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"Born Again with Dr. Dahesh" by Salim Ombargi

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  • "Born Again with Dr. Dahesh" by Salim Ombargi

    I am finishing up reading Salim Ombargi's book, "Born Again with Dr. Dahesh". I have maybe read or heard of bits and pieces of it over the years, but have never read it in its entirety.

    The discussion we had here on Daheshville on whether his name is spelled as Ombargi or Onbargi got me looking into him more and more and I came across a pdf of his book... (although at the moment, I can no longer find the link!).

    I have to say that it is a beautifully written, humble book. The humility of Mr. Ombargi just comes out of every page. The stories of his recounting the events of his travels with Dr. Dahesh are so wonderful and engaging.

    I am most moved by the interconnected spiritual layers of the many miracles that Mr. Ombargi had the privilege to witness. Everything from Mr. Ombargi experiencing how even prophets have to adhere to certain basic tenets while here on earth (Dr. Dahesh needed to keep his head covered otherwise he would suffer from sunstroke) to seeing Dr. Dahesh eating mounds and mounds of food one evening... all in an effort to nourish two other people that were starving.

    The book is concise, moving and poignant. I found it to be a joy and inspiration to read. The book is truly about the joy of Salim Ombargi's life altering experiences with Dr. Dahesh. It is a book not so much about the author, but rather about the amazing life of Dr. Dahesh.

    I highly recommend this book to everyone that wants to see a real and honest and joyful taste of the experience of being with Dr. Dahesh.

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    I second the recommendation!


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      Originally posted by WingedPaladin
      I second the recommendation!
      Hi Winged... nice to "read" you again... I hope you are doing well.

      Isn't his book and writing style wonderful? Salim Ombargi's book was written to illuminate the incredible life and presence and world of Dr. Dahesh. It shows so many amazing realities that were part of the daily life of our Beloved Prophet.

      The humility of Mr. Ombargi I find so very moving... he does not use the writing of a book to self aggrandize himself as some other "authors" have.