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First Letter from Ghazi Brax to Darrick Evenson

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  • First Letter from Ghazi Brax to Darrick Evenson

    Greetings Everyone,

    Typically, I would keep this letter which Darrick Evenson had received from Ghazi Brax in May of 2006 in the vault.

    However, after almost a year of observing Darrick's behavior, I came to the final conclusion: If Brax can trust someone such as Darrick Evenson, one might easily come to the conclusion that Mr. Brax might have trusted just about anyone... Not unless, of course, Mr. Brax condones the recent actions of Mr. Evenson. The reason I mention this is because, so far, Mr. Brax has not come forth with his side of the story.

    "Ne Dit Mot Consent" as they say in French (He who says nothing, gives his consent) Or, in Arabic "Saame3 Al Ghaybati Ka Kaa'iliha" (He or she who hears something spoken about someone who is not present—and does not speak out—might as well have said it him or herself)

    The stack of emails I have collected clearly gives the impression that Mr. Brax empowered Mr. Evenson to go and spread Daheshism.

    The information these letters contain are the type that only those who are "worthy" should have. Well, Mr. Brax had certainly deemed Mr. Evenson "worthy."

    I think it would be fair to suggest that if Darrick is "worthy" so are the rest of us...

    If you wish to read the content of this first letter in which Brax gives Evenson some rather sensitive information (in my humble opinion) please go into the Members Only Section—in the archives.
    "Fail, to succeed."