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  • Top 10 Books by Dr. Dahesh

    Hello All,

    While I have read some books or book extracts written by the Dr. online, as hard copies I only have two books that I found at a local bookshop:

    - Anasheedee أناشيدي (My Songs)
    - Nasheed Al-Hob نشيد الحب (Love Song)

    Now I want to buy some books from Dahesh Heritage Book Bookstore, and I know shipping will cost an arm & leg.

    May anyone please advise me what are the top 10 "informative" books of the 150 books written by the Dr. ?

    The two books I own may or may not be in that list.
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    Personally, I don't tend to rank Doctor Dahesh's books in terms of which one is more informative than the other. I say that because he never wrote anything that didn't contain a message. So, for example, when he wrote about the "Six Goddesses" he was, in fact, referring to the Six Personalities. Even those passages that might otherwise sound like love poems, were not. And that is a long, very long conversation we can have. Consider this: no sooner you read what you think is a love poem, than another passage condemning marriage will hit you like a ton of bricks. Surely, that could leave you bewildered and confused. And if helps, please know that Doctor Dahesh once told Chucri Chakkour that it took him 20 years to make a Daheshist out of someone.

    Still, you have to start somewhere, and here I'll cite some of the books that Doctor Dahesh gave me himself:

    Memoirs of a Dinar (Muthakkaraat Diinaar). Doctor Dahesh wrote it in one sitting. The spirit, literally, guided his hand. One thing about the ending, though: I did ask the Doctor (circa 1983) about the ending, while he was staying with me in NYC... and, for the record, he smiled and said, "It's just a story I wrote." And gave me the universal hand sign that says, "don't worry about it, and let me get back to work." That quick exchange marked me. I understood that to mean that whatever is written might not necessarily happen verbatim. Still, part of the story did come true... verbatim. Perhaps the rest is happening, as we speak, but in a more insidious manner.

    The Miracles and Wonders of Doctor Dahesh (Mu3jizaat wa khawaarik al Doctor Dahesh) by Lutfi Radwan (Not sure you'll find this one. However, I used as the foundation of Part2 of Podcast series on Daheshism)

    Strange Tales and Wondrous Legends (Quisas Gharibat wa 2asateer 3ajiibat) 1 & 2 (you should get all 4... except that I don't think #3 will be available to the public anytime soon... )

    Memoirs of Jesus The Nazarene (I know they translated "Muthakkaraat Yasoo3 al naasiri" to "The Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth"... but that's actually incorrect... for one thing the title clearly states "Al Naasiri" and if you Google "The Nazarene" the first link you'll get is the Wikipedia page, that states "Nazarene is a title applied to Jesus"... but I digress!

    WORDS (Kalimmaat)... Classic Doctor Dahesh

    There are others... but, start here first. Oh, if you can, add "Thukrayyaat Al Maadi" from the series called "7adaa2iku al 2alihat tuwashiihat alwurud al firdawsiyyat."

    This last one has a copy of the Prayer of Dahesh.

    Also, it has the last entry he made before his capture, torture, and deportation to Aleppo, after which he was left on the Turkish border...
    After that, you'll see new entries, in which he thanks those who stood by him, and those who chose to look the other way...

    On that front, and since I seriously doubt any of us will see Doctor Dahesh's autobiographical account of his ordeal (a 2-part book called Innocent in Chains), I recommend the next best thing: Innocent in Chains — The notes. Start here...
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      Thank you for your lengthy answer !

      I thought "Humble Supplications" was sort of an unofficial but recognized book of daheshist prayers.

      And "The Inferno of Dr. Dahesh" seems a rich book, but alas it is not for sale.

      Many books are not published, which is odd, why hide the books while the parts of the books which may seem controversial to the public are already revealed.


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        You're welcome!

        "Humble Supplications" is a wonderful book of prayers that the Doctor left us. You should definitely add it to your list.
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