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  • "Mario's Apartment"

    If you ever wondered where exactly "Mario's Apartment" was located (for those of you who read Dahesh's travel logs) I've posted a view taken from Google Earth in the Members Only section.

    Many miracles took place in that building located in NYC, thus giving a whole new meaning to "Miracle on 34th Street" !
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    I have had the supreme pleasure of visiting 'Mario's apartment'. As one who never met Dr. Dahesh, this was a small piece of a 'pilgrimage' for me. No, the rooms did not glow, or (to my knowledge! ) possess magical powers... rather is was just a very introspective and thoughtful experience for me that in my remembrances of Dr. Dahesh's brief presence here on earth, moved me greatly. I saw the marks on the wall where he would hold newspapers and mark them to archive news stories that he deemed to be of significance, I sat (and slept) on the sofas where he once sat, I slept in the room where once it was used as his office. I was also fortunate to attend several June 1st celebrations of the birthday of Dr. Dahesh in the living room with various brothers and sisters. We went around the room and read poems and prayers in remembrance of Dr. Dahesh.

    I am not trying to make a significance here in Daheshism of the type where one need not exist; or of trying to create a thread here of the 'holy relics' of Daheshism and that these are 'sacred' artifacts. Whereas they are important, that are not necessarily what is important... I am just trying to share what were meaningful events for me, in a time and a place, that I hold to be so dear and special.

    These rooms have since been painted, recarpeted and from what I have been told, 'Mario's Apartment' has been sold, and others live there now.


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      Originally posted by Johnson View Post
      I slept in the room where once it was used as his office.
      You actually slept in the same bed (and mattress) he slept in as well. Not sure if you ever knew this or not...
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        I believe your brother implied that once, but I was never quite sure... I appreciate your clarifying this for me Mario. It adds to the small, (yet not so small to me!) gems of my life that are of deep, personal significance to me.