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  • Hi to all

    I have few questions...
    1st: How can you be sure that Dr. Dahech died? Even if you saw him! he died many times before! but was still alive! how do you explain that?
    How and when did he die? did he know that he was going to die? What about my friend who met Dr. Dahech end the 80's at Cairo Airport?
    2nd: Is any of Dr. Dahech's friends or relatives still alive? Is it true that all his clothes and furnitures have been exported to his musuem in USA?

    Thank you for your informations...
    Have a nice day.


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    Hi Randa.

    Welcome to Daheshsville and thank you for posting your questions. I will do my best to answer them:

    Many do not believe that Doctor Dahesh died—regardless of what I (personally) or others have said. In my case, I saw, touched, and even assisted the morticians prepare his lifeless body for the funeral. Yet, despite that, I am told "how can you be sure?"

    Before I answer that question, let me just say that the Doctor never actually died before April 9, 1984.

    In (I believe) 1948, his PERSONALITY (as in, a spiritual entity that took his form) was caught and executed in Azerbaijan —and everyone thought HE died. Whereas, in fact, and as my "Innocent in Chains: The Notes" will show that in 1944, he was back in Beirut. Sure, then you can argue "well, what if he decided to smuggle himself out of Beirut ..." but, considering everything he went through (again, read "Innocent in Chains: The Notes" why would he do that? What actually happened was that he came back and remained in the house for (I believe) 15 years (during which he never went out). Incidentally, he was a stone's through away from Bechara Khoury's house (or, the first presidential palace)...

    After the Lebanese Civil war broke out in 1975 (and I am not sure exactly what year... let's say circa 78...) I received word that, if I am ever asked about him, to say that he passed away. In fact, I've known at least a few Daheshists who believed that he was dead (whereas, I, and many others, knew he was alive). One Daheshist in particular kept on believing he was dead until the Doctor himself asked me to contact him and tell him the truth. I remember once that Daheshist (who lived in Manhattan well and was attending Columbia University) was on the phone with me (and at the time, he still believed that the Doctor was dead—and here, we might be talking about 1981...or 82...)...anyway, he and I were chatting, when the Doctor (who was staying with me) emerged from the bedroom, smiled, and asked me "ah, you're on the phone?" And I remember covering the phone mouthpiece with my palm for fear that the Daheshist would hear him, and saying "yes Doctor" ... then, I remembered worrying about whether or not the Daheshist heard me...

    In the case of that particular Daheshist, just about everyone I knew expressed a level of disdain towards him.

    Then, one day, I hear that he gets recruited by two Daheshists to help them set up their store in Manhattan. These two Daheshists brothers, were "known" for having been (supposedly) "brought up by the Doctor."

    Well, who, in their right mind would say no to them?

    Well, as it turned out, they were taking advantage of that Daheshist (The Columbia U. Student) and he was helping them without getting paid. They were rich, and he was... at the time... a student.

    The Doctor, who was also in the USA, was very upset and sent me specifically to look after that Daheshist. My first job was to find out if he was indeed being taken advantage of, and second, if he was, convince him to leave.

    Problem: I can't tell him that the Doctor sent me. Why? Because, of course, he believed that the Doctor passed away...

    So, I've seen at least one instance when (so called) Daheshists took advantage of their own, using the Doctor's death as a motive.

    Oh, and for all those who probably have guessed who the two brothers were: The Doctor himself told me "If they were indeed the result of MY upbringing, they would never have done the things they had done."

    OK, so to recap, historically speaking, the Personality of the Doctor died (one of the six he has, I think we have some articles in Daheshville about the personalities. ) And we have the period when some were told he was dead (late 1970's)

    But, on April 9th, he really passed away...

    The irony?

    Remember that Columbia Student?

    For ONE year, I had to FAKE as if the Doctor was still alive... It was a sad story... Once the Doctor passed away, the 20 of us present on that day, decided that we should (for a while) not tell anyone because we didn't know what that would do... In the Columbia U's case, and because he was a close friend (like a brother really) I couldn't bear the prospect of lying to him, so I pleaded for his sake and I was given the green light to inform him... I was the one who gave him (a couple of years prior) the best news of his life, and later, the worst...

    I have to tell you all this so that you understand how difficult that subject is...

    Now, with regards to whether or not it might be possible for the Doctor to be still around despite what we all saw...

    Believe me... Not one of us present that day didn't hope for that... Until we read a piece he wanted us to read after his death. And, in that piece, he clearly says that we will never see him again.

    That does not mean we will not "feel" his presence or see him in dreams. He wrote a beautiful passage where he said (and I paraphrase) that when the wind gently caresses our faces, it will be him, when the bird sings to us, it will be him (or his spirit... again, I have to retrieve that piece from my archives)

    Noah's letter (Members Only Forum) talks about the SIX GUIDES appearing... at some point... But that's when this "cycle" will be over and a new one launched.

    With all due respect, I don't believe your friend saw Doctor Dahesh at Cairo Airport in the late 80's.

    Yes, there are friends and relatives of Doctor Dahesh alive.

    Yes, all his belongings are in the USA.

    I hope this helps.


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      Salut Mario,

      Tout d'abord je vous remercie pour être là...
      Je voudrais tellement être à votre place, vous qui connaissez le Dr. Dahech.
      Vous avez eu de la chance!
      J'ai lu et relu plusieurs fois votre réponse... je voudrais savoir sa mort était dûe à quoi? une maladie sûrement... mais laquelle? ne prévoyait il pas sa mort? Le pouvoir surnaturel qu'il possédait a-t-il pris fin avec lui ou bien a-t-il était transmis à un de ses amis ou membres de famille?
      Lequel des ouvrages du Dr. Dahech parlait de la mort et de la vie après la mort?
      Est ce que n'importe qui peut entrer la maison du Dr. Dahech à Zokak el Blat?
      J'ai essayé il y a 6 ans, le Dr. Abou Sleiman y vivait toujours, mais on m'a dit que c'était interdit quand j'ai tappé à la porte... Depuis je passe devant la maison et je l'observe bien pour la graver dans ma mémoire...

      Prière de m'informer s'il va y avoir des expo. des livres du Dahéchisme...

      A bientôt.



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        Hi Randa,

        You're welcome and thank you for your extremely kind words.

        And out of respect, I will dispense with certain cliches... I will just say this: I could never know the meaning or the feeling of NOT having known him (and THAT closely). However, I can understand... I am sure I've expressed these feelings somewhere in this "virtual city," so at the risk of being redundant, I will summarize my experience:

        Very early on I had the burning desire to meet him. Imagine everyone (practically) in your family seeing him on a daily basis (almost) and you're not part of that. Then the war happens, and now you're living in forced exile... and Dahesh is not only farther from you physically (I lived on Phoenicia street) but to add insult to injury, he departs to the USA.
        In one of the stories I told, one Daheshist summarized it for me by saying "you don't count."

        Once even, while living in the mountains, and right after having read his first book of stories, I fell in love with one passage and decided to draw it up. So I got the paper and paint ready... here I was saying to myself "One day, I am sure, I will draw for the Doctor!"

        Then, reality hit me... I was barely 17, in the middle of nowhere, and Dr. Dahesh was far, far away... And I said to myself "who am I kidding..."

        What happened a couple of years later would mark me for the rest of my life. But I will skip over this part... Just know that I would in fact be asked by Dr. Dahesh to illustrate... and not just any themes...

        So, I can assure you that I know (perhaps) a little bit about that ... yearning.

        And all I can tell you is this: pray that you never lose it. Imagine ... NOT feeling it...

        Now that we are here, let me see if I can set your mind at ease and share with you (and our esteemed readers) what I know:

        Firstly, one of the biggest misconceptions is that Doctor Dahesh (himself) had "supernatural" powers.

        While, personally, I will attest to the fact that some aspects of his "human" self were not "natural," he did not have supernatural powers. Instead, these "powers" manifested themselves, through him the following way: his body would be taken over by a particular entity (known to the Christians as "Gabriel") who we call "Brother Ali" (for Ali Ben Abi Taleb).

        Now, I know some out there may be saying "Oh, so this is a Muslim movement? I thought you said he was a reincarnation of Christ!"

        The short answer is this: The prophets (Jesus, Mohammad, Moses etc.) are all extensions of the "same" ... (let's say) higher entity. Meaning, they all come from the same place. What does "Ali Ben Abi Taleb" have to do with this? I am afraid I can't answer that question as others (who were told specific details) would. However, if I were to make an educated guess, the "entity" that was once "Ali ben Abi Taleb" during Islam, is none other than the entity who (during Christ's time) performed the miracles. So, and again I am guessing here, "Ali" is a high ranking spirit who acts as a support team for the prophets. Perhaps during Mohammad's time (and since the prophet did not perform miracles such as the ones we would see Dahesh perform) I would guess that "Gabriel" had to come to Earth as "Ali Ben Abi Taleb" ... Again, I might be wrong as far as this conclusion.

        What I am NOT wrong about, however, is that the miracles were ALL performed by "Brother Ali" ... Except for when the Doctor Dahesh people saw was in fact NOT him, but one of his SIX PERSONALITIES.

        OK, so now we're adding another component: The Prophet (in this case Dahesh) had six personalities that could appear at any time, any place, break the laws of physics, etc. I've never come face to face with a personality. I have, however, spoken many time to Brother Ali.

        Typically what would happen is this: You would be talking to the Doctor, he would say something and make you laugh... Then he would ask you "why are you laughing?" Bottom line: the Doctor himself never knew when "Ali" would take him over and perform a miracle or... converse... etc.

        But the real proof that, truly, he would be taken over by an entity, came to me this way:

        At a time he could barely walk (due to his illness), he sprinted right in front of me.

        Also, and in the beginning of this presentation, I mentioned that "some aspects of his humanity" were not human.

        I've always heard that Doctor Dahesh showered once every 6 years. I of course believe it.

        Later, I would see positive proof that, indeed, he did not shower. I know this may offend some people... but it's unbelievable to think that anyone who transpired as much as Doctor Dahesh did would be so clean after 3 weeks (and he practically never drank water... except for a couple of cups of tea, or hot water lemon and honey, or the occasional juice... )

        At the risk of sounding as if I am showing off, you'll read here and there that I've had the privilege of living with him, alone, for extended periods of time. Once, even, for 3 weeks. Just him and I. He stayed in what he often referred to as being "Mario's Apartment" in NYC.
        We had one bathroom. I showered every day. He never showered. He did shave (using an electric shaver) but... never... ever... did he shower... and yet, he was always... "glowing". Of course, he smelt like... a baby...

        I should know because I would have to help him in and out of bed, and tuck him in at night... He was in a great deal of pain and often ill. He had severe back pain for one... but he never took (or chose not to take) any drugs. One of the hardest things I had to do (often) was to call him and wake him up (upon his resquest) when he was traveling. It just tore my heart everytime...

        Here's the summary on that: Doctor Dahesh was very "athletic" ... Meaning, he could run, jump, you name it... However, and during the height of the Civil war, he began to suffer one accident after the other... He was, basically, "absorbing" the pain and hurt that some people would have suffered... Once, however, someone rammed the car door over his hand (in the USA) but a miracle occurred and the wound was immediately healed... that was a rare exception (that I know of).

        Once even, while he and I were stuck in taxi, in the middle of Times Square, in Manhattan, he had a heart attack. He clutched my hand and he let out a faint "help me" ... I will never forget that moment where both our eyes met

        But what could I have done? Traffic had come to a halt... He was, quite literally taking his last breaths...

        His eyes were so tired...

        I thought "haven't you suffered enough? Why don't you rest? Leave this hellhole of a planet!"

        But he pulled through... And what later happened that afternoon became the stuff of (comedic) legends... I'll leave out that part for the "book" (should I ever write one!) and which I would publish... AFTER my death

        And as far as the events leading up to his death... and here, I will be brief: sometime in Feb. 1984 he gives me the assignment to create 8 illustrations for "The Inferno," after which he would practically talk to me daily and ask "are you drawing?" or "how are the drawing"... he would see the preliminary sketches and approve of them (he even said "do as you so see fit" ) then... I never heard back from him... He spent 40 horrible days in a hospital. He was in a lot of pain... he suffered greatly. My brother, who saw a clip of a VIDEO (taken of him in the Hospital) said "That VIDEO should never be shown to anyone..."

        That is why, when the morticians were asked to come to the House in the USA to prepare the body, and someone had to be with them, I and 2 other Daheshists, volunteered to assist.

        I thought it was the least I could do.

        Also, being that the embalming of the Doctor's body is the ONLY event (practically) that was NEVER Taped... I figured, someone, someday, will have to describe what happened in that room.

        As for the question "Did he transfer the supernatural powers to any members of his family?"

        As we have seen, those "powers" were never his to begin with. These are manifestations that occurred by divine mandate for reasons that might or might not have been clear (that's a whole other subject)

        So, NO, and NOOOOOOO.

        As far as "did he not predict his own death"

        Perhaps... Still, we have to remember that he chose this difficult path for his own reasons. He could have said "no, I don't want to have all these accidents."

        In my opinion, what makes a prophet is not the "supernatural powers." Go read "Innocent in Chains: The Notes" and you'll see that he was subjected to extreme physical abuse... Did the torturers die on the spot? No. Could they have? Yes, of course. But why didn't they and why was Dahesh subject to all this humiliation and torture?

        The answers are here and there within this "City." I invite you to go on a journey of discovery... I am sure you'll find some answers...

        As far as the books in particular that spoke of death and life after death: without hesitation I would recommend "Strange Stories and Wondrous Tales"
        (Kisas Gharibat wa Asateer 3ajeeba)

        As far as the house in Zokak el Blat... I can't answer that question. All I can tell you is this... Move on... Look into your heart... that's where Dahesh is and not in that, or any other house.

        Perhaps... One day, if all the Daheshists, finally come together, as one heart, and (say) Daheshville would be accepted as a viable meeting place by all (until a real city is built... one day) then, I am sure, someone will invite you to enter and visit...

        On the other hand... I DO have pictures of the interior... as well as a floor plan...Hmmm... Maybe I'll post them... We'll see...

        Lastly, as far as the book shows... No idea.. With the exception of the people in Daheshville, I have (practically) no contact with anyone. In fact, you might not want to mention my name to your "Daheshist" friends. They just might freak out and start breaking onions! ( And to learn what THAT means, search for "Break an Onion" )

        Speaking of "Breaks"... Time for me to say "until next time!"

        Best Regards,

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          Regarding "how did Dr. Dahesh die?"

          This evening I received a private email asking me (if possible) to share what I know about how Doctor Dahesh passed away.

          As I mentioned in my reply above, it might have been sometime in Feb. 1984 that I would last see or speak with Doctor Dahesh.
          Right around this time, he was contacting me often to check on the status of my drawings for the "Inferno"

          Then, no word.

          There was that one time when a Daheshist sister called me and asked me if I could look for the name of the drug that was prescribed to him (I happened to have the pill container with the prescription). I remember I heard two clicks. In other words, she hung up, then someone else hung up afterwards... I just knew he was listening on the other end.

          It was an eerie feeling.

          I would even have the carpet professionally cleaned... thinking that he might appear at some point and stay over. But that moment never happened.

          On April 9, I was entertaining a close friend, and we finished dinner and we both returned to the apartment. At 9 PM, a Daheshist, the brother of the woman who had called me about the medicine, called me and said "Mario, I need to inform you of some terrible news. The Doctor passed away this evening..."

          I asked him if he (or his family) wanted me to be there. I did it out of respect... He of course said yes.

          Seeing me perturbed, my friend enquired and I told him that a very dear person to me passed way that evening. He told me not to worry about him, and that he would stay over (as planned) and lock up everything and head to school via subway.

          I drove from Manhattan to Greenwhich.

          I got to the house...(I won't name the people who were there... out of respect for their identities... Let's just say that there was the "main family" comprised of the Mother, 2 sons and 2 daughters, a Daheshist sister (who was like a member of that family), and another family consisting of a Daheshist, his wife and her mother. They were the only ones who knew what was going on for the last 40 days—which, means, the Doctor might have been rushed to the hospital (I don't remember if it was in Greenwich or in NY —which was right next door practically) end of Feb 84.

          From what I was able to gather, he was so sick... practically everything in his body began to give out.
          His body showed evidence of bed sores... which means he lay in bed for 40 days.
          I also heard that he was unable to speak at one point.
          And, lastly, the Daheshist sister who would speak with him last, said that the Doctor came out and told her that they were not able to revive him.

          I remember that sister being very angry at the doctors at that hospital. And not just the doctors, but the nurses as well.

          I remember they even asked her for the body bag... Imagine that... after all the money that the hospital received for (what seemed to be an uncaring a callous attitude) they wanted the bloodied body bag... I remember we were in the attic and the Sister had tears in her eyes and she was clinching her fist and swearing that she will make these doctors pay... Then I remember we decided to tell the hospital that the body bag was thrown out... Of course, it was carefully and lovingly folded and tucked away, along with his blood.

          Daheshists should also know that we asked the Morticians to preserve all the blood that was removed from his sacred body. They obliged. That blood is chemically preserved in large glass containers. I believe there were two of them...

          As far as the embalming session...

          All I can say is that the morticians were very caring, mindful, and respectful during the "operation" which lasted close to 3 hours, if I am not mistaken.

          But, many of what my eyes saw in there shall never be revealed, simply because certain things must remain forever hidden.

          He did leave us with a message of hope, however... in the form of beautiful passages he requested we read during his funeral.

          I will gather those documents and post them soon.
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