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About the heavenly levels.

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  • About the heavenly levels.

    Dear brother Mario, as far as I know, the spirit "Christ" is the spirit that has the spiritual fluids of prophets; the spiritual fluids that are spread in the (material) world.
    My question is: Did Dr. Dahesh mention the total number of spirits; the mothers of spiritual fluids as they are called? other than the spirit "Christ"? If yes did he name any of the spirits?
    Another question, I know that 600 spiritual fluids emerged from the 20th spiritual fluid. And I know that there are heavenly worlds that are ruled by a personality of Dr. Dahesh, for example, the world of the 400th personality and the world of the 600th personality and so on.
    Does the number of the world indicate the number of spiritual fluids in it? If yes, then in what way?
    I just want to ask you if you may explain to us the matter in detail, please.
    You have all my respects.
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    Originally posted by Y.S. View Post
    I know that 600 spiritual fluids emerged from the 20th spiritual fluid.
    I'll address your question in due time.

    However, I need you to specify exactly where you got that information from: was it from one of those Web Sites we've been telling everyone not to trust, or was it from a trusted Daheshist.

    Let me cut to the chase: I want to make sure you didn't read it on one of those web sites we've been telling everybody to avoid.

    So, keep short, keep it sweet. Thank you.
    "Fail, to succeed."


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      Dear brother Mario, I am as I am with everybody, always. I respect and love all people, regardless of their point of view. I like to know other people's opinions
      As to to the information, I got it from a Daheshist believer, many years ago.
      He explained it to me verbally. But I accuse myself for forgetting the details. Again, my question is based on my belief in the guiding beloved prophet. Human beings are apt to forget certain details.
      Furthermore, knowledge is light as its written in the Holy Quran.
      Am waiting for the explanation, and as always, you have my brotherly love and respects.
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        Sorry for falsely interpreting the information about the number of spiritual fluids and counting them as 600. I mislead myself!
        It was many years since I had them, and I regret not writing the information on a copybook.
        Indeed, as its known, to confess one's mistakes is VIRTUE.
        So, As I know for sure, the 600 personality refers to the WORLD LEVEL of the lofty personality.
        May God bless you all.