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    Hello and Happy New Year!

    Right out of "the oven," and still rough around the edges in terms of its form, we are very pleased to share with you a very practical tool that should prove useful: an application that takes you step-by-step through the process of determining the day of the week of any Gregorian date.

    For example, what day was "March 23, 1942"? Or, "April 9, 1984," "June 1, 1909" etc.

    Please take the time to follow the instructions provided inside the application and thank you for your patience as we develop an improved version.

    Of course, we could have waited another month before launching this, but we didn't see the point in waiting this long.

    Check it out: THE DAHESH SOCIETY PERPETUAL CALENDAR (Adobe Flash Required)
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    "Monday, Monday."

    When writing the code for this application (whose "chassis" is still "work-in-progress") one thing that struck me immediately was the similarity between the Daheshist Calendar and the algorithm involved in converting a Gregorian date:

    While in the Gregorian calendar March is considered the third month, it is treated as the first month in the algorithm. Of course, in the Daheshist Calendar, the year starts at March 23, Gregorian. But still, the similarity is interesting.

    Next, it was interesting how many key Daheshist events happened on a Monday:

    Monday, March 23, 1942: The proclamation of Daheshism.

    Monday, August 28, 1944: The attack on Doctor Dahesh and the beginning of the period known to Daheshists as "The crime of the 20th Century."

    Monday, October 9, 1944: Doctor Dahesh secretly returns to Beirut from Aleppo.

    Monday, January 1, 1973: Mrs. Marie Hadad passes away.

    Monday, April 2, 1979:The life of the (then) child called "Hammoodeh" was saved. On this day Daheshists rejoice and raise their thanks to God Almighty for saving "Hammoodeh's" life. That date is celebrated as the "Day of Happiness and Thankfulness."

    Monday, October 9, 1980: Doctor Dahesh leaves Lebanon for last time.

    Monday, April 9, 1984: Doctor Dahesh passes away.

    Another interesting thing I noticed was the symmetry between the birth of Doctor Dahesh and the execution of his personality in Azerbaijan:

    Doctor Dahesh was born on June 1, 1909 and his personality was shot on July 1, 1947. Both events fell on a Tuesday.

    PS. when using the calendar, please make sure to fill out/select all boxes for the "YEAR" portion as the first two integers represent the "century" as far as the calculations are concerned.
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      BETA Version 2 is ready

      This one is more compact and... less cluttered:
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