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    Originally posted by Darrick Evenson
    Dr. Brax was among a very few Daheshists who merited to know it. Unfortunately, Mario was not among them.

    May God endow you with His blessing and spiritual light,

    Dr. Brax' Assistant

    N. Brax
    While this comment is not directed at me, I find it every bit as offensive as if it was. Most of what Mario has posted here I have heard from both Mario as well as other knowledgeable and respected Daheshists...and as far as the topic here at hand, I have heard this story from both Mario as well as another Daheshist who was with the Doctor when these words were spoken. How can anyone, including Brax who wasn't even there during this discussion, say that this conversation and conveyance of information did not even occur? The conversation with the Dr. in that room, of which Mario was "merited" to be privy to....stands as the truth. I have heard this from Mario as well as another Daheshist that was there. Everything Mario said is substantiated. How is God's name can Brax say, "unfortunately Mario was not among them."

    We all have our live experiences that are meant to be ours in our own way. Mario would never attack anothers' recount of their own individual experience or diminish the importance of that experience to that individual...and I would expect that others' act in the same manner toward Mario and as well as toward each other.

    We each own the information of our experiences. Mario, unlike many who have yet to, if ever share their story, has opened up and passed along his live experiences to us. Mario doesn't embellish or make things up. It has to go on record, that this is an offense when one person, Daheshist or otherwise, goes on record and basically undermines and calls another's life experience as "...not merited in knowing."