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    This is from my email archives, letters from Ghazi Brax (using his wife's name as his nom de plume) to Darrick Evenson. Don't ask me how I know this... I just know... Secondly, I am leaving the letters untouched, despite the fact Brax's insistence on Americanizing the world "Sayyaal" which means fluid. As I have indicated on numerous occarsions, Doctor Dahesh was unhappy when people mixed languages. In other words, no one would have thought of using English when speaking Arabic to him (unless, of course, they were citing an English Source or mentioning a particular name). But the idea that anyone would dare intermix languages while conversing would have been the utmost of rudeness to him.

    Now, assuming I am right... can we imagine if anyone dared invent an American word that didn't exist?


    Why say "Sayyaal" when Fluid means the same thing.

    And Sayyaal by itself does not mean "Spiritual Fluid" !

    And in any case, the plural of "Sayyaal" is "Sayyaalaat" and not "Sayyals"!

    So, at the very least, let us not butcher the Arabic Language.

    Does doing so makes Daheshism sound more "Khasr" (hip)... Give me a "Kasra" (break).

    It is perfectly acceptable to use it one or twice (correctly) to establish (for example) historical context or to provide a definition. But to try to make it part of the English Language... especially that non-Arabic speaking individuals (especially those who have not seen the "Daheshist Symbol" movie series, will not pronounce it "Mazboot" (correctly)... Yeah, how about we all start saying "Mazboot" instead of correct. But, of course, for the first million times we're using it, let's make sure that we're using both the Arabic as well as the English version... you know, to make it really, really, annoying!

    All that aside, there is a wealth of information that Brax evidently felt that Darrick Troy Evenson was worthy of having.

    Lucky for us all, Evenson sent me everything Brax sent him...

    Anyway, I present you, without further ado, the letters. Once again, I am not altering one bit the content. I did not call them "epistles," for example. All I am adding is a divider.

    Also, and these letters are in CHRONOLOGICAL order. The first one (undated) was sent to ME on May 21, 2006.

    Diclaimer: I don't necessarily agree with everything in these letters. I've certainly made my opinions clear on this business of the Governments meddling in people's private business... So, please don't shoot the messenger!

    On the other hand, and forgetting Brax's "alterations" with regard to the issue of the Virgin Birth aside (you REALLY need to be following Daheshville to know what I am referring to) there are some wonderful revelations about why Christ is called the Redeemer. I still need to compare it to what Doctor Dahesh wrote in "Strange Tales and Wondrous Myths Part3"


    Dear Darrick,

    I am writing this letter to you, as usual, in the light of Dr. Brax’ guiding.
    He praises your enthusiasm for propagating the new Heavenly Mission although you did not know Dahesh, The Beloved and Guiding Prophet nor did you witness his miracles.

    In response to your request, here are a few remarks and corrections.

    I. General Remarks:

    1. In the course of time, as you know, all religious organizations have failed. Their leaders and followers had, first, stressed the importance of good behavior and morals, a supreme cause for which the religions were revealed or created, then they preoccupied themselves with metaphysics and dogma, quarreled over them, and sometimes waged wars. Although Dr. Dahesh established a strong revealed basis for Daheshist teachings, he also emphasized the positive moral side, as the first purpose of Daheshism, and that man is not allowed to understand the Mind of God, unless he can reach the Worlds of Spirits (free of spacetime), the Realm of God.

    2. What he taught is not different from Jesus’ teaching or Buddha’s or Socrates’s or Gandhi’s. However, the morals and behavior in Daheshist teachings are seen in a new light—the Sayyals or Spiritual Fluids that are the fabric and hidden consciousness in the whole universe, creatures and things. We have, first, to comprehend the essence of these Sayyals, their effect and interaction.
    The Spirit is always in the Worlds of Spirits, or Nirvana. Dahesh, the Beloved Prophet used the term “Worlds of Spirits” much more than the term “Nirvana” which he rarely used. That was the stand of Plato. There are 150 levels in those Divine Worlds. Heavens are the highest levels. They are the Realms of God, the Almighty. The Spirit, in the Daheshist sense, cannot be in man or any other creature. Man has a soul. A soul consists of Sayyals (Spiritual Fluids). The main Sayyal gives life to man. Man also gets other Sayyals through the inherited genes from both parents. When we say Elijah is reincarnated in John the Baptist, for example, this means his main Sayyal is reincarnated in the Baptist. Now, the main Sayyal of Jesus is reincarnated in Dahesh. This same Sayyal, that was the loftiest one that ever lived on Earth, descended from his lofty realm which was in the 150th level of Paradise (not of Heavens) to redeem Adam, after his First Fall. There is a Daheshist Revelation about this First Fall which is not mentioned in the Bible. Knowing that Adam will undergo a Second Fall (the story of which is related in Genesis), that lofty Sayyal incarnated in Adam. Through this Sayyal that belongs to Jesus Christ, Jesus, before was born as Jesus, had suffered with Adam and his progeniture.

    3. We knew from Dr. Dahesh that most of the pillars of civilization have Spiritual Fluids linked in a way or another to Christ. A philosopher like Socrates, a leader like Alexander, a musician like Beethoven, a scientist like Einstein, a poet like Gibran etc… all of them have Spiritual Fluids linked directly or indirectly to Christ, i. e., and subsequently to Dahesh, the Beloved and Guiding Prophet.

    4. Each one has his own Sayyals that are of varied Spiritual levels. That’s why brothers or sisters in one family have different Sayyals. The closest siblings are the identical twins, but the small diffrerences among their Sayyals would become greater and greater with the course of time and the impact of the environment not to mention their choices.

    5. The Daheshist Revelation was transmitted down in Heavenly Messages written miraculously, i.e., instantly on sheets of paper before the eyes of witnesses. Many of them were written instantly on paper folded in the hands of the witnesses. Sometimes the Holy Spirit disclosed to special Daheshists some mysteries which shed light on events, universe, the Worlds of Spirits, or aspects of life and death. We have to look over all those holy messages to comprehend the teachings of Daheshism.

    6. Dr. Dahesh elucidated his Revelation in his writings. Instead of parables (as was in the Gospel), he used short stories, novel, poetic stories, or lyrical pieces. Most of the writings of Dr Dahesh were inspired. A holy Sayyal (a Lofty Spiritual Fluid) drove his hand as well as his thoughts while he wrote his books with an extraordinary speed.

    II. Concerning what you have published on the Internet:
    1. Although the name you suggest for Daheshim in America and the Christian countries, --Christian Daheshism or Christian Evangelical Daheshim-- may be more attractive to Christians, it contradicts the Daheshist Revelation. It should be understood that Dr. Dahesh as re-incarnated Christ, encompasses the Lofty Sayyals --Spiritual Fluids—of all the Prophets and Guides, not in his human body, but in the Heavenly entity he emanated from—Christ. Christ, in this sense is the only Way for salvation. No one can reach God but through him.

    2. Based on this fact, Buddha is still the way of salvation for Buddhists, i.e., those people whose Sayyals are on the spiritual level that corresponds to Buddhism. The same is right for the Muslims, the Jews etc… We cannot say there is only one way for salvation unless all human beings are at the same Spiritual level in their Sayyals. We are still far away from this Spiritual equality. That’s why mankind still needs different religions. Religions are like medications. You cannot prescribe the same medication to all deseases. That’s why you cannot say: Jesus is the only Way for Salvation. Christ, in the Daheshist new sense, is the only way.

    3. Dr. Brax knew for sure that Jesus survived the crucifixion, and he traveled, sometimes secretly with the Apostle Paul. However, his tomb is not in Kashmeer. For now, and for spiritual reasons, it has to be kept secret.

    4. One of the first acts of Constantine (who ruled in the 5th century). Constantine ruled in the 4th century.

    5. Before Jesus was resurrected, the Magoi (plural of Magus) used magick for either good or evil purposes. Magick (the power to overrule the laws of nature) worked then! This is way the two magicians of Pharoah could turn their staffs into serpents just as Moses did (although Moses' staff consumed the serpents of the the two court magicians). Magick (not illusion but actual supernatural acts) WORKED! However, after the resurrection of Jesus, He was granted ALL Supernatural Power, so Magick no longer worked. This is why we read in the Book of Acts that Bar-Jesus and other Magoi are using the Name of Jesus; because their old spells weren't working anymore. This is why Simon Magus offers money to Peter so he too could have this "Power"; because his own power didn't work anymore.

    Dr. Dahesh always affirmed that there has not been black magic. People were ignorant of the tricks which were made by the supposed magicians. The Magicians who were in the presence of the Pharaoh used to conceal small serpents in their wide sleeves, and when they drive their small sticks into their sleeves, the serpents bound out. The miracles are performed only be angels or Holy Spirits. The laws of nature cannot be broken but by God’s permission for proving the existence of the Almighty and attesting the authenticity of His Messenger.

    6. Dr. Dahesh did not negatively mention the founders of Mormons and Baha’I faith, but he also did not say they are Spiritual Guides. Spiritual Guides are not at the same level, so are the Prophets. He might not mention them, for they are not equal to Buddha or Lao-Tse or Confucius. On the other hand, Dr. Dahesh taught his disciples to respect all religions; however they have to expose their clergy if they are hypocrite and evil.

    7. The Paradise planets are in the Galactic Core. The Earth-like planets are in the Galactic Arms. And the Hell-planets (like those surrounding the star Monocerotis) are located in the Globular Clusters which are near but outside our Galaxy.

    Dr. Dahesh did not designate any locality in the universe for the Worlds of Paradise and the Worlds of Hell. However, he pointed out that the worlds belonging to the high levels of Paradise are of very high frequency. This means they cannot be perceived by our senses, nor by the most powerful telescopes and subsequently they cannot be localized.

    8. The Daheshite Christian Faith teaches 450 degrees of Paradise, Earthly, and Hell planets. Daheshism teaches 150 levels of Worlds of Hell, 150 levels of Worlds of Paradise, and 150 levels of Worlds of Spirit (Nirvana). Earth is on the threshold of the first level of Hell. However, there are thousands of worlds similar to Earth in their Spiritual levels.

    9. There is no circle around the pentacle. And it is written in a continuous way without stopping. Besides, Daheshists write a prayer to God under the Pentacle. It should be a few lines in Arabic, the language of the last Revelation. The way of writing a few lines in Arabic can be learned. After that the pentacle is folded and burned in a special way. All this is named “Ramz” (Symbol of prayer and sacrifice).

    10. Dr. Brax coauthored a book (in Arabic) in which they exposed several psychics. Edgar Cayce is among them. For English references, Dr. Brax suggests the following:

    Henri Gordon. Extrasensory Deception (Buffalo, N.Y.: Prometheus Books, 1987), pp. 65-94.
    Skeptical Enquirer, January/February, 1996, pp. 32-37.

    11. Dr. Brax learned from a Revelation through Dr. Dahesh that Zoroaster was not a Prophet. He was a Spiritual Guide. As for the three Magi, he knew that they were extraterrestrial entities who incarnated in compliance with the Divine Will, so that Herod’s persecution to the Redeemer be realized. This would fulfill Christ’s promise of Redemption, and the destruction which consequently would befall Jerusalem and the Jews for Spiritual reasons. History does not recognize the existence of such Magi kings in Persia in that time.

    Within two weeks or so he will send you another letter about Abortion, homosexuality and the other cases you asked about.

    All the best,

    Dr. Brax Assistant
    N. Brax

    Dear Darrick,

    Dr. Brax sends you his best wishes and recommends your defense of the new heavenly faith and your enthusiasm for propagating it. However, he suggests that you get enough information about its revealed tenets before you go further.

    After reading your recent article published on the Web “DAHESHISM An Introduction to a New Religion and Philosophy…” Dr. Brax would make clear the following points:

    1.After Salim (Dahesh) was born, his parents lived with him for about 2 years in Palestine. After that, unexpected events forced them to live in Lebanon for about 9 years (1912-1920). In 1920 Salim’s father died. A few years after the end of the WWI, Salim’s mother got the Lebanese citizenship. She did not plan for that, because her parents were on the Turkish land close to the Syrian borders. But this was in God’s plan: The Second Coming of Christ will be in Lebanon. “The time is but short before Lebanon goes back to grassland and the grassland is no better than scrub. On that day deaf men shall hear when a book is read, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of impenetrable darkness… (Isaiah 29:18-21) See also Song of Songs 34: 8 & 5: 15)

    2. Christ was not incarnated in Abel, Melchizedek, Joshua, Ali ibn Abu Talib etc… but a Sayyal (spiritual Fluid) of Christ was incarnated. Everyone of human beings has a main Sayyal (spiritual Fluid) that gives him life. This spiritual fluid belongs either to the father or the mother. The other Sayyals (Fluids) are inherited through the genes of both parents in varied degrees and kinds. Without the main Sayyal, man’s life is vegetative, and this Sayyal is not genetically inherited. The Sayyals on Earth are graded between -1 (because Earth is spiritually on the threshold of Hell) and 20. The twentieth spiritual level is not found but in three: Adam, Jesus Christ and Dahesh. It is the same Spiritual Sayyal, the Sayyal of Redemption. This Sayyal was not in Adam, but he descended from his 150th Realm of Paradise and incarnated in Adam to redeem him.

    3. Dr. Dahesh did not write works of fiction. All his works, even the short stories, are either miraculously revealed, i.e., instantly written on blank paper or inspired for a spiritual purpose. Dr. Brax clarified the sources of the Daheshist Teachings in the lecture entitled Light Upon Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism which he presented at the Faculty For Comparative Study of Religions in Belgium in 1986.

    4. The Fundamentalists [Fundamentals???] of Daheshism.

    5. The main Sayyal in Buddha is one of the six Personalities of Dahesh, the Beloved Prophet. Buddha and Dahesh are in the same world of Paradise.

    6. We know through Daheshist Revelations that we are in the 761th Genesis. But we do not know the details and origins of each of those Geneses.

    7. Through Daheshist Revelations we have known that Jesus’ main Sayyal was not given him by his human father, neither by the Holy Spirit as Christianity claims, but by another extraterrestrial medium that should be kept secret for the time being (probably until the publication of the first volume of The Book of Daheshism). If this secret was revealed in the time of Jesus, the Christians prior to the 20th century would not comprehend it, for it is linked to science in the 20th century and further. That is why we cannot say that Jesus was 50% human and 50% divine. It is a question of quality not quantity and a complicated one. Furthermore what applies to Jesus applies to all the Great Prophets.

    However Christ is not Jesus. He is the Heavenly Father to whom Jesus, Dahesh and the Great Prophets and Divine Guides belong, but with different Spiritual levels. Jesus and Dahesh are of the same level, for they have the same main Sayyal.

    8. The main Sayyal of Ali bin Abu Taleb came again with Dr. Dahesh but in Spirit. Gabriel was the angelic Spirit that performed miracles and conveyed Revelations and advices with Jesus and Muhammad. With Dahesh the angelic Spirit was Imam Ali (his loftiest Sayyal).

    9. Each one of human beings has a number of Sayyals that constitute his soul and body. Some of humans have Sayyals in the Worlds of Paradise. If one of these Sayyals is allowed to incarnate on Earth for a certain spiritual purpose, and after achieving it, returns to Paradise, Daheshism calls this Sayyal a Personality, i.e., a Sayyal belonging to a certain man or woman, that incarnates without being bound by physical laws—death, disease, gravity, limited movements, matter, etc…

    10. Dahesh and Jesus have hundreds of Sayyals in the Worlds of Paradise. Through the Daheshist Revelation we knew that in the time of Jesus only one of his Paradisiac Sayyals was allowed to incarnate on Earth as a Personality (a look-alike person). That Personality resurrected, and in Jesus’ lifetime, the same Personality walked on water, sometimes appeared and disappeared, and after the Resurrection, the same Personality appeared to the Disciples and then to the Apostle Paul.

    As for Dahesh’s Six Personalities of his Paradisiac Sayyals, they were allowed to incarnate, sometimes together, but in different clothes, sometimes simultaneously but in different regions or countries. Dozens of people witnessed them together.

    11. Dahesh (Salim) had only 6 months of formal schooling as a child, 4 months in an American orphanage in Lebanon, an 2 months in Palestine.

    12. Dr. Brax was told by Dr. Dahesh that modern humans did not evolve from Apes. However there were humans on Earth in the time of creation of Adam and Eve. The Garden of Eden was hidden from them by a Spiritual Sayyal. Adam was created about 9000 years B.C. (not 4004 years as allege some Christians). Eve was created from a Sayyal of Adam after 1000 years. The Sayyal was symbolized by a rib because people of old time were not able to comprehend the essence of Sayyals. The Flood occurred about 5500 years B.C.

    Several times extraterrestrials whose Sayyals were a little loftier than modern humans descended on Earth by spaceships and married human women and left progenies.

    13. The Serpent that deceived Eve was with a human face.

    14. The Ark rested on Jabal Judi (Sura 11:44).

    15. The Ancient historian Plutarch (46 A.D.?-120 A.D.?).

    May God provide your insight with Spiritual Light,

    Dr. Brax’ Assistant
    N. Brax

    N.Y. 6/4/2006
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    "Fail, to succeed."

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    More Lost Letters—Continued

    The Fifth Epistle-6/11/2006

    Dear Darrick,

    This letter is from Dr. Brax. He sends it accompanied with his prayers that God provides you with spiritual wisdom. He will shed light, first, on a very important subject, i. e., Adam and Eve, and then on the eight subjects you asked about in your e-mail of May 14, 2006.

    Adam and Eve
    What we know about them is totally Revealed. But it is not yet published in Arabic. The following is an outline:

    A host of angels and supreme beings led by the Archangel attempted to trespass a forbidden Heavenly Realm. God, immediately, punished them by aggregating them into one Being that fell down from the Worlds of Paradise onto Earth, i.e., the threshold of Hell. That was Adam. He incarnated on Earth like a Personality, but God made him subjected to the natural laws of Earth, to which a Personality of Dr. Dahesh or Jesus Christ is not. Adam was not born. However God’s Mercy put him in a look-alike paradise on the First Level. Adam, who would be the first in the new Genesis, passed one thousand years lonely. A Spiritual Sayyal kept the Garden of Eden out of sight of humans and humanoids who were living in that time.
    After that, Eve was created. She incarnated likewise. She was not born from a woman. Her Sayyals (force of life and consciousness) were part of Adam. In God’s plan, they had to overcome a temptation (an intercourse between them, not between Eve and other creature), after which they would return to their Worlds of Paradise. However, they failed. Having known of their Second Fall before its happening, a Sayyal of Christ that was in the 150th Level of the Worlds of Paradise decided to redeem them.

    As of the eight subjects you asked about, here are an outline of the answers:

    1. Abortion
    Dr. Dahesh is against abortion except for three cases:
    a. A medical confirmation that the mother’s life is in imminent danger;
    b. In case of rape;
    c. In case of incest.

    2. Homosexuality
    It happens from a perverted Sayyal (Spiritual Fluid). Homosexuals have to overcome their perversion at any price, for it is against God’s Will. Willfully, they corrupted their desires and tendencies in their current lifetime or in a previous incarnation, or they inherited the perversion. They are responsible for it. The governments have the duty to not leave them corrupt the straight people or revel in a false marriage.

    3. Euthanasia
    It is tantamount to killing. God has plans and reasons that are concealed from us.

    4. Baha’ullah
    He is a spiritual Guide.

    5. Joseph Smith
    He is a spiritual Guide.

    6. Channeling
    A big lie.

    7. Christmas
    You know that December 25 was Apollos’ Festival. It is more logical that Jesus’ Birthday was in Spring, probably the First of June, Dr. Dahesh’s Birthday, because the sky was clear with perceived stars at that time, and shepherds were living out of doors and keeping watches in the night over their flocks (Luke 2: 8). Those circumstances and events do not occur in Palestine in Winter; they should be in Spring. However, Daheshists would not quarrel with Christians over this occasion, but they are saddened by the commercialization of Christmas.

    8. Buddha
    He is a Heavenly Guide. His main Sayyal’s level (that gives life) is equal to Jesus Christ’s. We know that Buddha revels in the same World of Paradise where Jesus Christ is. Further, I alluded in a previous letter that this Sayyal was one of Dr. Dahesh’s Personalities.

    Always all the best wishes to you,

    Dr. Brax’ Assistant
    N. Brax
    "Fail, to succeed."


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      Thank you for posting these Mario. They are very insightful.

      3. Dr. Brax knew for sure that Jesus survived the crucifixion, and he traveled, sometimes secretly with the Apostle Paul. However, his tomb is not in Kashmeer. For now, and for spiritual reasons, it has to be kept secret.
      When I was a missionary in Japan (1998-1999), one of my missionary companions shared with me the rumor that Jesus was buried in Japan. It sounded strange and out of place to me, but it wouldn't surprise me if Jesus had been to Japan since I already believed he had been to the Americas and to His other sheep elsewhere as mentioned in the Book of Mormon:

      I found reference to this online:

      Before the Mongoloid peoples who today mainly populate the Japanese islands lived a fair-skinned bearded people called the Ainu:

      However Christ is not Jesus. He is the Heavenly Father to whom Jesus, Dahesh and the Great Prophets and Divine Guides belong, but with different Spiritual levels. Jesus and Dahesh are of the same level, for they have the same main Sayyal.
      I've been focusing on the question, "Who is the Father?" lately. I asked the question in prayer, and the answer came: "A collective." A collective? "A collective of all the fathers in Heaven who have care and concern for mankind including Adam, Abraham, Issac, and Jacob." Moses too? "And Moses." The above quote from Dr. Brax identifying Heavenly Father as Christ as well as the concept of spiritual fluids being shared between beings bring further insight.
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        Thaoouba Prophesy book

        This book.... Thiaoouba Prophecy... provides an explanation as to why the Doctor didn't like the mixing of other languages with Arabic.


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          In certain contexts, such as when citing certain sources such as "The Mirror," the Doctor specifically wrote the name of the newspaper in both in Arabic (and between quotes) and by actually printing the English title "The Mirror."
          (page 145 from Strange Tales and Wondrous Stories)

          So, technically, he was no fundamentalist since, technically, he did once and while mix the languages.

          He even answered "Allo?" when answering the phone.

          This is about preserving and perpetuating good practices and manners.

          But he would have found it rude if anyone mixed languages when conversing... as would most cultured and educated people.

          End of story. And any Daheshist who invents FrankinArabicwords in a misguided attempts to render Daheshism more palpable to the American audience is engaging in nothing short of vulgarity mixed in with snobbishness. Add to that the (once again) downright ridiculous results.

          Anyone living in America and who has not thought of how an American might pronounce "Sayal" should consider going out more...

          Oh, sure, after we complained, the word was upgraded to "Sayyal" ... Still sounds like "Sayy-Yale"... Sorry... Oh, for the finishing touch, we add the "s"... "Sayy-Yales"

          This requires no book. Just common sense.
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            Don't judge a book by its cover. Read it and you will discover why I said what I said. This book is much more "Daheshist" than you have realized.
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              Show us where, in the response, this book or any book was judged.

              Just because someone believes that something is valid by virtue of common sense—without the need to validate aforementioned belief in that common sense by relying on books—please don't make them out to be judgmental.

              Rest assured that for every book you offer as proof, there are books that others will use to oppose your argument.

              The idea behind the post is that this matter should not be — at all — a matter of discussion. Period.

              And if that makes the Administrator judgmental, then guilty as charged.
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                It is just that the responses I am receiving here seem to be bit defensive which I think is unnecessary because I'm not trying to pose an argument but relate an interesting discovery. Let me quote the passage that provides the explanation so you have a glimpse as to what I am talking about:

                "My astonishment amused them and perpetual smiles played on their lips. Biastra addressed me.
                ‘Michel, I am going to introduce you to the rest of the crew, if you will kindly follow me.’ She guided me, by the shoulder, to the furthest desk, where three astronauts were monitoring the instruments. I hadn’t yet approached these desks and, even in Astral body, I had not paid any attention to the read-out of these computers. The glance I now gave them immobilised me completely. The numerals before my eyes were in Arabic! I know the reader will be as surprised as I was, but it was fact. The 1s, 2s, 3s 4s etc. appearing on the monitors, were the same numerals that occur on Earth."
                (page 29)
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                  Which responses are those exactly? Please cite specific examples and make your case.

                  In the meantime, please be advised that in the West, ARABIC numerals are used; whereas the Middle East and Arab world, INDIAN numerals are used.

                  So, 1,2,3,4 were actually borrowed from the Arabs...


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                    Relax dude. I am not here to argue with you or make cases. Just here to share a fascinating story I have just discovered - especially since it seems to harmonize in many respects with Daheshist teachings.

                    I didn't write the book, nor was I there so I don't know which system of numerals he is referring to. Michel Desmarquet, the author, just says 'Arabic'.


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                      It is hard to relax — dude —knowing that in the past, you aggressively promoted something like "Destini," right here, on Daheshville.


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                        Aggressively promoted? Hardly. To me Desteni is a strange phenomenon which I thought I should mention and make note of since it seemed to me to be far reaching in its effects and revealed things unknown to most mainstream religions but known to Daheshists.

                        Is Desteni a threat to Daheshism? I believe it is - just as much a threat as it is to Mormonism and every other revealed religion. I understand the animosity and distrust you feel towards me in just mentioning it.

                        My contact with Desteni and their anti-God, anti-mind attitude has actually driven me to know more about Jesus Christ on a personal level and to focus with deeper intensity on the power of Heavenly Father and his healing loving influence in my life and in the lives of those around me.

                        According to my own observations, regardless of what they have said, Priesthood blessings still work, baptisms still work, the Holy Ghost still works, sacrament still works in the name of Christ, and my prayers to Heavenly Father and questions to Jesus are still answered.


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                          Originally posted by WingedPaladin View Post
                          Is Desteni a threat to Daheshism? I believe it is - just as much a threat as it is to Mormonism and every other revealed religion. I understand the animosity and distrust you feel towards me in just mentioning it.

                          My contact with Desteni and their anti-God, anti-mind attitude has actually driven me to know more about Jesus Christ on a personal level and to focus with deeper intensity on the power of Heavenly Father and his healing loving influence in my life and in the lives of those around me.

                          According to my own observations, regardless of what they have said, Priesthood blessings still work, baptisms still work, the Holy Ghost still works, sacrament still works in the name of Christ, and my prayers to Heavenly Father and questions to Jesus are still answered.
                          For me, "Desteni" just sounds like the title of a beautiful song we wrote.

                          I would not say that Desteni is a threat to Daheshism : Not at all.

                          Daheshism goes FAR beyond Planet Earth and is "The Religion" of upper worlds (among other things, please read one more time Makali's letter that has been posted here in Dahesville) ... but, we "human" are probably sometimes not able to realize that.

                          Anyway, good for you if Detesni brings you "something"... personally, I would not mix things and I would be MORE than careful when it comes to those kind of so-called "spiritual movement".

                          Discernement is the key ...


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                            Very true Sandrine. I prayed concerning Desteni and the answer, or warning I should say, came that although there is much truth to be found there, that some of the beings that come through their portal are not interested in the well-being of mankind and attempt to hinder and confuse rather than help.


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                              Mario, I'm sorry I called you "Dude" and ask your forgiveness.