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  • Hi Mario

    Hi Mario ,

    how are you .

    All people who witnessed and lived with the Dr are lucky .

    I wish i lived in his era ...

    Or at least see him in my dreams , Mario can you burn a Ramz for me cause i am very bad at drawing to help me spiritually in my life ,thanks i will be gratefull

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    Hi Mounir,

    I am doing well, thank God.

    You honor me with your request. This morning, right after I read your post, I added your request in my humble prayer.

    Regarding your comments: If I understand you correctly, you feel that you are not able to draw the star correctly, or perfectly—and as a result you will not be helped spiritually?

    If I may... I think that all God wants of us is that we try. Some people are visually challenged (suffer from blindness) and cannot draw—let alone burn—the Ramz. How about those who have lost all motor function and cannot even hold a pen?

    So, what I am saying is this: anyone who truly cannot write and burn a Ramz (but WANTS to do so) should never feel not entitled to receiving spiritual aid. I truly do not believe "God" decides solely on that...

    First, what matters is what is in your heart and mind. Then, the effort you put into it.

    Now, if you are indeed able to draw a line, it is not important that it should be a perfect line.

    Please do NOT think you must match what I showed you in the ANIMATIONS. These computer generated simulations are here to mainly assist those who already know who to make the Ramz.

    And, incidentally, even the star that the Doctor himself drew was not "perfect."

    But, all that aside, I can put together an online course for those who are totally new to the Ramz.

    Is that something you would like? In other words, and to paraphrase Jesus Christ, instead of giving you a fish, I would teach you how to fish.


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    "Fail, to succeed."


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      Mounir, have you seen this link I posted a while back?

      It's in the members' section, in the Daheshist Symbol forum.

      Can you study it and practice on an 10x14 cm thin yellow sheet of paper? Even if you don't have yellow paper, try and practice on a sheet of paper that size. Use either blue ball point (NOT a fountain or roller point pen, it has to be Ball Point) OR, BLACK pencil.

      When you study the images, you'll note I used the word "Locks" when getting to the point I fold the sheet. That basically means "stays in place" or "does not rotate."

      You'll notice I used one hand to fold, that's because my other other hand was holding the camera. Therefore, you CAN use two hands.

      Now, here is a thought in terms of making a yellow sheet of paper FOR REFERENCE.

      In other words, let's say you decide to go and purchase your own paper and cut it yourself, then HOW YELLOW should the the yellow be?

      Ideally, you would have to have a PROCESS COLOR guide.

      If you don't, maybe this would help: I've taken the liberty of creating a PDF that is basically a blank page, filled with 40% yellow (to match the paper I have at home... 100% yellow is "too" yellow... So, based on what I am seeing, 40% (or even 45%) would do. So, if you placed a standard NON GLOSSY white sheet of paper (you know, typical Xerox paper) and, using your printer, just output a sheet . That should give you an idea of what the yellow might look like. Of course, the yellow sheet for the ramz is dyed yellow throughout (both sides)...

      Not sure if we can use THAT kind of YELLOW paper (meaning, we dye our OWN paper, using—for example—an inkjet printer) on both sides... Maybe someone out there might know. But, let me tell you: I am stranded on a deserted Island with only white paper and a color printer... so be it!

      Here is the PDF that has the 40% yellow and (hopefully) would print THAT:

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      "Fail, to succeed."