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"From Jesus to Christ"

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  • "From Jesus to Christ"

    This is a highly recommend episode of PBS's "Frontline"

    It will explain a lot.

    For example, why do Christians celebrate the Birth of Jesus on Dec. 25?

    What were the conditions that led to Early Christians to be persecuted and martyred?

    How did Constantine become a Christian and how did that play a role in causing all other gospels to fall into oblivion?

    So many questions... so many answers!

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    Thanks for digging this out. I'm suffering from whiplash while reading this, jumping from one frame to the next and back. Maybe I should try watching it instead of reading it.
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      I would definitely watch it. When I caught it on PBS, I was glued to the screen. Evidently, there is so much that "The Church" never told some of us (and I am speaking here as one who attended Catholic school for 13 years).

      Around 1970, and after having overheard a conversation between my (much) older brothers, I remember raising my hand during a catechism session (held in the auditorium with hundreds of students attending) and asking the following question: "and what about the other Testaments?"

      The "Brother" (like a priest, but not quite) who was clearly shocked at my question (and silly me, I thought it was common knowledge that there were more than the 4 Gospels published in the New Testament), snickered and asked with a condescending tone "what other testaments are there?"

      I replied: "the ones that never made it into the Bible."

      Luckily the priest was just amused and everyone had a big laugh at my expense and I was merely asked to sit down and to keep quiet.
      "Fail, to succeed."