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    While we appreciate the intent behind certain individuals' work, most of what we see on many (an prolific) web sites is myth, fabrication, and downright lies.

    I know, some out there may be wondering "Hey, if Dahesh could actually perform certain miracles, what difference does it make if someone invents or takes poetic license with history? It's all 'out of this world' anyway!"

    Yes, perhaps that is correct... But since no miracle on Earth can make a person choose between right and wrong—if that person's is not willing to make the effort—converting the story of Doctor Dahesh into a sensationalized version of what was, robs the man and the prophet of his true identity by projecting the wrong image.

    Secondly, no one should invent ANYTHING unless he or she can produce positive proof of what he is saying. Or, simply say "this is my opinion... my invention... etc." (which then becomes an issue of whether or not the Trustees of the Dahesh estate—and I promise you, they HAVE money and LAWYERS—will initiate LEGAL PROCEEDINGS)

    Some are still referring to Dahesh "Saleem Moosa

    Despite our numerous attempts to show these people LEGAL documents that PROVE that is wrong, they still use that spelling.

    The correct name is
    Salim Moussa Achi

    The Dahesh Museum calls him exactly that. I have shown cancelled checks written to him and that he signed (so, I've shown his signature as well. Please see them in the Members Only area).

    Till today, "some" have NOT corrected this and I consider this a blatant disfiguration of my Beloved Guiding Prophet's identity.

    Also, in the Middle East (and for those of you who don't know) when a son is born, he automatically receives a MIDDLE NAME that is the NAME OF HIS FATHER. For example, when "Salim" was born into the "Achi" family, his name became "Salim Moussa Achi"

    And... "Achi" does NOT mean "The Astonisher."

    I know my Arabic is somewhat rusty, but, doesn't "Achi" mean... "Cook?"

    In fact, "Al-Asha" means "Dinner" ... "Ashi" is the one cooking... The spelling was perhaps "Achi" versus "Ashi" because, these parts, were FRENCH COLONIES where the "Ch" is pronounced "sh"

    Now, here is what web site is claiming:

    Dahesh claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. In one of His books titled Strange Stories and Wonderful Fables, the main character travels to a planet populated by Prophets. There he sees Jesus Christ, who says to him that humanity was destined for self-destruction because of its materialism, religious fanaticism, and for its sins against itself, the environment, and God. Christ tells him that mankind will end in a nuclear holocaust unless He (Christ) intervenes. Christ says, "...for that reason, I appeared in the 20th Century and I was known by the name of Dahesh..." (Strange Stories and Wonderful Fables, vol 3).
    Daheshists believe that He is the return of Christ; with a new body and a new name.

    OK, is the author of such claims in need of reading glasses?

    Firstly, this is sensationalized and might give the impression that Dahesh went around saying "hey, I am the reincarnation of Jesus Christ."

    Secondly, and most importantly, this is a fabrication based my response to sonic
    01-17-2007, 04:53 PM.

    Obviously that person BORROWED information I shared and... BLEW IT OUT OF PROPORTION and COMPLETELY DISFIGURED THE TRUTH.
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    "Fail, to succeed."

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    This continuation on other sites that absolutey SENSATIONALIZES what Dahesh and Daheshism is about is just a continual abomination. What is intrepretation and what is just for the most part written as if the site's author was thinking "wouldn't it be cool if..." is shooting from the him and aiming for the lowest common denomonator. The author of these sites while aparently somewhat ambitious, is writing from the perspective as if he was on the scene and knows what has transpired and knows all the facts. He doesn't. He is regurgitating what he has read (available literature as posted by Mario) and adding his own little interpretive spin to everything.

    To clarify and set the record straight on a few of the big ones:
    1. Dahesh never walked around claiming he was Christ
    2. Being a Daheshist does not mean one has the power to perform miracles
    3. To become a Daheshist, one does not fill out a form and mail it to some entity in Washington State

    The heart of Daheshism is quiet, introspective humility. This is not different than the very core of any form of established belief system that currently exists or has come before. Being a Daheshist or any other about being true to the heart of that belief. That is all. At its core it is all the same. IT IS WHAT IS IN THE HEART OF THE INDIVIDUAL THAT MATTERS. As Mario has so eloquently posted previously, (and if you have not surmised from reading this site, Mario WAS THERE) yes, there are certain thoughtful (key word here, THOUGHTFUL, as in to be full of thought) rutuals or ways of praying that have been shown by Dahesh to be helpful to us... Much like Christ teaching us how to pray. The ACT in and of itself is only as meaningful as our THOUGHTFULNESS of the act and place in our heart that our very intentions manifest from.

    My father once wrote on the sign board out in front of the Baptist Church I attended as a child: "Pep without Purpose is Piffle". I always chuckled at the alliterative fun of saying that... but it is true and it embodies what I am trying to convey.

    Those of us that refer to our belief system as "Daheshism" are not in the business of conversion. We do not sell hyperbole...we sell nothing! In essence, the teachings of Dahesh are nothing new. It is refinement, it is tuning, it is filling in the gaps of the same information that couldn't have been filled in during the context of previous generations. It is disturbing to see other sites reduce the inherent simple message of Daheshism in to breathless soundbites. This is missing the point.
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      The people that I know and have met in my life that are Daheshists are if anything MODEST to the extreme. Private, reverent, respectful.

      The deeper one ventures into seeing the truth within ones' self...the more HUMBLING the life experience becomes. It is as with any knowledge..the more I know, the more I realise what I don't know. If one READS how to repair a gasoline engine and thinks to him/herself "Ah, now I can repair engines..." this is different than the next step of actually walking the walk and repairing your own car in your own driveway. One has not walked the walk of ACTUALLY REPAIRING a gasoline engine. One, also in his/her arogance, in now thinking they can repair engines are totally lost at the next turn of life...what if confronted with a jet engine, what about a diesel engine...? The aspect of combustion (fuel and air) is the same in concept but totally different in function and application.

      To reinforce what Mario has written elsewhere...EVERYTHING MATTERS...right down to the most subtlest of intentions. The energies of the world and WORLDS that exist, known and unknown are probably driven more by these inner thoughts and INTENTIONS of what is in the hearts and minds of all God's creatures than anything else. This is sort of the micro world that drives the macro world. Atoms and electrons and the space around them (space that we can't even see) determines what the table is. The table does not determine what its atoms are.

      The point is, that while a lot of this information and recountings may be quite sensational, it is not to be lowered to the level of being sensationalism. Those that have spoken of witnessing the miracles of Dr. Dahesh are utterly humbled by them. They are humbled by what the miracles represent to them. Humbled by the grace of God that they witnessed something so other worldly. These miracles occured for nothing other than by the very will of this grace of God and the unknow divine order for that particular person and that particular time and that particular place. The woman that was hurting and tormented, wanting to touch Jesus and seek healing (physical, spiritual and mental) and was not healed specifically because of touching Jesus' robe. I am sure many as he moved through the crowd touched his robe. The miracle of healing was just for that place, in that was just by what God only knew to be in her heart. Jesus did not directly perform the miracle of helping this woman, rather he turned and said to her "your faith has healed you." The miracles of Jesus Christ are in the same vein of experience as those who witnessed Dr. Dahesh.
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        The important thing here on this site to those that knew Dahesh and other contributors is that the documentation of history, and the experiences known to have occured regarding Dr. Dahesh and his life and his existence is done clearly, honestly and correctly.
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