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The new book by Georges Henry Chakkour

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  • The new book by Georges Henry Chakkour

    I came across Georges' new book. It is French and the Title is

    "LE DAHESHSIME A VOL D'OiSEAU" (or... "Daheshism, a Bird's Eye View" if my French is correct) ...

    Anyway, I flipped through the few sample pages and I liked what I saw...

    Here are some excerpts which I translated to the best of my abilities. I also feature these words especially as an antidote to some of the garbage I've been seeing... including here in Daheshville, where one of the members proclaimed he is a Racist and proud of it, and that his defense was (allegedly) Daheshist Doctrine does not discuss racism... In other words, because (allegedly) Daheshist Doctrine does not say "Racism is evil" then it must be OK.

    What are we, 6 years old?!

    Anyway, I think you'll get the idea when you read these excerpts from Georges Henry Chakkour.

    And Dahesh would add:

    "The role of these spiritual manifestations is to attract the attention of the Century to the age old question of the existence of the Soul and its immortality! These signs that derogate the immutable laws of nature, indubitable proof of the existence of the Divine, will give back to the century its faith in its religions, because this century of technology no longer believes. The witness who would have touched one of these miracles, if he is Christian, he will cling to the spirit of the New Testament, if he is Muslim, at the Koran's, and so goes for the Jew as well as the Buddhist."


    I think I have already mentioned that Doctor Dahesh taught very little in public and leaving this up to his disciples. He was, by choice and by nature, not prolific in theoretical teachings; and, personally, I cannot attribute to him any study, any synthesis, or critical analysis on the issue of spirituality. In all my life, I have never heard him "preach" or "moralize" in front of guests, or even in private, in the midst of his disciples.


    (Daheshism)... is the religion of the good sense of reason! Of brotherly love and of Universal tolerance of the beliefs! Of the equality of the races and cultures! Of the absolute liberty of opinions, in the mutual respect of those of others!

    A religion that cannot be any more humane, founded on the respect of social laws, of the intellectual and artistic values (" The arts are the breath of God in the silt of Man..." would say Dahesh standing before a beautiful canvas), the return to a social life, to a more just and equitable social justice. In one word: she works to reinforce all the principles of democracy and of virtue.

    She personifies and builds in all its coherence, the fundamental Unity of Man and his religions, all of which emanate from one unique source: God, Creator and Master of the Universe! She teaches that "their apparent diversity, often even contradictory" is due only to the era which they addressed. May these religions be monotheistic or polytheistic. "To each people his message..."

    Also Dahesh would reaffirm after Jesus, that it is not the Jews nor the Christians, and today neither the Muslims nor the Daheshists who will be saved, but rather those who would have accomplished the will of GOD, clearly underlined in the holy scriptures (The Pentateuch, The New Testament, or the Koran, to cite a few). That an Atheist who does good and protects justice, has a much better chance of evolving towards a better World than a believer who merely says "Lord! Lord! I believe in you!" and does not fulfill His Will.
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    Originally posted by Mario

    I came across Georges' new book. It is French and the Title is

    "LE DAHESHSIME A VOL D'OiSEAU" (or... "Daheshism, a Bird's Eye View" if my French is correct) ...

    Anyway, I flipped through the few sample pages and I liked what I saw...

    Oh yes that must be an excellent book ... I've also loved what I've read from the samples on his web site ...

    If you really want to learn about Doctor Dahesh and Daheshism ... Believe me, we can trust Georges !!!

    Also, from what I've seen on the cover, this book has been written under "the direction" of his/your older brother Chucry ... They are both wonderful ambassadors OF DAHESHISM ...

    These are men WHO DO KNOW everything we need to know about Daheshism.

    If I may say so, I think they have brilliant minds, they are really bright and MOST OF ALL, they are free, independant and not HYPOCRITICAL !!! ...

    THEY were so close to The Doctor and to the Greatest Daheshists from the first generation ... including THE beloved Marie Haddad ...

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      In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to go on record and say that I have neither seen or spoken to either in years. So, I assure all our readers that this is not nepotism. In fact, as my own 2 older brothers... well... I'd better keep my mouth shut. I will say this however to both of them: I am really sorry that when I was 2 or 3 years old, I made our father force you to go out at night and get me ice cream! I know as a 2 or 3 year old, with all the wisdom and maturity I should have had by then, that I should have known better.

      Sorry folks... family matters... (that was a double entendre, by the way...)
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        I do have a question though...

        ... Fine, I love French. I even love THE French.

        But for crying out loud, would SOMEONE write a decent ENGLISH VERSION already?!

        And, another thing, and this does not involve them.

        Why do I keep seeing this word "Sayyal" being used? Why not say "Fluid?"

        Once again, let me remind everyone that Doctor Dahesh didn't like it when we used English words when conversing in Arabic. The sense I got from him was that one must follow strict rules of etiquette when it came to languages.

        Here, work with me on this one: One time, he quizzed a few people and asked them (in Arabic) "Should it be Daheshists or Daheshites?"

        Someone said "Daheshite" (probably because in Arabic we say Daheshee)

        He said "Wrong, it should be DahesSHIST"

        If he wanted the American to say SAYYAL, why didn't he say "DAHESHEE" ?

        I have no problem with an English speaking person WRITING and SPEAKING Arabic (such is the case when writing the prayer and reciting the incantation). But why say "SAYYAL" when one means to say "Fluid"

        BESIDES... TO be REALLY REALLY true to form, it should be "SAYYAL ROOHY" ... meaning "SPIRITUAL FLUID"

        In other words, folks, "SAYYAL" (plural SAYYALAT) ONLY covers PART of the concept. So, you can't say "Sayyal" and mean "Spiritual Fluid"... UNLESS you say "SAYYAL ROUHY"

        "Mafhoom?" ... which is Arabic for "Capice?"

        So, please, let's drop the pretentious act and be modest.

        In fact, let me add this little Gem. The Doctor was with me in NYC and he and I were on the phone (he in the bedroom, me in the living room) and we were both trying to get a call through to Jordan. I don't remember exactly the context, but at some point, he told me in Arabic to tell the operator "Malek Hussein"... which means "King Hussein"... so, what do I do? I say "Malek Hussein" to the operator... who answers "huh?" The Doctor immediately corrects me and says ("King! King!") ... and I believe the "You idiot" was silent
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          Originally posted by Mario
          In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to go on record and say that I have neither seen or spoken to either in years.
          Me neither, I haven't seen them in years ... and yet, I do love these Daheshist brothers !

          To be really fair, I must recognize that I have really learnt a lot from them ... especially from Chucry because I was very close to him ... and, I always feel close to him although I don't see him any more ...

          I LOVE the way they both present our Faith ... with honesty, absolute frankness ... AND : They do not try to make us believe they are saints , chosen or elected people (although I really think they were "chosen" within good reasons to be close to The Doctor ) ...

          And for the record, I need to say that they have spent A LOT of time with The Doctor ... and when I say A LOT, it really means A LOT OF TIME ... THEY have understood The Daheshist message, the basis ... The subtleties ...

          I LOVE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE HUMBLE people !!! ... Without any pretension ... although they could, MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE, claim to the world, who they are and what they have lived and seen with The Doctor ... My God !!!

          I am sure that their names will be remembered as great men for our faith ... in my opinion, The Greatests are not always those you hear the most ... Unfortunately should I say !!!

          But I believe that things will naturally change because "THE GOOD" will always trimph within God's help !!!
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            Originally posted by Sandrine
            (although I really think they were "chosen" within good reasons to be close to The Doctor )
            Well, I don't want to ruin the surprise, but Georges was specifically asked by the Doctor to drop everything and dedicate himself to writing...

            Hmmm... That sort of puts a kink in the myth that only "some people" are "chosen" to write about Daheshism.

            OK, and as if I haven't been brutally blunt already...

            Over here... "Elegance, and fluidity of motion"... because it is MEANT to be.

            Over there... "A Rhapsody in Blah" because it if forced and NOT meant to be.

            And remember folks... an "Instrument" is nothing with the "artist"
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              Books by Georges Henry Chakkour

              Is there a US or Canadian distributor? I was unable to locate one.

              I just answered my own question:

              Librairie Gallimard Montréal
              3700 boul. Saint-Laurent
              Montréal QC
              H2X 2V4 Canada
              (Tél: 514-499-2012)
              courriel : [email protected]
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                Originally posted by ronschaum
                Is there a US or Canadian distributor? I was unable to locate one.
                Dear Ron ... I don't know if you've seen those links from Editions Jeune Lévrier's website ?


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                  Yes, I finally found it?