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What was Dahesh's Vision for his Museum?

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  • What was Dahesh's Vision for his Museum?

    According to one reliable source, the artifacts that the Doctor had collected over the course of his lifetime (and almost until the end of his life) are supposed to have spiritual fluids that connect them to particular people. So, in other words, let's say a person visits the collection, and comes face to face with a particular painting or piece of art which contains a spiritual fluid belonging to (at whetever level) that person, the circle would then be complete and that person (again, according to the reliable source) reclaims that spiritual fluid. This, in theory, is important because the ultimate goal is to "harvest" all the spiritual fluids and (hopefully) "send" them to a higher dimension.

    The Doctor, according to the "legend" went to TWO COLUMBUS CENTER, the building he has always wanted. At the time the building was vacant. In fact, Mario Henri Chakkour will vouch for that fact because, a couple of years after that alleged visit, he attended (for 1.5 years) New York Institute of Technology, which was RIGHT AROUND the corner from "The Museum." Chakkour walked by the building (practically) every day. Also, the architect of this building (Edward Durell Stone) designed the Pheonicia Hotel in Beirut (which rose right in front of Chakkour's Beirut residence). In any case, that building stood unoccupied for... ever. But, at the time, we believe that the asking price was something in the range of 1 million dollars... (as was reported by some... we are not sure if that number was correct, or if WE heard it wrong...) In any case, it was out of the Daheshist Mission's range to acquire that building—at the time.

    Still, the Doctor had always wanted THAT building.

    Now, just about every Daheshist who was anywhere near the Doctor in those days, knew that this was the future location (at least, in THEORY) of the Daheshist Museum...

    Ah, but did they also know that the Doctor also wanted a BOOKSTORE ON THE SAME PREMISES?

    And did they also know that the Doctor (supposedly) wanted the BOOKSTORE to SELL HIS BOOKS?...

    In other words, the Doctor did NOT disassociate the (essentially) DAHESHIST PUBLICATIONS (therefore DAHESHISM) from the MUSEUM!

    Please read that last sentence over and over and over...
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    This is very, very sad to hear. It appears, outwardly anyway, many things were reasonably clear as to the wishes of how things ought to be after the death of Dr. Dahesh. Piece by piece little bits of information such as this come forward and they only seem to raise questions that have answers we may never know.

    I think there are a lot of good people out there (and here) that either can or know of those who can help and want to help maintain something that is good and decent and true to what Dr. Dahesh would have wanted to have happen. I pray for those that have been entrusted with the works of Dr. Dahesh and the museum and the library and that important part of the enduring legacy. The pressure and responsibilities that are exerted upon these people must be monumental. However, I do not understand the Museum's apparent outward position relative to the legacy of Dr. Dahesh.

    There are those here in Daheshville that were very close to the Dr.'s trustees many years ago, and due to what apparently was a situation of "we just can't work together" and a major blow out; friends, family, brothers and sisters parted. It was then, and even more so now, sadder than words could ever convey.