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The Consciousness of Matter

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  • The Consciousness of Matter

    Physicists and chemists are discovering more and more that particles, atoms, and molecules demonstrate active tendencies such as showing evidence of its ability to choose as discussed in quantum physics. This gives credence to the idea that matter itself is conscious.

    Evolution in the nanoworld

    The automatic molecular assembly and selection steps exhibited by the molecules, which start as random mixtures, demonstrates a fundamental step in the evolution of life. The organization is activated by instructions which are built-in to the molecules. During assembly, molecules exhibit active selection: those in incorrect positions move to make room for others which fit properly.

    For more visual evidences of the consciousness of matter see

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    Visions of Enoch

    Enoch views the Earth and hears the Earth weep.

    The Pearl of Great Price, Moses 7:48-50,58,61-65