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    Images from

    When I saw this picture in reference to Moon Dwellers, my jaw dropped. Dr. Dahesh is not the first to suggest such winged Moon Dwellers, even if it is claimed to be only imagination.

    Many have laughed Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and those that believed in moon men to scorn once astronauts landed on the moon and found it uninhabited. Perhaps there is a dimension of the moon unseen by physical eyes in which these beings dwell without need for air, food, and water. Heaven knows.

    If someone can translate the Arabic text in the image, that would be helpful.
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    Originally posted by WingedPaladin View Post

    Perhaps there is a dimension of the moon unseen by physical eyes in which these beings dwell without need for air, food, and water.

    Let's take this one step further: The Universe as it appears to us humans is but an illusion that is characteristic of the dimension we are bound to as a result of our deeds (which includes thoughts as well as actions).

    To us, the Moon is a baron wasteland. However, to those who have elevated their "frequency" (or essential life force — the Spiritual Fluids) and have consequently merited to experience a different "dimension," the Moon may not even exist in the form we perceive it to be.
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      I would like to share some important facts about Daheshism with all respect to all brothers and sisters.
      Actually,the guiding beloved prophet came to earth to save the souls from all the difficulties that they may encounter in the flesh,so reading God's words that are given by the prophets will help us continue our journey of faith.Since Dr.Dahesh came to strengthen and confirm the messages that are given by the messangers like prophet Mohammed(P.B.U.H),and prophet Moses(P.B.U.H),and all messangers including Lord Jesus, for their messages are one and we follow their words. And all the stories that Dr. Dahesh. wrote were inspired by God to confirm other religions beliefs like the fact of reincarnation.And the miracles that he performed by God's will,were to STRENGTHEN US in our faith,and ofcourse to help those who suffered from the diseases.
      So the guiding beloved prophet was given the authority from God to perform the heavenly miracles CONTINUALLY DURING his stay on earth.
      But Dr.Dahesh specifies in his stories that miracles may take place from one time to another even if he is not with us in the flesh,For they happen according to the deservance of the spiritual fluids in us,and due to our faith in God, but ONLY prophets like Lord Jesus and Dr. Dahesh can perform miracles continuously and the prophets whom I mentioned before, for they happen with us (if the prophets are not with us) they happen RARELY, due to reasons that are based on a previous reincarnations,and IF they happen it is up to us to believe in them,for they happen at God's specific time,and not as they used to take place when prophets came to earth for only the prophets whom I mentioned, they know by the spirit, the time any miracle may take place on earth and not ANY other person may know,even if SOME miracles JUST HAPPENED with himSo when the prophets returned to heaven,miracles stopped, but in the gospels the facts of the miracles taking place was due to the presence of lord Jesus who was ACTUALLY with them after the crucifixion (IN THE FLESH)and the rising of that PERSONALITY from the dead was to strengthen people in God's faith,since according to Daheshism It was one of the six personlities which was crucified, to proptect his prophet (who was with some of his deciples DURING the cricifixion period,so that he cannot be harmed brutally,i.e. he was guided to a safe place,but IN THE SAME TIME one of HIS personalities was crucified,(and as we know a personlity is an extention of his spirit that is dwelling in a high spiritual blessed world) since Lord Jesus was the true example of obedience TO the ALMIGHTY GOD and according to Daheshism it explains how the six personalities incarnated many times during Dr. Dahesh's presence and the Daheshists at that time so six persons infront of them and talked to them,and touched them,and these personalities performed miracles infront of the first Daheshists who are MY and our example i.e. are the example to follow by all living Daheshist nowadays..and now, all what we ask for is God's aid,and we all know how Daheshism stood against liers who tried to make religion a trade in order to gain money,for evil is present wether we denied it or not,and may take many forms,but it exists.and the spiritual fluids that have been acquired in us due to previous reincarnations help us and give us aid and help and even thoughts that are stored in our unconcious mind.Since the high spiritual fluids are from heaven and return to their.So indeed Dr. Dahesh came to confirm the HOLY messages of the prophets who came before,since their nessage are ONE,and there is no difference between the prophets.
      And one of the best and main references to the Dr.'s teachings which I entirely believe in is found in the magazine of "the voice of Dr.Dahesh"where you read the conversations that are being held between Dr.Ghazi Brax and Dr.Dahesh were full explations are being told.
      And nothing can be compared to what the prophets teach us,for they have the complete solution to all our questions.And GOd bless you ALL.
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        Test your faith

        Test your faith :

        Swami mentions : craters, the rivers, the mountains and its all there in Dr.Dahesh Photo of the Book above.
        Could it be coincidence?


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          Dear Sonic,
          First of all sorry for replying very late because this is according to some difficult situations that hindered me from writing as soon as you have posted your post.
          So,as for the subjest that you have posted,I believe that only God can perform miracles,and we all agree that without the guiding beloved prophet we cannot be assured that a miracle has happened,that's why Dr.Dahesh,kept on assuring his brothers and sisters in faith wether a miracle has happened with them or not.So Dr.Dahesh whan he was in the flesh,he assured people and then they could be sure about it.
          But as for the miracle that you have posted,all what I can tell you is that it might have happened,for only God knows.I DON'T KNOW.
          And as we are all believers,we know and believe that prayer is an important factor in the believer's faith and life that gives strength in encouraging us in the word of God.And God bless you.
          Best regards,
          Youssef Kabalan Salameh


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            If a Miracle does happen, EVERYBODY can see it

            If you really want to help Sonic, look for the obvious and point it out. And the obvious requires logic.

            Logically, if the moon should be removed from its orbit, Earth would shake and the waters of the Ocean would rise (no?).

            How come none of that happened?

            And how come no one else on the Planet reported the Moon Missing on that day? Oh, that's right... Swami's will on that night made sure that NO one looked up the sky...

            "This" Swami said, "is the moon ... (Silence for a while) ... now clear all your doubts about the feature of the moon". So saying He started showing the craters and the rivers on the moons surface. As long as the 'moon' was there in Swami's hand there was no 'moon' in the sky. When asked what would happen when anyone looked up and did not find the moon present as usual or questioned the disappearance of the moon all of a sudden, Swami said, "Nothing happens without my will. As long as the moon, which I have reduced to a size enough to fit into my palms, is in my hand, no one in the world will dare look up in the sky. I have willed that".

            Based on what that Swami is saying, HE was able to control the minds of billions of people... Wow... Not even GOD has ever claimed to do that in ANY of the holy books.

            Obviously, this is a situation where one either believes or does not believe.

            But what strange in this particular case is that this Swami is truly made out to be...Almighty GOD.

            If he is not, then, no, this is not a coincidence: He either read Doctor Dahesh's book or is familiar with the information that Winged Paladin shared with us. Or, he simply has a very active imagination.

            After all... he thinks he IS GOD.

            And people wonder why the end may be coming...
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              Hi Mario

              hi Mario how are you long time...
              Lets forget their miracles and who they are and lets focus on their message
              Both I swear my soul sing with their teachings one of love the second of good manners.
              I beleive in miracles everyone if he prays will have...
              As for the logic if GOD Will than it is GOD will ocean respond to GOD will


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                Hi Sonic

                I am doing very well, thank you.

                You know, your post made me think hard about my own journey (as I near 50 years of age).

                I went into my archives and retrieved a small cardboard box in which I had crammed close to 96 items. Each one of these items was miraculously touched by Doctor Dahesh between 1980 and 1984. Then I began making a list of all the Miracles I saw and I stopped counting at 130.

                At least 130 miracles —including a couple of prophecies given to me by Brother Ali... Imagine that.

                What does it all mean?

                I don't have an answer.

                Do I believe in Dr. Dahesh thanks to the Miracles?

                I don't have an answer for that either.

                But I do know that there comes a time when a person must be clear and unequivocal about his or her personal convictions, and with that I respectfully decline your suggestion of discounting the issue of Miracles (and by Miracles, I mean the kind of physical phenomena that only the Creator can show us as a means of establishing unmistakable—to some— and direct contact with humans... in other words... the stuff that only legends and mythology talks about).

                Yes, I will always maintain that no Miracle can be compatible with physics, because the day science can prove the existence of GOD, we won't need Faith anymore, and that is not part of the equation I think. Perhaps that is why Jesus Christ blessed those who believe without having seen.

                Miracles — in conjunction with science — can inspire us to imagine how the universe might function. But that would fall into the realm of philosophy. And typically, Physicists don't like to go into philosophy because their job is specific: observe and quantify based on the observation and hopefully be able to make accurate predictions as far as the applications of these formulas are concerned.

                Either way, Miracles, the true Miracles that are way and beyond any mere "miracle" we experience on a daily basis (for example, the fact that Daheshville is still here, IS a "miracle" to me) are — in my opinion — the only "fingerprints" of the Creator. The Creator left these fingerprints on purpose. They are part of the Creator's Identity. As for the purpose, only the Creator knows. To many, it is an open and shut case: "Miracles prove the existence of GOD." This is an acceptable premise provided that "proof" is not of the academic kind. In other words, those who think they can apply " scientific Logic" and come to any definite conclusions about the existence of GOD have neither understood science nor (perhaps) the concept of Faith.

                Be that as it may... For me to remove Miracles from the formula, would be unthinkable.

                I am inspired by many people's words. Many of them if fact might have a spiritual fluid from particular prophets. I've written often (and I've even published an article in a magazine circa 1995) that Daheshism considers certain people of thought and scientists as a type of prophet in their own right.

                However, to me, there can only be one Beloved Guiding Prophet who comes from the same source of all the other (true) prophets, in order to renew the contract between his people and the Creator.

                That prophet was a prophet in the true sense of the word because he carried the Creator's "fingerprint"... in other words, through him, Miracles (with a capital "M") took place. Miracles that would make you shake to your core and drop on the floor from joy and awe... But Miracles alone cannot save us nor can they save humanity if humanity does not change. That is why we must work together to fix this planet. But do we "fix" things? We can't impose anything on anybody, not including "good behavior."

                That is why we try through our deeds (as Daheshists) to inspire those who believe in Jesus to follow his teachings. The same goes for the Muslims, the Jews, the Buddhist, and the Mormons (about whom I have learned a lot over the course of the year).

                If everyone followed their own prophet, the world would be such a better place... And, here, I will remind those Daheshists who never raised one voice when the Dahesh Museum falsified the truth to rise and speak out.

                And there are those who will want to refer to themselves as Daheshists.
                But when, where, and how... Only God knows. I believe a Daheshist society will be formed and cities will be built...
                But that cannot be the end by itself: before Daheshist cities and temples are built, true love, cooperation and a lack of competition must reign supreme.

                In the meantime, we cannot succumb to anyone who turns out to be a charlatan, no matter how great his or her message is. A lot more goes into the making of a prophet than a great message (which, these days, can easily be designed by many Marketing and PR Agencies... Just look at the great Message that the Dahesh Museum is sending out...

                No, what matters are the deeds. And anyone who fakes being a prophet by having a powerful PR campaign publish reports of Miracles is not anyone we should trust.

                Sooner or later, whether we want it or not, and according to Father Noah's letter, this "cycle" will be over and a new one will begin.
                Until then, we must live every minute to the fullest and keep in mind that Death is but a Beginning. Until then, let us not follow false prophets for we will have to go back to where we started from — in other words: we would fail the class.

                And I don't know if a Daheshist temple will be built in THIS cycle. I'd like to think that one might be given the opportunity to return and continue the work.

                And, Sonic, I do certainly respect your way of seeing the world and I'm open minded:

                Schedule me an appointment with Swami or anyone you want to. If they can make my prayer that I burn reappear from the ashes in my own hand, I will accept them as my prophet. But I know they won't be able to. They can't. They won't. In fact, they won't even dare take the challenge.

                I don't mean to turn this into a competition. However, there comes a time when certain lines must be drawn.

                Thank you for your kind understanding.

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                  Hi Mario

                  I didnt visit him yet. But i would like to visit him , maybe we can go visit him in india together sometime


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                    I had to do some soul searching before responding to you. Then I remembered a story that I am sure I posted sometime ago in Daheshville, and it had to do with Doctor Dahesh telling a couple of us how hard he tried to convince Doctor Khabsa (perhaps, the only true best friend he's ever had) that certain things he read in a supposedly reputable magazine weren't true.

                    If memory serves me, this had to do with certain discoveries made in Sweden in the area of the "paranormal." According to what I heard the Doctor say, he and Dr. Khabsa traveled to Sweden and visited the research center quoted in the magazine. Not only did they find that the experiments never took place, but the people at the center (in Sweden) never even heard of the "experts" mentioned in the magazine.

                    That being said, I would love to go with you. However, being that it is in India, it is not practical.

                    But you don't need me to go there by yourself. Just eat and drink well before you visit him and don't accept any food or drink — just to be on the safe side.

                    Lastly: My dear Sonic, you and I — from the beginning — have always been candid with one another. So I'll be candid with you:

                    I've had my rite of passage.

                    This one's yours to take and you should take it and I encourage you to follow your bliss, as Joseph Campbell would say.

                    Perhaps all the Energy that exists in the Universe is constant and nothing can be created from scratch. Instead, it get reshuffled based on merit.

                    You seem to have been given a lot already. Be careful were you invest your time, effort, and energy.

                    Beware of the "black holes" that lie in the middle of some of the brilliant "galaxies."

                    Still, nothing can make you believe anything except your own personal first-hand experience.

                    Personally, I make it a rule not to travel beyond a radius of 50 miles for this sort of thing
                    "Fail, to succeed."


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                      Speaking from Experience

                      Finding out about this Swami when he was first mentioned here sent me first into exhilaration and then depression. The first from believing there to be a Christ walking among us today, and the second from discovering the testimonies against him and the types of miracles he performs today (manifesting trinkets) compared to the miracles of Dr. Dahesh. It is my wish the testimonies against this Swami are not true. However, what he has been accused of is a common, very destructive, and addictive spiritual trap - especially among those with similar esoteric beliefs concerning the spiritual body. There is much I do not know concerning this Swami and so I am in no place to judge. But for my spiritual safety, I will exercise caution in this case and don't wish to see anyone here caught in such an excruciating storm.


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                        Originally posted by WingedPaladin View Post

                        There is much I do not know concerning this Swami and so I am in no place to judge. But for my spiritual safety, I will exercise caution in this case and don't wish to see anyone here caught in such an excruciating storm.
                        You are right ... NO one living nowadays on Planet Earth can be compare to Doctor Dahesh ...

                        Doctor Dahesh is far beyond comparison and there is no risk that those who met HIM would ever be caught in the hands of this swami or any other man or woman ... For those who did not have this experience, I agree that they should always remain very very cautious !

                        Indeed I've seen videos showing people kneeling and bowing before this swami ... and I must admit that, from what I remember, I have never seen people acting this way when Doctor Dahesh entered a room ... although there was always a great sense of respect when HE was among us ...

                        How can we explain that when A Real Prophet - Doctor Dahesh - was among us, many people were fighting A Man who was Perfection on Earth and who was representing "Truth and Light" ... and now people are believing in gurus as if they were God's Messengers ?

                        Isn't there something wrong somewhere ?


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                          Mario once wrote here in Daheshville :

                          " .... We, those Daheshists who have LIVED with Doctor Dahesh, would kiss the ground he walked on. And, you know what? He would have refused. In another post, I tell the story of how he refused that a young man kisses his hand. He even said "God Forbid!" (Istakhfara Allah).... "

                          Don't we perfectly understand WHO was Doctor Dahesh here ?

                          The Doctor would have refused that a young man kisses his hand and he even said "God pardon me" (God forbid) ...

                          Can we imagine that ? ...


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                            The Doctor remained in our home in France for more than one month, and his life was very simple ...

                            He was working a lot in his room, writing, reading ... reading newspapers, selecting some articles he wanted to keep ... going in Paris to buy pieces of art, books etc ...

                            Quite every day, in the evening "we" - my family and Daheshist brothers and sisters who were visiting him or accompanying him during his trip - were getting together around HIM in the living room and HE was telling us stories in arabic ... people were laughing, talking with him ...

                            My mother was making some tea or vegetables soup for The Doctor ...

                            Life was very simple ...

                            Each time I have seen miracles in France, The Doctor called me in his room and I was only with another sister ... there was no crowd around us, everything was quiet... after that, I have never heard The Doctor telling people what happened ... no ...

                            Believe me, it has nothing to do with what I have seen when I watch those Gurus who are claiming things about themselves !!! ...

                            The Doctor never claimed anything about his own "power to perform miracles " YET ... he was able to perform miracles and I am (like many others) a living witness of it ...
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                              Originally posted by Sonic View Post
                              I didnt visit him yet. But i would like to visit him , maybe we can go visit him in india together sometime

                              Dear Sonic,

                              We do not know you, but you seem to be interested in Daheshism and you really sound like a nice man ... That's why - mostly because I think I am concern when a member of Daheshville is writing that he could trust a man like this swami - I would highly suggest you to read more about him ... He personally scares me ! So please be very careful ...

                              Here is a link : Mr Robert Priddy's website, founder member/national leader of the Norwegian Sathya Sai Organisation, who resigned in 2000 after discovering deep cover-up of murders and sex abuses.

                              Exposing major deceits by guru Sathya Sai Baba in India, incl. murders cover-up & widely alleged sexual abuse

                              and also :

                              and many other awful things ...

                              I do understand wingedpaladin's concern !