Here is a direct quote "The Museum was named to honor Dr. Dahesh, the pen name of Salim Moussa Achi (1909 1 9 8 4), a Lebanese author, philosopher, ..."

    Of course, don't believe the part where they claim he is a philosopher...

    OK, now you might be saying " but Mario, why should we believe an organization who lied on the record and said that Daheshism didn't exist? What would prevent them to alter the spelling of Dahesh's real name?"

    Well—especially all you sceptics out there—what if you could see how Dahesh, himself, signed his own legal name? What if I showed you actual CHECKS I've made out to Doctor Dahesh, and which he endorsed on the back?

    Well, this is your lucky day! I scanned and posted the checks (front and back). One of them even, you'll note, is made out to his dentist (Dr. Deesen) onto which I wrote "C/O SALIM ACHI."

    Now, if you wish to see these (dare I suggest) historical documents, please be my guest. They are posted in the MEMBERS ONLY"Archives." sectiion... Under

    You'll get to see how Dahesh signed his OWN birth/legal name. I sincerely hope this settles this issue once and for all.

    And... come to think of it, I used to wonder why he once asked me to lend him money, VIA CHECK, which he then paid me back—and which I only accepted upon his insistence.
    It's not as if he needed the money... Come on... By WHY did he do that?

    Well, maybe so that I could one day show the world the correct spelling of this real name.

    Last but not least, I'll post an audio recording (in due time) that shows how to pronounce his name correctly.

    In the meantime, enjoy!


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    His correct name

    I thought is was Salim Mousa El-Achi (English: Saleem Moosa El-Aushee)???


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      Haven't I emailed you about this issue already?

      The same goes for the Daheshist Symbol.

      I am surprised Brax has not brought that matter to your attention.

      As for the name, please go and check out the cancelled checks I posted in the members section, and please, update your information!

      If you can't find them, then let me know and I will direct you to them.