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  • Daheshist Calendar Converter Updates (Please view all posts)

    It's finally here: a (dare I claim) simple application that converts any Gregorian date between (for now)March 23, 1942 and December 31, 2400 into its DAHESHIST equivalent!

    Behold the "Daheshist Calendar Converter"
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    Calendar Converter Update

    The Daheshist Calendar Converter can now convert any date starting from March 23, 1942 to ... infinity; well, provided that the number does not require more than 4 integers. So, it's more like... Dec 31, 9999 in Gregorian terms...

    The other thing we plan on resolving is the ability to alter certain numbers once the calculations have been completed. Until we do, and to avoid errors, please do not alter any numbers after pressing "Enter."

    So, for example, let's say you entered the Year and then you pressed "Enter" and that now you are prompted to enter the Month: just key-in the month and do not alter the year! The same goes for when it is time to enter a value for the Day. If you need to make corrections, please press the "RESET" or "Back" button and start over.

    Lastly, we are working on a version of the Calendar Converter that calculates dates that fall before March 23, 1942 – or the PRE-DAHESHIST ERA. So, for example, March 22, 1941 would be 12/28/-1.


    Ah yes... remember that there is no year zero in the Daheshist Calendar since March 23, 1942 is expressed as " 1/1/1." In other words: "The First Day of the First Month of...what technically is – albeit not totally– the First Year."


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      Daheshist Calendar Converter BETA VS. 3

      This JAN 6, 2010 version of the DCC can compute dates ranging from Jan 1, Year One (Gregorian) all the way up to Dec 31, 9999 (Gregorian).

      Therefore, we can now convert certain key dates (such as the birth of Doctor Dahesh) in terms of the Daheshist Calendar.

      The DCC Beta Vs. 3 has been thouroughly tested and is (as far as we can tell) error-free. However, should you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Thank you and enjoy!
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        Dcc beta version 4

        Hello Everyone,

        This latest update to the Daheshist Calendar Converter works with any Gregorian Date between Jan 1, -99999 and Dec 31, 999999.


        Please note: Barring any errors and/or omissions on our part (hence, there could always be a "Beta Version 5" ...) , I believe this "does it" as far as the functionality of the DCC.

        Eventually, and if need be, we might improve the "look and feel." Then again, sometimes "simpler is better..."
        "Fail, to succeed."